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Default Hello, I am excited to be here

I've posted this once before, but I think it was in the wrong area.

Starting my journey
I am a 22 year old female, and I weigh almost 350lbs, and I am 5'7. My first goal is to get under 300, my next goal is to weigh under 200, and my final goal is 145.

I always say I am going to lose this weight, and I always fall back into the same bad eating habits. I just want to get my life on track. I have been overweight my entire life, and I am sick of it. My whole family is larger people, I am the biggest. I recently took my first step to becoming healthier, I stopped smoking cigarettes. It's has been almost 4 months since my last cigarette.

Is there anyone out there that has had similar struggles? I feel silly when I say this, but I just don't know where to start. I know I need to stay away from sugar,, and carbs, but are there any diets that have worked well that anyone can recommend? And exercise routines?

Another thing I am worried about is loose skin. I know there will be loose skin afterwards, and I do believe it is worth getting healthy over, but can anyone tell me if they are my age, and have lost 200+ pounds with minimal saggy skin? I have really good skin, and barely any stretch marks so I am hoping that is a good thing.

I am sick of struggling to breathe, I am sick of being so insecure that I don't want to leave my house. I want to be able to take my nieces, and nephew to amusement parks, and be able to fit on the rides. I am sick of feeling like everyone is staring at me, and I am sick of being afraid to sit down in certain chairs in fear that I might break one. I feel I have much more potential than this. I need support, I really do. I've never joined a website before. I just need some guidance, some advice, similar stories maybe.

Thank you all for listening, hope to hear from you soon.
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Welcome, jg0508! You should check out the 300+ Club for some of the advice you're looking for, but also give a good read to some of the other resources on 3FC, such as General Diet Plans and Questions. Good luck with your weight loss journey. Getting "sick" of your situation is the first step. That's how I started.
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Im new too jg508! We have taken our first steps and that is to commit to lose weight. My best eating plan advice is to go to a nutritionist who can tailor a plan just for you. this site also has wonderful ideas. I am SO GLAD that I found this!
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Welcome! Your e-mail breaks my heart because I know the feeling. It looks like you have the motivation to change, and that's all it takes. Well that, along with sheer determination. I wish you all the best as you embark on your new journey. You have the power to make this change in your life and luckily you are still young.

I agree with the others - seeing a nutritionist or health professional is the way to go. You need a customized plan that is right for you. My doctor is great too. I saw my coworker lose over 100 pounds. And I saw his life change before my eyes. He became more confident. He started dating the hot girl in the office. He was like a brand new person. It was exciting to watch. I don't know what he did about the loose skin, etc - I never asked. But I'm sure a health care professional can advise you on all of that stuff.
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Hey! I have had struggles just like that, I stopped smoking cigarettes, and havent had one in 4 months, YOU GO! i know how hard it is lol.
I've also had such bad eating habits and am now on track to loosing 100 pounds,
your young so i wouldnt worry about the skin sagging.
we're about the same age ( im 20 ) message me!
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