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Lightbulb I've decided to be thin, and that is that!

Hello all, I've been lurking here forever.

You've all been a tremendous source of inspiration!

I was slim in high school (with a few ups and downs) at about 125, then gained 40 pounds in college. I was stuck at 165 (with a few ups and downs) until I quit smoking, then I ballooned up to 235.

I've tried everything. Jenny, NutriSystem, vegan, extreme cardio, you name it.

The best success I had was on Weight Watchers. I lost 87 pounds in less than a year, while hitting the gym regularly and counting every bite that went in my mouth.

Not to discourage anyone, but I had to be so OCD about the regime that it was impossible to keep up afterwards (for me).

So that 148 quickly went up to 175-180 and I struggled daily just to stay at that weight. I was 178 when I (re)married 5 years ago, and my weight since then has been all over the map, with a high of about 215 then dropping back to 180, then back up again to 201 as of Memorial Day, May 30th, which was 6days ago.

We were away that weekend for a graduation, and I was absolutely disgusted with myself. And something just snapped. I decided it's time to DECIDE to be thin.

Since I had had no success with conventional diets, I tried to think back how I ate back in high school.

I wasn't athletic in the least. I rarely ate in the mornings (just water and diet soda during the day) simply because I didn't feel like eating until I got home from school, then I would have a plain burger (no bun) or some tuna or turkey, with tomato or a salad, and coffee. Then I'd have a normal meal
with my family, and sometimes dessert although I've never particularly had a sweet tooth. And I never ate when I wasn't really hungry, sometimes eating only lunch or dinner.

By the way, I was a very good student, eating this way never affected my ability to be productive, etc.

All these years I've been on all these diets, eating 3-7 times a day of calorie controlled portions, to struggle to lose a pound or 2 a week, and nothing really worked for me long term (as is obvious ).

Until I found some of the threads in this forum on Intermittent Fasting, I had no idea that what I had been doing naturally back when I was a teen might be the solution for me.

I had naturally been eating during a window of 5-7 hours a day, while Intermittent Fasting for 17-19 hours a day.

So, I've been doing that since Monday evening. In 6 days, I've lost over 6 pounds.

I have coffee in the morning with regular milk. Maybe a few glasses of veggie juice during the morning. Plenty of water.

Sometime between 12-2 pm, I have a can of tuna or 4 ounces or turkey or roast beef, with some salad or leftover veggies, or some fruit if it's there. I use olive oil and regular (not diet) mayo and I don't even measure it, I just use enough.

Back when I was counting calories, this sort of lunch would have left me unsatisfied and starving, counting the minutes until my next snack or meal. Now, I'm oddly almost full when I've finished.

During the afternoon, I'll sip on water or iced tea or coffee (no sugar). And I feel fine until dinner, my energy is high, I feel sharp and in control.

We tend to have large family dinners often, and believe me, nothing is cooked with low calories in mind, although it's rare for us to eat anything fried. So, all week I've been eating grilled chicken (on the bone, with the skin), baked yams with butter, salad with real dressing (I'm strange, I love salad). I even nibble on some cheese and a cracker or two, or a few chips with real dip before dinner. And I've had wine and even a few martinis (for a special occasion night).

I fill my plate and eat til satisfied. Meatballs with a small portion of pasta, pork loin with apples and dumplings and gravy, etc. I'm serious. I haven't deprived myself of anything, I simply eat sensible portions.

I'm estimating my caloric intake to be between 1,000-2,000 a day, although I don't really count it.

The only thing I've really eliminated is processed sugar in any form, and I do limit processed grains like pasta and bread. I refuse to eat "diet" food and mostly avoid anything processed. I just naturally enjoy eating lower carb, but I don't avoid them like the plague (except for processed sugar).

I guess I'm also doing calorie shifting and intuitive eating at the same time also.

Anyway, sorry for the long post but I've never ever lost this much weight so fast while eating so well.

After all those years of struggling, maybe permanent weight loss for me is simply a matter of listening to my body, instead of trying to be in constant control. I think less about food, I obsess less about it, I'm eating well, and the pounds are just disappearing.

I know this isn't for everyone, but I thought I'd share my story just the same.

I'm looking forward to being here! And I'll keep you informed of my progress.
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Welcome! Good luck with your efforts!! YOU can do it!!
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Welcome to 3FC!
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I LOVE the title of your thread. I think deciding we are going to do it this time is the biggest hurdle to get over LOL! Best of luck.
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