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Default Start Now or Later?

Hi, gang, I've been lurking for a few days, trying to figure out if this was a change I was willing to attempt. I plan on buying the book this morning.

A couple quick stats about myself: I'm in my late 50's and taking a medication (progesterone) that has the side effect of increasing appetite and making your body want to hang on to weight. I was heavy when I started it and gained 75 lbs. before finally deciding to take charge of my life again and start making healthy choices. I joined Weight Watchers 3 months ago and have made some good changes -- my diet soda consumption is down to one glass a day, and I'm walking 5 miles, 3 times a week, and swimming 3 times a week. I haven't "cheated" or binged but I'm still only losing about 1/4 lb. a week.

My DH is going out of town for 5 days on Monday and I'm considering starting Phase 1 while he's gone -- it would give me time to "settle in" without having to deal with any possible negative feedback. He's been very supportive about WW since he lost 75 lbs. there himself, but I think the whole "no meat" thing would freak him out.

The main reason I'm hesitating is that we're planning a trip to Las Vegas in early June and I'm wondering how difficult it is to stay on Phase 2 when you're traveling. I know small amts. of meat are added back in Phase 2 but whole grains are hard to find on the road! What do you all think? Should I start now or wait until mid-June when we get back?
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When I went on a road trip I had a hard time with Phase 3 - but I think if you're in one spot it will be easier. You may just have to spend a little more on food than you would normally.
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