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Default Not near a center...

Hello everyone! The nearest LAWL center is an hour and a half from where I live, and I was wondering if there is a way to do the program "at-home" or online? I searched the LAWL website and didn't see anything.

Any ideas? Thanks so much and have a great day! This board's before nad after pictures was really motivating!!!

I'm trying to find a more structured plan. What is LAWL like?
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Hi and welcome, Sarah. There are lots of chickies here that do not go in to a center and are successful at losing the weight on their own. I do go, so they can probably help you more than I can. I will say that visiting a center keeps me on track - LAWL is very structured, as far as amounts of foods and types you can eat, but really the food choices are pretty free - unless you are a starch-o-holic like me!

Maybe you can go to a center to get started, and they can work with you on coming in - maybe consult with them over the phone and weigh in in person once a month or so...

This board is a huge source of support for me - even with going in to the center, I think I wouldn't be as far as I am without the support and advice of the great group of chickies here.

Pop on over to the April Friends and Losers thread and jump right in with any questions you might have!
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There was a lady who popped in a month ago who didn't have an lawl in her state, but she did it over the phone with a center. I dunno. You can buy the plan off ebay or go to the lawl group on msn groups. They even have the plans listed (go to thread "scan the plan" for more info). LAWL is basically where you get a certain amount of calories from each food group. You get a certain number of starches, dairy, protein, fat, veg, fruit. They have predetermined a list of ok foods in each group in the amts you are supposed to eat. There are also bars and supplements, but they do not need to be used in order to lose weight. Good look! This is a very structured plan.
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I don't know what plan you would be on, but I have a copy of the purple plan if you want it. I made the copy for someone who asked for it, but they never got back to me after I made the copies. I guess since you don't know LAWL at all, you wouldn't have a clue when it comes to the plans. Maybe someone here may be able to help you with what plan you would need to be on.

Let me know if you want it.

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Would you be willing to go visit that center once a month? Perhaps they can work out a plan for you and do phone consultations with one "in person" visit per month. Some people have the strength to do it on their own, but I needed the accountability of weighing in often and paying the money.
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