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I went to a total of 4 proms. LoL. My freshman yr in highschool I was dating a senior. The football jock and i was pretty much arm candy and didnt enjoy myself too much.

Jr. year my school didnt have a Jr. prom, but I went with my best guy friend to his and i think it was like the best memory from high school. Has so much fun! After prom was great too.

2 weeks later I went to prom with my then bf. It was pretty fun, but their school didnt have after prom and he wasnt much of a partier so we spent the night in his car... UhHhHh yea about that.

My senior year~ Went with my bf (whom im still dating) and i had a lot of fun. He isnt much of a dancer so i danced with a lot of friends. (aunt flo paid me a visit during prom and i was so mad) We were too cool and in LOVE (we had just begun dating so we couldnt keep our hands to ourselfs) so we skipped after prom and all the after prom parties and had a part of our own. I do regret not going to after prom or any parties with me friends and i ALWAYS encourage people that arent going to go to go. I would have so regretted it if i hadnt.

Well i suppose a total of 5 cause this year i went to prom with my best friends little sister. She was dateless and i wouldnt let her not go so she said she would go if i was her date. Wow i felt a little out of place, but it was fun
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