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This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEWEST BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:


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Our MAY 2001 RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:


We have FOUR INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often:









We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:


WANT TO POST YOUR WEEKLY WEIGHT LOSS INFO and BE COUNTED in our weekly totals of pounds lost?? Go to the WEEKLY WEIGH IN BOARD BELOW to post your stats!


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Just a quickie-will write more later on today. Just wanted to start your week off with my MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY contribution:


Even the most difficult challenge can be broken down into finite, easily accomplished steps. People who only take some of those steps will fall short of the goal. Those who are willing to take all the steps will enjoy success.

Some people will often take a few steps and then stop, complaining about how unfair life is. Others will take some steps in one direction, grow bored, and then start off in another direction, only to become disillusioned.

The only way to success is to go all the way to success. Take one step after another until you are there. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. It doesn't take exceptional strength to get it done. What it takes is desire and commitment. You have them if you choose to use them.

The path to any success is in front of you, and you are free to travel that path, one step at a time. Each step is within your reach. It's up to you to take them all, every one of them.

-- Ralph Marston

Hope you have a wonderful week!

SB since 3/22/00
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Default Happy Monday!!!

Hello hello hello!!!

Itís almost Monday again! Iím ready to get back into high gear after a week that was really thrown off by my bike accident. That means I also didnít reach my goal of running 3 miles in 30 minutes (unless I want to kill myself in the morning) by the end of the month. My best time was 31:37. But Iím close!

DEBBIE, dying for a food processor. There was a little cute one at Costco for only about $50, but they donít have it anybody. There was a Cuisinart with bells and whistles but it was $160 . . . maybe I can get it for Martin for his birthday (evil grin). Would definitely make life easier. I made another batch today, added more lemon juice and garlic and washed the beans carefully, even rinsing in vinegar so the ďtinnedĒ taste wasnít a problem.

MARY, sounds like youíre working awfully hard!

ORANGE, have you changed your eating any since you quit smoking? Or your exercise habits? Have you stayed on program and still gained weight?

ANNA, intellectually, I know that ďnot all guys are like thatĒ but in my gut itís hard to shake the feeling. I just have to be careful that my motivation doesnít come from what THEY think regardless of what it is. Because Iím inwardly STILL paranoid and insecure, comments from men like ďI donít think anyone could possibly look good at 5í7í and 160 poundsĒ or ďIím glad my ex dumped me because I hear she is now DISGUSTINGLY FATĒ at 160 pounds, it turns out, REALLY bother me. The more valuable I view myself, the less their opinion matters. I have come a long way in the past year but Iím overcoming a LIFETIME of thinking a certain way and I try to be patient with myself. This change from a suicidal, depressed, dysfunctional girl, as I was in my early 20s, to the confident, powerful, mature woman I will become, is not going to happen overnight.

Congrats to your sonís baseball team!

MARIE, sounds like youíre on the right track with your heart rate then. Keep us updated on if any changes you make produce results on the scale! I bought some powdered mix to make falafel from the health food store, but I havenít done it yet. The hummus experiment I would say was a success, but I need that food processor!

LARA, sounds like your body is just adjusting to the trauma that you have been through by being hungry...nothing to worry about! You stuck to legal foods which is really great. I wouldnít call it bingeing. Iím glad things are settling down for you.

ĒI'm recalling party planning, a birthday for loved one, and baseball games, just remember it's not about going without, it's about planning ahead, making sure you are not starving when you enter a party or event, and making the best choices out of what's available.Ē

Wise words!!! So true. I KNOW if Iím caught unawares I will eat something thatís not good for me, because god forbid I go hungry. A big challenge coming up tomorrow: a client of ours is throwing a cocktail party with champagne from 2000 sheís unveiling...sheís INSISTED that nobody bring anything to eat. Nevermind that there is someone there I particularly donít want to see, the food question alone is giving me hives. The plan: eat ahead of time, bring hummus and triscuits regardless of what the hostess says. Take a glass of champagne and take one sip, drink no other alcohol.

