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I went to my prom, alone... sad, sad I know! Sounds pretty pathetic... but hey, I went to a small school and no one wanted to go to the prom with the big girl...
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I went to senior prom (junior prom I was overseas for so missed out), went with a guy I broke up with about two weeks later, had to sit at a table with an ex-bf and my group of friends were in the middle of a row and lots of people not really talking to each other -LOL- So the night sucked, my b/f refused to go to the after party and we just went back to his place. People still talk about what an awesome part it was and I think why did I let him talk me out of going! The stupidity of youth when you care so much what your b/f things -L-

I have actually been thinking about organising a bit of a reunion including a prom. Especially now that I am losing weight And I can take my hubby who I wish I had taken to my real prom (b/f at the time hated the idea of prom so much he actually tried to pay my hubby to take me, I wish he had agreed!!)
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We don't have prom in my place but two dinner parties with dancing. There was alcohol (in my place kids are allowed to drink earlier but weirdly we don't drink much as a culture) and I went with a very gorgeous friend of mine. You know tall, dark, slender (the whole package). He was new to our school and for a weird reason people decided we were an item, which wasn't the case. He was very gentleman like, danced only with me (even though girls were chasing him) and acted as if we were on a date.

There was an erotic tension between as and as I realise now, 7 years later, he was probably hitting on me. I was too dense to realise though (probably because I was 320 lbs back then and never thought he could be hitting on me)
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Yes I went to my prom. It was sooo fun! My Best Friend wasn't going to go cause she didn't have a date, so I lent her my boyfriend and went out and found myself a date! It was the best!!!
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I didn't go to my prom and was happy I didn't. Never regretted it.
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Yes!! I went to both my proms!! I had the best time ever.

Junior prom was in 2002, and my date was my friend Heather, lol. But really...we had a couple of girls drive with us to prom. We went in Heather's car, lol. Then afterwards..a bunch of us went to iHop, and had a early breakfast and it was just totally crazy. I wore a very pretty purple prom dress!! It was so sparkly, lol.

Senior prom was in 2003, and I went with my hubby (he was my boyfriend then). We did it up great too. We had a limo, and a hotel room (I kinda think my mom knew I was spending the night with him, lol). We didnt really dance together much, cuz he's not much of a dancer in public..so I just danced with all my friends. It was so much fun though!! I wore a black dress w/a red wrap. And dh wore a black tux with a red vest..oh ya, we were stylin, lol.

Prom is one of the things I miss the most about high school!! I'm so glad I went.


"I'm beautiful in my way. 'Cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby. I was Born This Way"~Lady Gaga <3
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Nope never went to PROM (either one) or any other school dance....I have only been to 1 formal ball/dance in my life besides my wedding dance.
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I went to two: my BF's one year, and mine the next. (We went to different schools)

I had more fun at his.

At his, we were in a limo with all his friends, stayed at a hotel (seperate rooms to sleep in for the girls & guys--I was a good girl!) and partied, and it was just generally everything I thought the prom experience should be. Lots of fun!

At mine, I had broken up with my boyfriend several months before. No one asked me to go with them to the prom, so about 3 weeks before it was to happen I asked an acquaintance out of sheer desperation. Since we were both jobless and broke, and our parents didn't have much money, and everything was so last minute, I had the mortifying experience of being dropped off with my date at the prom by my parents! (I should mention that neither of us had cars or licenses, either)

Oh, the shame!

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i did not go to any of my schools formal dances. Mainly because it was not my thing. my Graduation class had 55 in it so small school.
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I had a junior and senior prom, and I went to both. I almost didn't go to junior prom. But then my friend got two tickets from someone else who had to go out of town and we decided to just go together. We wore whatever we had handy, and just had fun with it. For our dinner before hand, we went to a little diner that we both loved. And then afterwards, we weren't invited to any parites, so we just drove around, and wound up going to see a movie, and movie hopping for the rest of the night! All in our formal wear! It was awsome. We even got pictures done of the two of us together.

Then senior year, we got a big group of like 10 together, got a good deal on a limo, and partied down! It was 8 of us girls, and only 2 guys! None of us really had "dates", so we split it down the middle and each guy got four girls. Getting our photos done was fun.

I think not having dates either time made it more fun. The girls with dates made into this big romantic production, like they show in movies and TV. And its just not. We had fun with it, and didn't take it very seriously. So, we had a good time.

I did pass up a prom. When I was a sophmore I was "dating" a senior, he asked if I wanted to go to prom with him. I said no. It didn't intreaste me and seemed like a lot of work. So we went to a concert instead. It was way more fun.
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I went to mine with my husband We were high school sweethearts
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I dint go to mine. I dont necessarily regret it bc I really hated the idea of going to such a big dance (my graduating class had about 1000 students). But I did want to dress up and have fun. Now it is 3 years later, and me and my High school buddies (many who went to prom and thought it was blah) want to hold like a formal prom-like affair next yr when we graduate college.its kind of weird bc I still talk to and hang out with a lot of my old hs friends. we were the honors and AP kids in HS, and we always felt like family. so this is one prom that I would wanna go to. a lot of the people that say they went to prom also say that the after party was much better. So, Im guessing if we do organize an intimate prom next year with just close friends, Itll be awesome!

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I went to both with the same guy, my hs bf at the time. Jr prom was awesome, Sr prom totally sucked!! My bf was being a butt-head and would not dance with me and when I went outside for a min and came back in, he was dancing with another girl! Then we were supposed to go out to breakfast after with my cousin and his gf and my bf was a total butt and wanted to go home because he was "tired". I went home and totally bawled my eyes out. Such a waste of time and $$!!! The music they had at Sr. prom totally stank as well. I wish I just would have stayed at home! lol.

They have an 80's themed prom that they have every yr here that is hosted by a local radio station and I would love to go, but my DH isn't into that type of thing and he didn't go to either of his proms......I think I should get a group of GF's together and go one year........... Make up for my crappy sr. prom one! lol.


"Life is a journey, you hold the map." ~Author Unknown
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I went to my prom.

A friend of mine was unable to go (can't remember why now), so all us girls dressed in our prom dresses and went to dinner and to the lake for a make-up prom. It was better than the prom!
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OH MY GOODNESS-I haven't thought about prom in years! Yes, I went but it was the pre Prom "ritual" I remember the best.

In my neighboorhood prom was a huge thing - for as long as I can remember the little girls (and older ones too) would look forward to prom night - whoever was the teen girl on my street (it seems there were a lot back then (1960's to early 70's) would give "hints' about her dress and shoes and hair to her little sisters and/or the other girls, but the dress was hidden until that night.

On the night of the prom, all the girls (and sometimes thier mothers) would go and line the walkway in front the house where the prom girl was -then wait as she made her appearance, usually at the top of the few steps of the front porch. We would all gasp and oooh and ahhhh over the dress and shoes and make up and hair and coursage and then clap as she waved regally and got into the car (no one had limos back then!). Then we would all talk about it for weeks!

I don't remember anyone ever being unkind - we seemed to think they were all beautiful! And they were...

Anyway, I still remember my little sister and all her friends and the girls I babysat lining the sidewalk and clapping for ME as I walked out to go to prom...it was just awesome!

I swear, I looked forward to that princess moment more than the prom itself! And, I remember it better too!
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