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Default enough is ENOUGH

Ok so what was your "enough is enough" point where you decided that you were done with being overweight???
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Mine was when I realized that I spent all my 20's being the fat chick and not getting out and shaking my booty in sexy clothes. That and not being able to play with my son without feeling like I'm going to have a stroke. I'm committed!! I'm going to be 150 lbs again, hopefully this time next year.
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The first time i lost 110 pounds, my enough was enough point was seeing my picture in the church directory. I was on the page with my family's picture and i couldnt even recognize myself. Who is that huge woman with my family, kind of thing.
Unfortunately, i gained it back.
This time around my enough is enough is that even my fat clothes are tight...YIKES
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for your health!
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I was in the car with my mom and I looked at myself in the side mirror and could barely recognize the face looking back at me. I dunno what it was about that mirror but man, it really had an effect on me.
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Mine was a combination of two events that happened within a few days of each other:

* Two months ago, while I was in the town where I lived years ago, I went shopping at a store I used to shop at when I was fit. It suddenly hit me that I was now looking for clothes in the XXL's, when only a few years ago I was in the exact same store looking at much smaller, cuter clothes. I nearly burst into tears on the spot.

* I went out and bought a bunch of "flattering" empire-waist, billowy blouses to hide how fat I was (yeah--same shopping trip). I wore one of these pup tents to a party, thinking how well it was concealing my girth and I believed I actually looked pretty good. Then I saw pictures of me taken at the party, and I was stunned at just how enormous I was--even in my "flattering" shirt.

I went on my diet the next day.

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I ordered some clothes online from a "Plus Size" website. I ordered them one or two sizes bigger than my store size just to be safe. I tried them on when I got them in the mail and they were tight. That was a big wake up call
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Several things ...

For a long time I was in this limbo land where Misses 14s and 16s didn't fit right even when they were the right size (not really the right shape anymore), but neither did Plus Size 14s and 16s (not really the right shape yet). Really frustrating. But then I gained a little more, and, well, the Plus Sizes began to fit better. Didn't feel good, even if the shopping was a little easier.

Then, I weighed myself, and saw 197, and didn't want to go over 200.

Then, I found out my dad is diabetic now. Mom already was. Two sisters had gestational diabetes. NOT gonna go there if I can help it. Scary stuff.

Big 4-0 next year.

And right about then, I found this place.

So, I had no choice, you see :-)
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i WANT this...bad
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My enough is ENOUGH is when I tried on my old gymnastics leo and took a picture and it was HORRIBLE compared to when I had worn it in competition. Also when I tried on a pair of my sisters maternity pants and they fit.. That was it and I got a personal trainer..
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When I realized I outweighed my husband.
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When I was booted off a roller coaster because I couldn't fasten the safety belt. I had to do the walk of shame off the ride while listening to a group of teenage boys cackling behind me. I realized then that my weight was keeping me from enjoying my life. That experience planted a seed. But it wasn't until I moved to Burlington, one of the healthiest cities in the country, that I felt like I could really make the change. I'm here now, and I'm doing it.
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keep on truckin'
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When my best friend's mom who I hadn't seen in 4 months asked me if I was pregnant...and she was 100% serious
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Wanting 2 b Smokin Hot!
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mine was when i couldnt stand in the shower anymore. i was out of breath. OUT OF BREATH just standing there like 10mins.
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Weight Loss; Control Gain
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Not being able to tie my shoes because I couldn't breath,
Looking awesome in a dress in Summer of 06, but not fitting in it in 07 Summer,
and the worst, skipping the work christmas party in 07 AGAIN, because I felt too fat to go there, and was worried my boyfriend's eye would wander (it wouldn't, but you know what I mean)
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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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When I joined WW in 1999 -
right before that I was on holiday in Israel. I was on the beach in a bikini ( ) that was TOO small for me. The pressure of the bikini top actually made the back snap off and break and shot my top across the beach. Seriously. If that's not enough to make you look seriously at your weight I don't know what is.

I gained my weight back after a bad period in my life. A combination of anti-depressants and drinking too much helped me put all the weight I lost back on in the span of a year (60 lbs). This time my enough is enough moment covers two things 1) I'm going to be 40 in September and 2) I'm going to get married in October. I do not want to be this size getting married and I do not want to enter my 40's at an unhealthy weight.

I don't care how long it takes me either, I WILL keep going until I reach my goal again. And then I'll keep going after that to keep the weight off FOREVER.
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here we go again
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I think my moment of realization is when I went shopping for pants and the largest sizes at the store didnt fit, the idea of shopping in the plus sized stores really slapped me in the face. I was in such denial that I had gained clothes were just shrinking in the laundry you know....I look back at photos of myself then and I'm amazed I was so oblivious to my size. You would think 50 pounds wouldn't sneak on, but I really had no idea I'd gained as much as I had.
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