StarChaser, welcome back!

SolShine, miss ya!

Frogster, HI!

Kim, that woman you mentioned is so inspiring. A good reminder to all of us that our successes affect everyone!

Nancy, you said, ĒThere was a time when I actually flet that loosing weight was for others, and that something with my genetic disposition was so off that it wasn't possible. The sense of hopelessness, and worse off my sinking self-esteem....well you gals know. You are my light at the end of the tunnel. THANK YOU!!!!Ē

Well, thatís exactly how I feel about this way of eating!!! Iíve always had this underlying feeling that I would eventually fail...this time I know that I can do it! It may take time but I have full confidence that everything is going to get better and better as time goes by...not the old cycle of temporary success followed by greater failure.

Cheri, I take my lunch to work every day now, something that Iíve never been able to accomplish before now. The easiest thing for me to bring is some kind of all in one combination thing with brown rice, like hamburger or chicken and vegetables. I just dump it in a bowl and itís ready to go. Iíve even gotten used to washing my Tupperware instead of forgetting it somewhere then throwing it away. I could use some variety as well I suppose. Other things that travel well are Boca burgers, hummus, tabouli, boiled eggs, cheese.

Lisa, congrats to Ross and Laura! As time goes by I think you will find that with advance preparation we always have good choices! Meanwhile, sounds like you are doing well.

Ashley, you are a cutie and I love the stamp work!

Fruitloupe, Iím also beginning to cut way back on alcohol! I LOVE beer, and I like to relax and have a few drinks...your words about not needed alcohol to have fun were a good reminder to me, because Iím SURE a lot more fun when Iím drinking! (At least in my own mind) Iíve avoided social situations altogether at times because I didnít want to face the temptation to drink, but I have to remember that I can still have fun...and be fun.

On the email notifications, hit ďforum linksĒ ďprofileĒ and play with your profile options. You can turn it off.

EVERYBODY ELSE, hello and keep up the good work!!!



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This was written in response to Annaís question on Saturday, ďI have a question for everyone. What has motivated you to be on this WOE? In my case it was health issues and because I was feeling so bad. I would be interested in know what the other motivators are?Ē I found that to be a very thought-provoking question; therefore I will spend some time answering it. This is very personal and touches on several aspects of my history.

Physical health

Like Mary, I have a history of cancer and diabetes in my family. Both my grandmothers had diabetes, as does my father. Many relatives have died of cancer. I myself have survived thyroid cancer. I was so far into my depression and compulsive eating that none of this really bothered me. In fact, I cared nothing about what happened to my body. I wouldnít wear a jacket when I was cold. I would wear polyester, bulky clothing in warm weather because I was ashamed of my body. I never went to the doctor unless I was dying. When I got cancer none if it seemed real. I was too young.

But looking back over the past couple years, I can honestly say that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. I didnít care when I was diagnosed. I didnít care when I went through a 5 Ĺ hour surgery to remove a 2.5 cm tumor and my entire thyroid. I CARED when I went through two radioiodine treatments to zap the remaining thyroid tissue, and I was mentally and physically incapacitated from not having enough thyroid hormone, then had to be confined to the hospital for 3 days each just when I was at my worst. I cared because I knew then that I wouldnít always be able to do the things I wanted to do physically. So while I have the strength, I run. I move my body as much as I can. I find my limits and I stretch them. I may have to have another treatment soon. Until then nothing will slow me down! (Well, except for falling off my bike )

Mental/spiritual health

I was raised in a strict religious environment that emphasized rules over people, doctrine over common sense. Iíve figured out that true spirituality means listening to the voice in my heart, while religion, as presented to me, told me to jump off the cliff with everyone else no matter WHAT my little heart had to say. Thus, Iím still learning to listen to my feelings, to trust myself. It takes a lot of trust to make good choices for myself, like eating well and exercising, day after day. It takes love for myself to stick to my commitments. It takes a healthy spirituality to succeed.

