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Default Hi from Oz


Came across these forums and figured we might join, lots of positive posts on here so that was nice to see.

We are a couple from Australia, our details are...

Her - 41 Yrs, 152cm, 59kg, Goal Weight 50kg

Him - 50 Yrs, 180cm, 132kg, Goal Weight 90kg

We each have our own issues that do make trying to lose weight hard but we are both at that point we feel it is now or never and whatever issues we have we need to push past them and find a way to achieve our goals.

Her - Type 1 Diabetic since she was 10 yrs old which does make it a little hard on diet, type 1 diabetics are meant to avoid ketosis due to not producing their own insulin they cannot process ketones so our approaches are different, she is simply working on consuming less calories per day than she burns, the aim is 1000 calories a day difference which should be 7000 calories difference a week which should allow for a 1kg weight loss a week.

Target Consume 1000 Calories Burn 2000 Calories

Him - He has arthritis in his lower spine and has had a heart attack, has 6 stents in his right coronary artery and bad knees from numerous knee operations, his approach is low carb low calories burn more than consumed, he is not too focused on keto and carb count just keeps it low.

Target Consume 1600 Calories Burn 3200 Calories

Diet -

Him -
B: 2 Eggs, 1 Rash Bacon, 1 Coffee (Latte 1 1/2 Sugars)
L: Due to working hours he generally does not get lunch
D: Steak and Salad or Chicken, Fish once or twice a week instead.
S: Every second night he will have some strawberries and cream

Her -
B: 1 Protein shake in water, 1 Coffee (1/2 cup flat white no sugar)
L: Tuna salad
D: Chicken and Salad or broccoli, sometimes a small steak or fish
S: Almonds

Training -

We train together which is both good and bad, it is good on our boxing nights not so good on the weight nights due to difference in strength and having to change weights non stop. We have set up kind of a boxing routine and a weight workout. Obviously the big positive is motivation as it is easier to be motivated together.

Boxing - 30 minutes, 12 rounds of 2 minutes with 30 seconds rest inbetween, essentially one of us in using a heavy bag the other use a floor to ceiling ball, we also have an aerobic step for step ups, so each round we simply go from one exercise to the next.

Weights we have a very basic set up, a bench, dumbells and barbell. A weight session goes for about 35 to 40 minutes.

We also have a rowing machine but to be honest it is hard to enjoy his back does not cope well with it so we hardly use it.

Mon - Weights - Chest & Triceps
Tues - Boxing
Wed - Weights - Shoulders & Legs
Thu - Boxing
Fri - Rest Day
Sat - Weights - Back & Biceps
Sunday - Boxing

Results -

He started 1st December 2018 at 132kg, as of this morning he is 115kg aiming to get to 95kg. Weight loss thus far 17kg

She started 3rd January at 59kg and as of this morning she is 57kg aiming to get to 50kg. Weight loss thus far 2kg

Set backs -

He has found the last 10 days very hard, we went out 11 days ago with family which made diet choice hard so he elected to have prawns and nothing else, as luck goes he got a very bad case of food poisoning and spent the past 10 days with diarrhea and unable to train which has been hard on us both.

Thanks for providing a place to spill the beans.
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