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Red face Enough is Enough

Hi everyone, Where to start.....Im 5'9 & have a terrible weight problem. Ever since I was in school I always thought I was fat, but in reality I was normal weight of 155. Now Im 278 & I need to put a stop to the weight gain. Part of my weight gain is from 2 beautiful children. I have a problem with eating late at night once the kids have gone to bed or always eating out. My husband works on the road so I eat out of pure bordem or loneliness. It's time for the weight to stop going up & start going down. I was recently on weight watchers & had lost 20 pounds but then the kids & I went on the road w/ my husband & all the eating out late at night made me gain it all back. I was so confussed caz I would exercise right before going to bed but then my sister informed me that it was due to eating late at night & then heading to bed. So I just gave up. Now I want to take my life back into my hands & turn over a new life.
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Welcome to 3FC =)

You aren't alone. We're all here taking one step at a time, changing our habits permanently, and helping support each other.

Just to be clear about one thing -- Eating at night or before going to bed is not what causes weight gain. Eating more calories than you need is what causes weight gain.

That being said, if you find yourself mindlessly snacking at night (due to boredom/loneliness) then that's when those excess calories are getting into your body. If cutting that out completely helps, then by all means! But, I often have a snack late at night and have lost 45 pounds so far. So the two have nothing to do with each other.

If you're considering rejoining Weight Watchers, or keeping track Online, there's a Weight Watchers section under Diet Central. I'm a member myself and find it to be a well-balanced program.

All over 3FC there are amazing support groups Join on in!

Best of wishes on your journey~
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Hi and welcome!!

As Lovely said, there is absolutely no, no, no research that supports the myth that eating late at night leads to weight gain The timing of your meals and snacks doesn't matter one bit, it's the amount of food (in other words, the calories they contain) that you consume does.

Of course there are other issues going on- like you said, eating out of loneliness, etc, that are important to address.. and for that 3FC is here to provide support!

Best wishes on your weight loss journey
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I am the Fiance of an over the road Truck Driver. My Fiance is gone 6 days a week. I break up the loneliness and boredom by working out. I commit an hour to 2 hours a day (except Sundays) to work on me. My Fiance loves that He is coming home every week to a little less of me I fight the cravings to snack at night by snacking on things that are ok to snack on like fruit, hummas & cucumbers, grapefruit and yougat, cottage cheese and pinapples, apples & peanut butter (all natural-no sugar), etc. It's not the time you eat, but the things you eat. Take your kids to the park and walk a couple of miles. Not only are you changing your lifestyle, but also the lifestyle of the little ones!

Stay on this forum,,find your motiviation and support from women like yourself who know what you are going through. GOOD LUCK and congrats on your breakthrough!
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Welcome to 3FC! Wishing you strength and success on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.
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Hallo momof2beautifulkids! (-; I also weighed around 160 in highschool and ballooned to 266! Every year you think you're getting big & you should do something about it just to find another year has passed & you're fatter!!

I had big issues with eating food at night; I would cook big portions for dinner & stick the left overs in the fridge; just to come back to it, when everyone's gone to bed, and guzzle it up!! Cookies, crisps, everything! It's not easy to find a hobby out of the blue or to go out walking at night whether you have kids at home or not...it's just not safe for a lady. I had to think of ways that will fit me. So I stopped cooking big portions; just enough for 1 helping so I won't have any left overs in the fridge. I made a big bag of popcorn (homemade kernels in olive oil) on sundays & nibbled on it during the week when I wanted. I also have a tupperware dish full of dried apricots, nuts & seeds handy to gobble on.

Think what works for you & get rid of that eating @ night blues!!

Here to help!! x
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Hi there! Welcome to 3FC
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