Due to this situation and many other factors, I have always had a low-grade, underlying depression. No matter how well things were going in my life, I always felt lonely when alone. Well, I have noticed a great improvement in my mood since I have let go of sugar, so part of that many have been physical/chemical. But some of it has to do with being dissatisfied with myself for not reaching my goals, both in weight loss and other areas. The excruciating emotional pain I feel when I (in my own mind) have failed, is not bad in itself. It serves as a motivator to succeed. However, I must combine this motivation with acceptance of myself, with respect for the person I AM, not the person I will someday become...if only ______ .


Yes, you heard me, sex. As those of you who read the thread about Frangipanigirl understand, I have strong feelings about the mediaís standards for womenís bodies and the way men fall for those standards hook line and sinker. Iíve gotten into many, many discussions about it online and face to face, and each time, I spout off at the mouth with certain arguments, but my mind is total mush. There is only this deep anger that I canít put into words. So I keep getting into these discussions, trying to get closer to the anger so that I can understand it a little better, and chip away at it.

Well, the bottom line may be that I, the chick who accomplishes everything she sets out to do, want to be a very attractive female. Not just cute or as my roommate describes, ďnot unattractive.Ē And according to the media standards, I may never be to some men. Iím short, with a muscular, stocky build, broad shoulders and narrow hips. I have short, thin hair. My abs will never measure up, maybe not even with surgery.

Some history: from the age of four, in other words since I was a baby, I have labeled myself unattractive, fat, asexual, a FREAK. I was a very chubby little girl and have never known what it was like to be anything BUT a social outcast. When all the other teenagers were figuring out the little norms of social behavior that everyone else takes for granted, I was off in my own little world, completely unaware of my surroundings. I was a virgin until I was 24. I always knew that the idea of being with a man at all, any man, was as impossible for me as a summer trip to Jupiter.

When I did start dating, for reasons which are obvious I was quite desperate. I felt that if I ever met a man who would speak to me, I had better make my move because I would never get another chance.

This is a journal entry from when I first met my very first boyfriend ever. I was 23 1/2.

November 26, 1996:

I feel strange & scared and most awfully depressed. First, I've been responding to newsgroup posts. And there's this guy who actually wrote me back. _____ from Moscow. And he seems really really nice, can't help being scared of two or three things like he only wants to get in this country. That he would want me to stay fat. And just afraid in general. But ****, at this point I don't care. Anything is better than nothing.

Editorial comment: none of my fears were ANYTHING close to the truth.

I wanted to get married. But for once I listened to my gut instinct which told me that I needed to experience more before I committed. I was thrown to the wolves. Met a man who was (again) as inexperienced as I was and who (like me the first time) wouldnít make a commitment. Searching for something, anything that would make it better I went out on TONS of dates with strangers. Like, two every weekend at one point. I canít even count the number of boring first dates Iíve been on. I got to know the routine (dinner, drinks, goodbye Iíll call you) pretty well but almost never got past the first date. Every time, it was like a test, and I failed -- and I NEVER fail. But I always ran back to the man who wouldnít commit, and thus managed to keep myself at the same level of emotional maturity despite a lot of dating experience.

Finally, after a very traumatic experience or two, I gradually stopped dating altogether, not an easy accomplishment because by then I was caught up in the excitement of always moving on the next game. Which, a YEAR later, brings us up to date.

So here I am. After all my experiences, I have never faced the world of love, dating and sex as an equal. A woman with something to offer. A buyer, not a seller. And Iím really not sure how to go about it. On the one hand, I seem to have a lot of evidence that men base their feelings entirely on physical attractiveness and that they donít consider me very attractive, but on the other hand I do realize that all the time I was attempting to date, that I was spiritually and emotionally incomplete. I was looking for somebody outside me to fill that gaping void. But it could only be filled from within me, and until I was whole, no relationship would ever work. Not the kind of relationship Iím looking for anyway.

My recovery is twofold: spiritual/emotional, and physical. I believe one will not happen without the other. I can deal with all the other parts of my body but I look at my abs and I donít consider them attractive. I wish I could, but I canít really say that I have reached complete recovery, or wellness, as long as I find my body unsatisfactory. And that lack of confidence shows no matter how much I try to cover it up.

