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There I am!
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S/C/G: 279/ticker/160

Height: 5'6"


I won't miss........

Weighing the same as my husband
Looks on relatives faces that I have not seen in awhile
Avoiding school functions, reunions, get togethers
Wearing clothes that begin with "X"
My kids asking why I still have "baby fat" and my youngest is already 2
Being uncomfortable in small seats (which are probably normal size) but I perceived them as small
Looking for a table at restaurants because the booths are snug
Making excuses to the kids why we can't go to Six Flags or local waterpark
Growing out of my fat jeans and having to buy a bigger pair
Wearing pants all summer long
Finding t-shirts that are long enough to cover my front no one knows what's underneath
Having relatives say it's our genes because we are all overweight
Dreaming about the days of being thin again
Grieving for the loss of the best years of my life being spent overweight
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S/C/G: 255/ticker/185?

Height: 5'6"



Having my stomach sticking out farther than my breasts.
Having to try 2 or 3 times get up off the floor when I sit on it.
Not being able to get our & enjoy all the trails in my local area.
Being tired after just going grocery shopping.
Grunting when trying to tie my shoes.
Having perfectly good, cute jeans in my closet that don't fit.
Feeling like I'm 15-20 years older than I really am.
Insomnia...I seem to sleep much better than I did before I started exercising & eating more healthy.
Being ashamed of my size.
Having a dr say in his/her records that I smell like fried foods! UGH!!
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S/C/G: 305/174/165

Height: 5'10


I won't miss:

- Not taking pics because I am self-concious of my size
- Not riding on certain rides for fear that I can't restrain myself in the seat
- Being referred to as a "big girl" from anybody
- Feeling self-consious about ANYTHING (the food i eat, my size, what others think)
- Not reading the "Max weight limit" and having to worry
- Shopping in the PLUS size section or stores
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Height: 5'2"


I won't miss skipping concerts because I know the venue's seats don't fit me.
I won't miss children's jokes behind my back when I go to the pool.
I won't miss having a low libido because I can't fathom why my fiance would want to have sex with me.
I won't miss having to be the funny girl.
I won't miss skipping the doctor's office because I know that everything he says can be summed up with "These problems would go away if you lost weight."
I won't miss wearing sneakers with everything.
I won't miss skipping the skinny jeans I would love to wear because I don't want to look like a walking pork chop.
I won't miss the terms "gunt", "dunlap", "Buddha belly" or "Walmart abs".
I won't miss walking into a room full of new people, and searching desperately for at least one more big girl to talk to, so that I don't have to brave out hearing the "skinny girl problems".
I won't miss considering leaving when all I can find in a new place is skinny girls.
I won't miss forcing myself to go hungry at parties, because I don't want anybody to stare at the fat girl eating.

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S/C/G: 222/222/140

Height: 5"8


Well lots of these are repeats but they annoy me so damn much!

I won't miss:
having to think if I can take part I something because of mt weight -will I get out of breaths sweaty can I keep up etc-
Hiding from old school friends so they don't see how fat I've gotten
Thigh rubbing- so badly one summer they bled ouch!
Worrying that when I bend down my zip will bust
Having to walk sideways along a bus aisle
Having front AND BACK boobs
Rolls of fat that seem to get in the way everywhere!
Feeling like I can't voice an opinion because I'm fat so don't want the attention
Ignoring guys who ask me out cause I think it must be a joke
Being unable to see my own feet
Having to be the jolly fat one
Wearing coats and jackets well into the summer just cause I'd rather die of heat stroke then reveal the beast!
Not being able to wear cute clothes for years cause they just look ridiculous anyway
Avoiding swimming ever
Constantly day dreaming about the life I would lead if I were thin
Wanting a belly button piercing but unable to find my belly button
Not going to the doctor when I need to cause of the pointed fat remarks
Never looking forward to anything cause people will see how fat I am

Phew once I started I couldn't stop, I didn't realised how much being fat actually bothered me!
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S/C/G: 455/205/200

Height: 5'3


Things I won't miss about excess weight are: 1.Not being the biggest person in the room automatically. 2.Not having to rearrange my fat every time I sit down. 3.No more nasty rashes and skin infections from where the skin rubbed all the time. 4.Granny underpanties and shapeless bras 5.Just that FAT feeling you have.
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S/C/G: RS:164/130/130

Height: 5'3


I wont miss bobbly clothes! All my tights and woolly jumpers seem to go bobbly from my legs or arms/boobies rubbing.
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Updating my software ;)
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Height: 5ft


I won't miss my pants rolling down because sitting down makes my pants too tight.
I won't miss putting on nice clothes and realising my rolls don't make the dress look better.
I won't miss wondering if I join a few people on an elevator if I'll make it go over the weight limit.
I won't miss being the fattest person in a family group photo.
I won't miss the middle strip of my bra hanging in mid-air because the gap between my jubblies is non-existent.
I won't miss my thighs chaffing when I wear a skirt or a dress (once in a blue moon).
I won't miss people telling me I should lose weight.
I won't miss people making excuses for me to why I can't do something a thin person can...

I can go on and on, but I'll stop there!
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I won't miss wasting 15 minutes every morning putting on clothes I used to fit and then realising I can't wear them because they're too tight.
I won't miss having to wear my "fat clothes" all the time.
I won't miss the way my belly sticks out, making me look like I am pregnant when I wear certain dresses.
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One pound at a time....
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As of right now, the number one thing I wont miss: being heavier than my husband!!!
SO many more to list but thats my thought this minute!
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