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I had to do it! I went into my closet and pulled out my prom dress and tried it on. I wasn't thin then but I wasn't fat either I wore a 14. It is now too big!! Yeah ME!! It is 10 years old though.
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Ophelia that's so cool!
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That's a touchy subject for me...I had everything ready to go for prom, and my best friend was killed in a car crash the morning of...we were all supposed to go together, but he was hit by a drunk driver on the way home late at night...

Needless to say, I didn't make it to prom.
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I did not go to my junior prom, I did go to the senior prom. In fact DH gave me my pearl ring (pre-engagement) after the prom. We were married 3 1/2 years later (after I graduated from college).
We celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. Thanks for the walk down memory lane
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Went to my prom. It was aiight. I had more fun talking to the teachers. Hahaha. I had a date (he's my current bf), but meh. It just wasn't our thing. The most entertaining part of the evening was going to dinner before with a few of our friends.
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I didn't go to prom because I was homeschooled. I don't really feel like I missed out on much though.
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I went to mine, but it sucked and it was definitely an ordeal.

I ordered my prom dress from a place online since it would have been cheaper than ordering it from a formal wear shop, and I got it about a week before prom, but it ended up looking very.. Pamela Anderson on me and I wasn't about to be THAT revealing at prom. So, being a size 28, I couldn't just go to the store and buy a dress so I had to rush order one from a website that basically looked like a gigantic bedsheet. It wasn't bad for a dress for someone who weighed 350+ lbs, but I still didn't feel pretty in it. The night of, I got no limo ride, went out to dinner with just my bf at the time, and went to prom. I didn't dance because I was too self-conscious, except for one slow dance at the end. Then after prom the ex-bf and I were planning on going to the beach to hang out, but he was too tired because at that time he was working the graveyard shift at Walmart. *sigh*

I told my current bf that when I hit goal (or wherever I decide I'm happy), that I want a prom re-do. I want to get all gussied up and go do something fun!
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I was too cool for prom, too. Your party sounds like fun. I'm trying to convince DD to go to prom, but so far she's not convinced. I doubt she'll go--she's just too excited for school to be over. She's got a college placement test tonight (she's going to do her general ed stuff at the local college over the summers to save her old parents some money!).
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I went to mine in 1998. I originally had a date that backed out on me. My best friend had been "set up" with her date, someone she didn't even know but I knew him a little bit. She was nice enough to "share" her date with me for the night and the three of us went together. And to top it all off, the guy and I ended up dating after that! My friend wasn't interested, so I wasn't stealing him away from her by any means. He was a cutie and I was quite a few pounds lighter back then.
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I never had a prom. I went to a Christian school where dancing was completely out of the question. We went camping instead.. yaay *grumble*
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My JR year I broke up with my BF 4 weeks before prom. Two weeks later I started dating another guy from a different school. We decided to skip te whole prom scene. We double dated with my friend and her boyfriend. We went to the drive in and saw "The Outsiders" and another movie ...can't remember what now. Then we went out for burgers was a blast.

My Sr year I went to prom with a guy I had dated for a few months the beginning of my SR year, also from another school. We were just friends...but I spent the whole night thinking...OH MY GAWD...I actually dated this idiot for 3 months...what was I thinking??? At 11:30 I got a "headache" and asked him to take me home...I talked to mom for about a half an hour then went stage to an after prom party at the lake. I am from a rural area and my graduating class had 68 kids. There were 12 or 15 of that stayed at the lake all night and watched the sun come up. The actual "prom" sucked....the after party was AWESOME!!!
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yes, I went my jr and sr year. My dates were awesome bc they were really close friends of mine ( I always had more guy friends than girl friends ) I had a blast. Dang I wish I had that body i had back then back...
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Our prom is on my birthday this year....
I'm not going. :]
I feel like such a rebel! Haha
I decided since my boyfriend and I broke up and he is going with his current gf, I won't go...
That and I will feel majorly uncomfortable..
Also, it's junior prom and in my junior year, so I feel like even more of a rebel. :]
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I feel blah..
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Here's me and my DH at our prom.

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That sounds like a lot of fun!!

I went to my prom, but didn't stay long. I wasn't one of the preppy kids so I didn't really fit in there.
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