Yes, itís hard to balance that with the idea that I MUST love myself completely in order to progress. Well, I donít think loving myself means I have to be completely satisfied with myself and donít think there is anything I could improve. I keep improving until the day I die, as we all do.

Conclusion: I probably will not date until I reach my goal weight. Meanwhile, I would like to start building a network of friends and acquaintances in the community. But Iím not actively looking for a relationship until I get this part of my life, which is the most important thing, under control. Because I donít know MYSELF and what I really want, until I reach my goal.

And yes, I will be more attractive. Have more options. Have more confidence. Which brings me right smack up face to face with the same issue Iím struggling with right now: I wouldnít want to date a man who would want me fat, but I wouldnít want to date a man who would ONLY want me thin. Nope, they canít win. I wish I didnít think so much.

Part of the reason Iím writing this is to sort it out in my own mind. I do find myself feeling less and less anger toward men every time I work through it.

My roommate and I (we have endless discussions on this subject) were talking about models today. He asked me, ďWhere do you get the idea that the standard of beauty for models is set by men alone?Ē After I skirted around the issue for a few minutes, he said, ďMaybe men have swallowed those ideals and have decided thatís the way women should look. After all, men are stupid.Ē Well, since he was making so much sense I thought I would think about what he was saying. So I said, ďItís gay men who set the standards for models! Clothes designers. After all, clothes look better on stick figures. They drape better. All the designers care about is how their clothes look.Ē What a concept! Gay men see women as clothes hangers and men decide this is how women should look! Iíd never thought of that before. (Speaking very simplistically.)

My anger against the mediaís standard of beauty is really frustrated desire: because I DO want to have the power that comes with sexual attractiveness. That I can understand that brings me a lot closer to accepting the situation.

~ Chris
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Had a wonderful vacation! The GatorNationals were an experience, for sure!! Vince and our friends were like little boys in a toy store. It was fun to watch them and their zeal for the speed and cars. Columbia, SC is the most beautiful city!! They have little parks with awesome shade trees, flowers, plush grass and walking areas all over the city.

I didn't stay on plan too much, but didn't cheat too bad either. Vince is very helpful and we mostly ate at places wehre they were going to have SB friendly food.

I'm not caught up on reading so I can't respond to everyone, but I did notice y'all were talking about green tea and I have to say GOOD EARTH is by far the best green tea I've had. They have lemongrass added to the tea blend and it takes the bite off the green tea and smooths out the flavor. I don't add any sweetener to it at all. They have a decaf version too.

AMSERAPHIM, we spent the night in Savannah on the way home. Didn't really do anything, but eat at a seafood restaurant. It was just a pit stop, but thought about you. Congrats on placing at the races! Are Hubby's races local or was he at the GatorNationals?

MARIE - I'll run down to the gym today at lunch and get the target heart rates to post. I can't get mine while I'm moving. I just stop the TM and check it and then go back to working out. It is a key factor in losing weight I've heard.

Elizabeth is gone! I'm still holding out for Colby to win. I win the office pool if he does and I'm going to use the money to join the club for a couple of months where GATORGAL works out. They give you personalized attention and their goal is maximum impact in minimum time. It's like a personal trainer at gym prices. Since my office has a free gym and Vince's does too we're not really willing to pay for a gym membership at this point.

I know there was something else I was going to mention/ask, etc. but can't remember. "Senior Moment" I'll re-post when I think of it.

Motivation Monday:

Walking is falling - just catching yourself before you do. Keep putting that one foot in front of the other. One of the greatest pieces of advice I can remember about working out is - on those days when you don't feel like it - get dressed and geared up and tell yourself that you'll do just 10 minutes and, if you want to quit after that, you can. More times than not once you get moving you won't stop. It works!!

Quote of the Day
You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.
- Anonymous

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Hello everyone

Iam back to work today and a little sore from all the outside work. I did a lot more yesterday.!! Things are starting to look good. I ate well all weekend no real complaints except maybe my water consumption . I find it easier to drink at work. So there should be no problem with that today.

