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Default Hi from a new member

Hi, all,

After one of many fights with my husband over my need for support for assorted health issues and his need to not pay for such support, I started hunting for something online that might provide some help. This looks like a good group, so here I am.

I'm way overweight (at least 80 pounds) and a compulsive eater, especially of carbs and fat. (My "ideal" food would be buttercream icing.) I can sporadically diet effectively for several months at a time, but then some new bigtime stress hits and I'm right back stuffing myself at every turn. Weight loss programs help--I once lost about 70 pounds and got to goal weight with Weight Watchers, but then tried "real" eating again and found that all the "conviction" I had developed that low cal alternatives to things tasted good was just a pack of lies. Plus, I hate going out to meetings and my husband hates paying for them.

Getting a regular exercise program going is also difficult for me, and every time I just begin to get the habit established and start to enjoy the activity, either my body sabotages me (such as 6 months of excruciating knee pain that left me barely able to walk) or a forced change in routine derails my efforts.

I have lots of health problems that I'm avoiding dealing with, but most stem from my crappy eating habits, so I decided to start here and see what happens.

If anyone can put up with me, I'd love to have a buddy to help me through this fat morass. My husband would like that, too, so I quit whining to him.

Thanks for reading,
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Default I'm here Sharon....

Hi Sharon,
I too have lots of weight to lose and have been yo-yoing all my life. I'm being treated (not very successfully) for several health issues. I've been looking for a buddy and haven't rec'd any concrete offers. Everyone here is nice but most have been here a while. I just started about a week ago.

The exercising is an issue for me also. Sounds alot like your situation. I do well for months and then BAM and I stop for whatever reason and gain the weight back. My doc hasn't been warning me for years but has also been very supportive My husband doesn't give me a hard time about the money thats been waisted and waisted and waisted, but also doesn't completely understand my battle. No real support in the house. 3 sons all in there 20's. Friends, yes, but none with my issues(fortunately)
So let me know if you'd like to buddy up
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Default Sure

Hey, Donna,

Sounds good. Maybe with each other's help we can get this thing done.

I'll PM you with some added info to help us get going.
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Hey Donna,
You sound like I feel. I am so tired of dealing with my weight it's not even funny. I went from 304 to 98 to 150 to 220 to 208 which is where I am right now, I had a baby 6 months ago, haven't been able to lose any weight body bouncing back bull **** I am tired of hearing. I started the 6 week body makeover then switched to adkins and I don't even know if I am doing that right, everyone around me seems to lose 6-12 lbs and me I lost 4.5lbs and then gained it all back the next week. What are you doing?
Listen if you can put up with my self loathing and constant tears over my weight I really need someone too. Hope to hear from you....................Pattie
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