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Smile Hello, It's Me!

Hi Everyone,

I've been referred to your site by a friend, although I'm not sure what she calls herself here (I'm sure she'll vouch for my character or lack thereof..

A year ago, I was at least 20 lbs lighter but because of an injury, I was not able to exercise the way I had been and boy did I "plump" up. I also have a few other lil health issues that will show themselves sooner or later, but as I chose not to be defined by them...it can be later.

I am now back to my Bowflex & Treadmill. I am using WW's but counting calories as well as the points. Why? Maybe I just have too much time on my hands...

I am a firm believer in heart pumping exercise and good healthy real food. Pizza is my downfall and yet again I have sworn off the regular Friday pizza night. I used to make my own using Splendido Thindido's but the local grocery no longer carries them. They seem to have something against low fat foods here. Maybe they figure we need the extra "meat on our bones" to endure these awful, cold winters. Who knows??

So here I am back on the wagon and hoping that I don't have to spend another "FAT" summer!

Have a wonderful OP week Ladies!!! I plan to!
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Welcome and good luck. Just for the record I broke my shoulder and had to cancel my 3 times a week visit to the gym. My exercise consists of walking, a lot of walking. While you will be more successful at weight loss if you diet and exercise, you can lose weight even if you are not able to exercise.
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from another Canadian (born in Toronto but now living in Nova Scotia -- rather strange since so many people move in the opposite direction ) . . . know you will just love it around here. Drop into the Crazy Canuks Cluck Club in Support Groups and say HI from time to time when you get a chance.
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Hi there &

I'm a WWer and strongly suggest checking the WW area out. Either way, keep posting and let us all know how things are going

Best of success!!
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S/C/G: 173.5/173.5/130

Height: 5 ft. 3-1/2 inches


I can appreciate you kept walking with a broken shoulder bargoo ~I really think that's awesome because I'm sure there were many days you didn't want to!

My problem was somewhat different...I was barely able to walk...some sort of skeletal dislocation where in my spine was torqued into a pretzel and my pelvis was no longer running sideways...that, and a well established case of hypothyroidism really makes me a great candidate for a fat farm.

Anyway..water under the bridge and 20 lbs heavier ~ I did it before I can do it again!!

Thanks everyone...I'll be sure to check those areas out!

Have a super day!!!

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