Cheri. I can totally relate with the frizzy hair. Mine is also curly. I have had to dye mine for years , however, I have become really allergic to the dye so I had to let it go. I was shocked at how much grey there was especially as I am 35. It took me a while to get used to it , but it is healthy and I feel better. I keep it cut funky so I do not look old. Do you know how many people told me I look younger .WEIRD! It helps that my face is shrinking as well. The only thing is curly grey hair can really frizz up.Oh well what is a girl to do.
For lunchy I often have veggies with dip, or a green pepper stuffed with tuna.

Nancy. Welcome you sure seem to be keen which is wonderful!

Lisa. If the scale stayed the same that is wonderful! Take it.

Star glad to you had a wonderful vacation. It is always nice to go on vacation and nice to come home.


Wow I read your post . I almost was almost cying. I hope that you heal both physically and emotionally.

Quilter . Your new friend sound wonderful. What an inspiration for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone else that I missed, have a super day

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Good morning all

Just a quickie to say Hi! I haven't read all the posts yet but have to get out for a walk this morning before I get sidetracked and run out of time. And then on to badminton this afternoon.

I would like to share a bit of information I picked up from another SB board yesterday. It appears that now WHITE BASMATI rice is considered 'legal'. I think this is good news for anyone that dislikes the brown rice. To check out the posts click on the links below:


Will check in again later.

Bye for now

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Default APRIL 30, 1981 - APRIL 30, 2001

For motivational Monday, here's my little ditty....


Twenty years ago in fifteen minutes, I went under the
knife and had my stomach stapled....I lost 123 lbs on that adventure...
Here I sit twenty years later, weighing ALMOST as much as I did then and starting over AGAIN
I wish I knew how much I had lost and gained over the last twenty years, BUT I DON'T.
Wish I knew why I let myself lose control like I have, BUT I DON'T....
I could sit here all day wishing I knew BUT I WON'T...
Did I learn from my mistake? YOU BET I DID...IS IT TOO LATE? YOU BET IT'S NOT!

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Default Good Morning SB gang!

Cheri & Gardengirl - I also have naturally curly frizzy hair and live in humid Louisiana. I have tried a bunch of different hair products but last week my hairdresser angel introduced me to Bio Silk Smoothing System. It is a shampoo, conditioner, smoothing balm and smoothing spray! I absolutely love it!!!! Frizzy's are totally gone and my hair feels totally different! Even when I sit out at the baseball game for 3 hours - presto - still no frizzies! love it love it love it! I wish somebody would have told me about this stuff sooner so I am passing it on to you gals. I'm sure if you look around you will be able to find it in your area - it seems to be real popular.

Rosalie?? wonder where we might find this Indian White Basmati rice? will they have that at the grocery store? or health food stores? any ideas? have you found it?

Deb - I have cut way back on the use of Splenda and will see if that makes any difference at all for me.

Thanks for all the great info gang!

Have a great sugarfree day!

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Cathy - I usually buy my Basmati rice in a bulk food store. It is also available here in the regular grocery stores as well as East Indian/Pakistani grocery stores. I use Basmati most of the time, both white and brown.

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Good Monday Morning to Everyone!

I am looking forward to reading everyone's Motivations.
I can tell, all of you are going to make me a computer-aholic. It so nice to have this much support.

Debbie-In answer to your questions...1)My Doctor is recommending SugarBusters although he admits not to reading the book yet. He understands the premises, as do the other physicians in our office, who have also been recommeding it to patients. Once my boss sees the weight coming off, he will encourage patients to talk to me so I can get them motivated as well. My starting weight was 226, and as of yesterday I was 221. Tomorrow will be two weeks that I have been on SB, but I am going to particpate with "Weigh in Wednesdays" and just weight once a week. I don't think it's good for people to weigh in daily because there's too many factors that can alter being up or down, and then people can loose their motivation and become discouraged. If you're on track, exercising, and drinking the water, results are a given. I know from watching patients that it get tougher when they are closer to their goal, it doesn't shed off as fast as for those of us who have more to loose, but that's o.k. as long as people are still on track. Thanks for the "computer" info...I'm in a rush to get to work, and will figure it out later.

