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Default I am a newbie

Hi there...

My name is Laura and I am a newbie here. I am a 45 year old divorced mother of 2 boys ages, 18 and 21. I have been living with the most wonderful man for the past 7 years. He has 4 kids of his own and I have been a good step mom to them. There are 2 more boys ages 23 and 21 and 2 girls ages 22 and 13. We also share to beautiful grandsons ages 1 and 6 months. One dog and 2 cats can't forget them because they are the "ours" in this picture, Not the yours or mine....LOL

I am here because I am very upset and need a lot of help. I weigh 313lbs and am only 5' tall. I have recently been diagnosed with asthma and hayfever and have had chronic bronchitis since I can remember. My doctor put me on two types of asthma meds, iron pills because my blood tests came back that I ws anemic and Allegra for the allergies. Have not been feeling very well since the end of January. At that time I was on Atkins and doing well. I started on the 5th of January and by the 31st I had dropped 25lbs. Since then I have gained 9 lbs back and feel awful. I have also been feeling the beginning stages of menopause. My period has been irratic and I went to visit a new gyn and he put me on this hormone meds that have made me feel like I am starving all the time. It is only for 15 days but they are doing a job on me. I have to go for an ultrasound this Wednesday and that has made me a bit nervous too. So I am eating with my emotions again and I want to stop. I need a boost and to get back on the wagon again. Does anyone have any tips that they can send this way? I am going crazy and I am driving my family crazy. They keep telling me I need to relax. I am sick of relaxing. I need to get back on my feet and do something about this. I turned 45 in January and feel like my body is revolting.


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Hi Laura,
Welcome to 3fc. It really is a great place. You can come here and vent instead of eat. That's tip #1. It certainly helps me. I know what it feels like to be so overweight and have health issues. I am 44, need to lose about 110lbs, I have type II diabetes, HBP, I am also anemic and have been thru all kinds of tests. Still not sure why. Gyn thinks might be time for the Big H, that scares the **** out of me. It really does get overwhelming. So I try to think of the positive things in my life and why I need to make changes so I can stick around. I was married at 17 to my 19 yr old best friend. We are still happy and together. We have three sons, 26,22 & 21. A big fat white cat, an african gray parrot with a very "salty" vocabulary and a chinchilla. Sorry to say the dogs have passed on. Now it sounds like you have lots of wonderful positives in your life. A wonderful man, lots of kids, grandchildren and pets ( who lets face it, are like kids to an extent) So like me, you have a lot of reasons to get it together. The priority, YOU, and all the people in your life. And I know when you lost those 25 lbs you not only mentally but physically felt better. I lost 30lbs last summer. Then this anemia cropped up and with all the tests and stress I gained it all back. Sound familiar. See your not alone. So many of us share so much here. I know the meds don't help. Mine actually cause weight gain so I have to work twice as hard. So I with you. So is everyone here. If you want to private message me, please do anytime. I'm here.
Again, Welcome
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Thumbs up Newbie too!

Hi! I was reading the newbie letter from Laura and the reply from Donna. I just got this site from my sister. This is my first time on the board too.
My name is Shawn. I am 44. I too am 5 ft. (ok maybe only 4 ft. 11 in. ) Anyway, in 1999 I had a hysterectomy. Not that I was thin then either but I thought getting that would help give me energy back thus lose the weight. HUH! I gained. Then I got divorced. Long story for another time. Let's just say I divorced him for inappropriate behavior. Then I moved in with a long time friend. He is the "apple of my eye". He is very good to me and my two children who by the way are grown. My daughter is 25 and my son is 22. I have three grandchildren. My Sweetie and I have two dogs and two cats and his mother who is unable to live alone lives with us. Anyway, He is good to me and takes me to resturants whenever I want. I love to eat and obviously haven't always made the correct food choices. So I gained and gained. Not even paying attention until I couldn't fit my "fat" jeans anymore. Back to the sweatpants! So I tried Atkins. That lasted about 2 months if that. I wanted something I could live with. Something that I could eat the foods I liked, just make a life change that I could really live with. So I chose WW. I lost about 10 lbs. Then I blew it. Went on a trip out east to see my daughter and didn't prepair myself mentally very well. It was really hard to get back at it. Gained it all back. Started back to WW about a month ago. I am happy to say I am doing well. I feel really ready to get it done this time. Everyday is a new start and I just try to remember it took time to get it in so it will take time to get it off and I want to keep it off and eat right. So I wanted to share that with you. You are not alone. I feel better after my hysterectomy. Still have my ovaries so no hormones for me! But I do have HBP and am taking anti depressants ( hope to be off them soon). I think WW is the answer for me. No depriving myself. Just make better choices!
Thanks for reading this. Take care and God Bless!
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