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Hello all
I'm hoping that joining this support group will help motivate me into gaining some focus. I've been trying to lose weight (although 'trying' is probably an exaggeration) for the last year and weigh more now than I did then.
This is after a lifetime of similar behaviour.
I weigh myself every Monday night. I know that I have struggled this week, but am still reeling in shock after an 11lbs gain. In one week!
I need help. I have a lot of psychological issues around food, stemming from childhood, and I use food as a reward and emotional support.
Sigh. I'm an educated professional in a senior leadership position- so why can't I control something as simple as how much food I cram in my mouth?
Hopefully by giving advice and support I can also start listening to myself, and practise what I preach!
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I understand where you are. My relationship with food has always been toxic and unhealthy. If I felt down, I ate. If I went out with friends, I ate. And it was always a lot. I had always been told I was a big girl and wasn't sure how to live any differently.

My whole life I've always been a little bit overweight and I've slowly started realizing, I'm afraid to lose weight because I've never seen myself skinny. I know that sounds odd but I'm a person who doesn't like change. I've also feared that maybe if I lose the weight, I'll change and become someone that no one likes.

It's almost like my mind just makes up excuses for me to eat and this time around dieting, I'm doing my best to not let my brain win. We can all do this but it sure isn't easy!
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I am sure a lot of us here understand!! The fact that we are here is an indication of that. I would encourage you to become involved in some of the support groups and challenges. What none of us can do alone, we can all do together.

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Hi, nice to meet you! I'm new here too, but have the same problem! I go up and down, up and down... I know its not healthy and every time I lose a few pounds I put a few more back on! Let's win this thing together!
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I can relate to what you have revealed . It sounds like me, except I am not in a leadership roll. I would suggest the self help workbook called "WHY WEIGHT" by Geneen Roth. There are a number of exercises in this workbook that help address what is going on emotionally and how we use fat to shield ourselves, and how we use food to comfort ourselves by stuffing down feelings. She is a proponent of intuitive eating but this will work with any diet. Best Wishes on your weight loss journey.
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