Lara-I will bring the "Uncle Sam's to work if you want to stop by and pick it up. Sorry we didn't get to gab on the phone yesterday, the day just flew by!

Thanks to everyone one else for your welcome into the group. I'm looking forward to getting to know each and everyone of you. I posted my bio if you want to learn more about me

Have great day! Nancy
Zippy Bubblebutt
SW: 241
CW: 232.5 86.5 more to go...and counting


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Morning Again!

Went for my walk this morning. Walked out to find it sprikling, not a pretty day. Grabbed my mini-umbrella and off I went. Actually made it my usual 4.5 miles without it coming down on me, just light smatterings of sprinkles. I guess the powers that be wanted me to walk today!

I can't believe it's the end of the month, another month wiped off the 2001 calendar! Time sure does fly. It's now been a year since I started a board dedicated to SB-can you believe that!?! In the past year not only has the board grown, but I have grown right along with it-and not by size!

Speaking of the month, I usually try to see what I've lost not only by the week (or should I say the day), but by the month. This month I lost a mere 2 pounds, yet I was this weight a month ago. Back on March 28th I dipped to this weight. I'm not pointing this out in a complaining way, just want you to see that even though I've been up and down, and up and down this past month, I'm still here, not cheating, still walking and not giving up! I guess I just want to say the when you see the scales aren't going down, don't give in-they WILL go down!!!

I don't know if any of you besides QUILTER believes in life after death, and I surely don't mean to offend anyone in mentioning this, but ANYONE who is interested in this type of thing, just wanted to let you know that GEORGE ANDERSON is going to be on the SALLY SHOW tomorrow. I've read his books and I truly am a believer! If you've never heard of him, try to watch/record the show. I shall be glued to the TV tomorrow morning. Not until I read a book about him called WE DON'T DYE and WE ARE NOT FORGOTTEN (can't remember which came first), did I believe in this. It has NOTHING to do with religion at all, (I'm probably the most unreligious person you'll ever meet), just something I found fascinating!!!

CATHY, glad to see you back on the board. Why would you want to do liquids-that's not healthy, and definitely not necessary. Curious to know your reasoning for wanting to do it.

FRUIT, another way to keep yourself legal when it comes to the drinking...tell ALL your friends that you want their help and to help you stay away for the alcohol when you go out-those that truly care about you will be right behind you rooting for you 100%. When my cousin went away to college, she desperately wanted to lose some weight, so when she went, she told everyone she was highly allergic to chocolate right from the start-she lost the weight and has been able to keep it off for quite a few years now.

SPARKLE, you should be able to find a decent food processor just about anywhere these days. It doesn't have to be fancy and expensive, there's no need to waste money on something like that. All I can say about your story you shared was WOW! I think you are farther along in your recovery than you think. Keep up the great work all the way around.

SOL, glad to see you back on the board. Glad you had a good time on your vacation. I do believe Colby and you will win. He's played the game the best I believe-Tina has done well too, but I think ultimately, Colby will win at the end. I'll surely be glued to the tv for that show! I'll have to look for that GOOD EARTH brand of green tea, sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing your MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY thought and QUOTE!!!!

GARDEN, I too find when I'm home I don't drink much water as I do when I'm out and about. I was lax on my intake this weekend.

ROSALIE, thanks for the e-mail. I WAS aware of the rice issue long ago and thought I had something on that on the FOOD INFORMATION BOARD. It's funny how Max mentioned they just found out that Basmati rice was okay because there's been information on Mendosa's site for such a long time. Max mentions Indian basmati, which is white, yet it says Brown is better, where he says it's also acceptable. Here is the bit from Mendosa's site:

Rice and Potatoes

Rice and potatoes are some of the foods most tested for their glycemic indexes. They are important both because most of us tend to eat a lot of rice and potatoes and because they can have a high glycemic index. Professor Brand-Miller reports the results of 49 studies of rice and 24 studies of potatoes. The results for rice ranged all the way from 54 to 132 and for potatoes from 67 to 158.

