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why? What is wrong with posting e-mail addresses and how can I make sure mine is not posted?

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Default help!

How do I get started? I think I must have missed some steps.
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I'm new here as well--just joined today. I'm excited to start learning and sharing advice with everyone. I hope that some of my tips as well as your advice will help me and you to reach our goals. You know, it's all about synergy when it comes to weight loss. Looking forward to talking with anyone who is interested in losing those last couple of pounds. I'm currently at 170 but my ideal weight is about 161, I just can't seem to get passed this last obstacle....ahhhh...anyway, this forum looks fun
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Thank you for the tip. we should all be sure to think when we put our information out on the internet


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Im new too ! Thanks for the info
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Question new to this

Hello every/anyone,

I am new to this and I am kinda having a hard time navigating this site. If anyone is willing to assist me that would be great.
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Originally Posted by Suzanne 3FC View Post
We know how exciting it is to make new friends, and find someone that we can share our diet journey with, and realize that we're not in this alone. We are very lucky to have an incredible support system going here, and we hope everyone will be successful

As a public forum, though, the info you post is visible to all lurkers, and not all may have your best interests at heart. Please use caution when sharing your personal information, including your email addresses or various messenger IDs. If you want to exchange contact info, we ask that you do it through the Private Message system, and not in your posts. If you've already included info and want to remove it, click the edit button on your posts and you can edit it out.

We want this to be a safe and successful experience for you all
I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be
sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with
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Hi all.. Joined today after buying a copy of the 3FCs on a Diet BOOK at the bookstore yesterday!! I am excited to find a place to get support. I've been dieting since Sept 9th (this time!!) and have lost 15 lbs so far!! I am getting that "tell tale" yearning for bread and need support so here I am also!! Thanks for reminding about emails etc. Awesome site from what I've seen so far.......have lots to discover and read.

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Question Hello

Hi, I am new here, just today. I understand what you say about emails, makes a lot of sense...But I am looking for weight loss support and am not sure how one goes about finding friends here or how to PM someone....I am lost!!!!
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Originally Posted by zippymoss1 View Post
why? What is wrong with posting e-mail addresses and how can I make sure mine is not posted?
zippymoss1, I don't know about anyone else, but I was contacted by a lurker, this man who turned out to be a real pest, emailing me daily, asking questions, trying to flirt etc.. So I learned the hard way! Use the private messaging system!

NOT that that should put anyone off, the site is a safe and happy place but as with all public forums a certain amount of common sense should be used.

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Hi everyone! I am new to this sight as I stumbled upon it by accident. My husband and I just began following the South Beach guidelines for the second time and we have been sugar, pasta, bread and rice free for two weeks. We did it before and I lost 65 pounds which I have gained back plus. We loved so healthy for two years and then blew it. We soon get to start adding back healthy carbs. I feel a lot better already, I am sometimes shocked when I look in the mirror and realize how big I have become. It's heartbreaking. We also just joined a gym but I have not gone yet.

I feel fortunate to have found this site for support and ideas.

Where did everyone find those weight loss ticker things, they are really cute and seem motivating.
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I got this
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All4JC- you have to wait 20 days or so from your sign up date and time before you can post your weight loss sticker in your signature. This was developed to prevent spammers and etc. Just click on any ticker you see and it will take you to the site.
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Smile new!

Hi, I have decided to lose the 100 lbs i need to and am thinking of using the ideal protein diet. I have 3 friends who have had great success. Has anyone tried it? I really struggle with carb craving, so I thought it might help. Any other suggestion? I'm so glad this forum exists. I need support!!
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Thanks for mentioning it. :-) I'm new here and I was trying to figure out how to post so that I can introduce myself. I read a post that said, just hit reply to a post, but I'd hate to steal someone's spotlight because I responded to someone's introduction to introduce myself lol. Any light that can be shared on this will be appreciate it.
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Default thank you

Thank you very much for giving us the warning. I am new here and knowing these things are very important for us all newbies. Thank you once again.
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