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Default Ready to get off this roller coaster...

My name is Haley. I am a 39 y/o mother of 2. I've been married for almost 15 years. I'm tired of the ups and downs and ready to get back to a healthy weight. I am looking forward to being inspired by all of the members here and eventually sharing a positive weight loss story of my own.
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Hi Haley. Welcome to the boards. I've received so much help and inspiration on these boards, and I'm sure you will too. I came here about a month ago, finally determined to lose some weight. I've been taking it kind of slow and easy. Basically I've been walking, so some light exercising, and counting calories. So far I'm 11 pounds down and feeling great.

You will find all sorts of weight loss tips on here, and I've tried them all in the past. I found what works best for me is just simply counting calories, and a little exercise. I downloaded the Arise app to my phone, and it has helped me immensely. I've also used the MFP app, but I like the interface on Arise a little better. Either way, get yourself a good app, cut down on the calories, drink lots of water (instead of pop of juice), walk a little every day, and you should start seeing results fairly soon.

Good luck!!! ;-)
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