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Default Young and chubby, looking for support :)

First of all, I hope I'm doing this right, I haven't been on a forum in years.

Anyway... Hi.
My name is Trina, I'm 18 (19 in a couple weeks) and I specifically looked up a weight loss forum because I need help and support. I have an unhealthy relationship with food and I just feel at a loss. I have lost a tiny bit of weight, but that was mainly through exercising more which I've not had too many problems with so far.

A little about myself... I've been fat for as long as I remember, my doctor suggested I may have PCOS but I haven't been officially diagnosed. I've yo-yoed with weightloss over the past few years but a couple months ago I finally got so fed up and decided I wanted to be a success story instead of watching the scale inch its way back up again. My problem is, I know what foods are good and which are bad for me and my body but when the bad foods are available I have an incredibly hard time resisting them. I can go as much as a couple weeks but I always give back in eventually. My family tries to help, but I get testy when people tell me what to do/what not to do, so they don't even try to stop me anymore when I reach for the unhealthy options. I almost feel like giving up on myself since everybody else has.

Not to be a total Debbie Downer, I try to keep a happy outlook on life and just keep chugging along, I guess I'd just like to go a little faster/smoother where my diet is concerned one step forward and two steps back isn't gonna cut it!
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Hi Trina,

We can be young and chubby together I'm 23 and I have had a weight problem for as long as I can remember too. I know how exactly you feel when it comes to eating good for the first few weeks and giving back in. I wish I could learn not to give in but it is so hard
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i know i can!!
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I can relate.. Hey my name is maria im 27 yrs old.. Ive been heavy since for ever as while.. Ive tired so many things its not even funny!! Don't get me wrong so did work but I give up when I see I'm doing good.. but we can be here for each other..
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Hi Trina! Welcome to 3FCs!

This is a great place to find support! You will find a lot of very nice people who understand what you are going through and who will cheer you on.

Best wishes in reaching your goals!

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Hi Trina! I've been a yo-yo dieter much, much, much longer than you, but it started when I was about your age. What I have just recently learned is that I have a carb sensitivity and counting calories for me was not as successful as it was for other people because a "calorie is NOT a calorie is NOT a calorie" for me. Carb calories, which are in the bad foods you're describing, were causing me to fall off the wagon. A carb sensitivity may not be true for you, but I want to make you aware of it just in case. I don't want you to yo-yo diet all your life as I have. The diet I am following now is based on the slow-carb diet: This may not be the method for you, but I do want you to be aware that the same weight loss method doesn't work for everyone, so you may have to experiment. So many people here do wonderfully counting calories. I don't. So many do well on Weight Watchers. I don't, and it's all because of "bad" carbs as opposed to "healthy" carbs. Anyway, whatever method you choose, give it your all, and there will be lots of people here to help you! Good luck!
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