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Default A guy here, reintroduction

Not sure I ever posted in this folder before. I have been here off and on for more than a decade. I was even a moderator at one point for a folder called the Men's Corner. There are probably a lot of guys here and really no folder so I thought it would be helpful.

I have been as high as 330 around the time I first signed up here. I got down to around 230 or so in 2002. I am currently about 275 but at a really good place that I have never felt before.

Anyhow I rebooted myself about a month ago right at the start of May. For a journey that this time I am confident will last a lifetime. I had a 'breaking point' moment at the start of May. I had to put on a suit jacket I hadn't worn for a year and it did not come close to fitting.

I have also become an adoptive father the past 2 years and it is awesome. Our daughter is 2.5 now and I am 47. So everything just 'clicked' for me. I have a recumbent bike. And since that jacket non-fitting day, I have been on every day for 30 to 40 minutes with the only exceptions being days I was in a tennis league.

I had a work project that kept me at my city but going out with others for a couple weeks, I actually in some ways have eaten worse the past month. Despite that I have lost around 4-5 lbs from 280 but a lot of inches. The jacket already fits comfortably.

I am super-confident though. Back to my normal routine I am starting to cut out red meat. And I am going to continue to eat more veggies and fruits. My goal is to eat less and less meat and because of that if I do eat beef pay for organic and grass fed which has an omega oil profile close to healthy fish.

My suppose right now I am on a journey to be a 'flexitarian' not cutting out meat completely but trying to eat less and less of it. With the exercise I can already feel my appetite coming into control.

The most important thing this time is I know I am going to reach my goals and keep it up for a lifetime. Exercising feels so fantastic, I don't think I have ever had 30 plus days in a row that I did it. So much more energy and my legs are already like tree trunks now.

I came across something in the Huffington Post. It is a great story and then there is an awesome slide show below. All the articles talk about a 'breaking point'. I had it with just everything probably below the surface and then the jacket a wake up call.

Here is hoping that everyone finds their breaking point. I know that sounds odd but from my experience that is the only way to change things for good instead of for awhile. My first goal is 250 in no set time. And to really become consistent with the eating. I seem to always do one or the other, get exercise right, continue to eat bad or the other way. But this time is different. I think 250 will be a big goal for me. Then onward and onward, or downward and downward as it were.

Please check this out, it is pretty awesome:

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I think I reached my breaking point about a month ago. Something in me just realized that I wanted to be healthy, like I never have been in my life, and that no food was worth my own health, and a inactive life isn't much fun anyway. Cheers!
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Well "welcome2: back to you!

There are a bunch of posting men on here and I know that the Men's forum does get invaded by us women sometime.

I wish you a wonderful and happy journey!
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Congrats. The breaking point in a weird way is kind of strangely wonderful, isn't it? I know it is going to make all the difference now for the rest of my life.
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