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Default Hello 3FC :)

I have lurked here for about a year and haven't posted much, aside from grats here and there I figure it would be good to get myself introduced.

I am going to be 27, weigh 245 pounds (down from 295) and in desperate need of support right now. I am also getting married to the most loving man I know, in the fall in Lake Tahoe. So naturally I am under mucho pressure (self inflicted) to get this weight off! My newest obstacle is my job - I work 12 pm to 9 pm and this makes it very difficult for a person who never really wants to eat much/or likes breakfast really.

I am not sure if I am at the point of motivational success yet sadly. I have this rebellion battle going on in my head that stems from my childhood of a step mother who constantly told me I was fat (she was big, I was a normal size for a 14 year old).

I have done weight watchers, low carb diets, a variety of pills, low fat, high protein, calorie counting all off the top of my head. Unfortunately, I think they have all just made me fatter. The only thing I haven't been able to be consistent in is exercise (duh I know), so that is my goal now.

I am going to see a dietitian tomorrow who will hopefully put together a doable plan for me, and I have been trying to walk a mile a day but am having trouble with that the past couple days, I just can't seem to get my butt motivated.

I recently purchased The Beck Diet Solution Workbook and The Zen of Thin CD's so I think I covered everything I can think of to not only lose this weight, but keep it off. I think I am causing myself wayyy too much stress over everything, and that once I get the ball rolling I can be successful, and I should be happy that I am making this much of an effort which is more than I have in the past (woohoo I just gave myself credit like the workbook said!).

Anyway, enough of my rambling, thanks for listening all and many hugs to you
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Hi there & (Officially ^^)

That's the problem with diets... they often leave us heavier & unhappier. I wish you all the best with your dietician tomorrow. I'm sure you'll be able to find a workable plan (eating & exercising) for you to follow.

Keep us posted!!! And post wherever you're comfortable

Best of success!!!
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Hi and welcome!

Make yourself at home here at 3FC!

Come back and let us know what the dietition says. We'll help encourage you.
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Welcome, Gracie!
Positive thinking. You've lost a lot of weight... that's wonderful! As to the walking... just do it. Get it over with. It won't take much time from your day, and you'll feel so good for having done it.
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Hi there Gracie!

You have your mornings free! That's a great opportunity to walk some days and do some strength training on other days. Then just grab something healthy for breakfast, shower and go! And you'll be very proud of yourself all day long!

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