What could possibly cause such tremendous variation? According to Professor Brand-Miller, for rice one of the most important considerations is the ratio of amylose to amylopectin. She says that "the only whole (intact) grain food with a high G.I. factor is low amylose rice, such as Calrose rice...However, some varieties of rice (Basmati, a long grain fragrant rice, and Doongara, a new Australian variety of rice [which is not available in the United States] have intermediate G.I. factors because they have a higher amylose content than normal rice."

Wallace Yokoyama, a research chemist working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Albany, California, gave me a comprehensive explanation. There are, says this noted rice specialist, four types of rice: long-grain, medium-grain, short-grain, and sweet rice. Sweet rice is also known as sticky or waxy rice. It makes the best sauces and gravies, and is usually the rice used in Asian restaurants. Sweet rice has no amylose, Yokoyama says. In other words, it is the rice that has the highest glycemic index. The three other types of rice have lower glycemic indexes. Among these types, long-grain rice has the highest amylose content and short-grain the lowest.

Of course, each of these three types of rice may be brown or white. Brown rice has a lower glycemic index than white rice, everything else being equal. Therefore brown long-grain riceóor if you can find itóbrown Basmati riceówill probably be your best best for a rice with a lower glycemic index. White Basmati rice had a glycemic index of 83 in one study. Brown Basmati rice can be expected to have a somewhat lower index, but we don't know precisely what it is, because the studies haven't been done yet.

BOB, geez, you KNOW how I can relate to learning from your mistakes when it comes to stomach stapling!!!!!

CATHY2, it may just work with cutting back on the Splenda and it may take a few days to get it out of your system, so wait and see what happens.

NANCE, you will be not only an inspiration to your friends and famiy, but you will be helping so many patients with your knowledge of this WOE and how well they see you do with it-no pressure there, right?!? I think that many people hear the diet name of SUGAR BUSTERS and think another fad diet-I do believe if it is introduced to people as a LOW GLYCEMIC WOE that the stereotype of a fad diet will be taken away. You should encourage your boss to read the book, or at least some key points, just so he can understand this all better. I hope you take a before and after picture so patients as well as yourself will be able to see your transformation!

Well, here it is, after 11am already. I've got to run. I'll check in with you all sometime later today.

Have a wonderful week!

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Hi again

I got my walk in this morning, now I have to go out and check how far I walked. It's a beautiful day for walking and I found a new walking route, partly through a park. I'd forgotten about this area. Haven't been through there since I used to go bike riding with the kids.

Starchaser - Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good time while you were away.

Kim - Darn, I thought there was going to be a new Hegi book for me to read. . I think she is a wonderful writer. She makes you feel that you really 'know' the people in the book and you are sorry when it's finished because you would like to know more about their lives. Thanks for posting the story about the woman who lost 100 pounds. That's very inspirational. I've ordered the AM Yoga tape from the library, so hope to get it soon.

Chris - I've tried to make falafels with the powdered mix but I wasn't too impressed with them. The best ones I have made were made from a can of chick peas. I just drained them, mashed them with a fork (a little time consuming but less mess than the blender) and added an egg, some wheat germ, onion and spices.

Solshine - Good to see you back posting again. Sounds like you had a really good holiday. I loved your 'Quote of the Day'.

Gotta run.

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Default Basmati Rice

Debbie - Thanks for your e-mail. I too was aware of those articles about rice and I have always eaten Basmati rice, both brown and white. But I thought it was of interest coming from Max on the SB board and thought others would be interested in knowing it is considerd 'legal' on SB. It is listed in the GI Tables as having a gi of 58 which is not much different than any of the brown rices. This was one of the questions that was put to the doctors several months ago which they didn't respond to so I was just wondering when they decided it was 'legal'.

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