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Default Favorite IP Phase 1 foods from Trader Joe's?

What are the special foods you buy at Trader Joe's that are really helpful while on Phase 1? I don't live near a TJ's, but a neighbor of mine is going there while away for the weekend and will pick up some things for me. What would you recommend?


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I find that their frozen veggies are high quality. I like the frozen asparagus. They also have some great cubed frozen herbs.

In terms of the frozen meals, unfortunately although delicious and even some pretty healthy, most won't fit in phase 1 guidelines.
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-- The seaweed snacks are perfect when you need a salty fix -- they're a little bizarre but delicious.

-- I used the frozen southwest chili chicken patties throughout phase 1 and they're awesome to keep in the freezer for those nights when you just didn't get organized

-- the TJs salsas are great

-- I get the 12oz Pure Protein drinks from TJs now for my morning coffee and the occassional phase 1 day

-- TJs has frozen, chopped leeks that are a great onion substitute

Enjoy! As an earlier poster mentioned, lots of good, inexpensive veggies and lean proteins. Oh! Not sure how you feel about bacon (I include it fairly regularly in my diet), but their Classic Sliced Dry Rubbed bacon is DELICIOUS and has no sugar, additives, etc.
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This is a great thread!
I buy their frozen fish/seafood. I also just bought the chicken and turkey burgers for emergencies.
I am going to try their frozen chopped leeks - thanks for these tips!
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I picked up packages of their fresh baby bok choy and baby broccoli florets this week. Fantastic!!
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Our TJs also sells Power Crunch bars, which are an Alternative product to use as a restricted item. I really like the Peanut Butter Fudge one -- it's $1.29, which is a lot better than $4 each for the IP items.

You didn't say if you were using any Alternative products - if you are not, then just disregard this message!
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Yes, I use alternative products, so any recommendations for those from TJ's is appreciated.

What are the nutritional stats on your bars?
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Default Disagree with poster re: Power Crunch Bars

Hey there, just a word of caution. The Power Crunch bars at Trader Joes are way higher in fat than anything that Medifast manufactures (12g vs 3g)--they are not a good substitute.
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From what I could find on the Power Crunch bars, they are all about 200 calories, with 100 calories from fat - WAY too high for Ideal Protein.
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I buy my food almost exclusively from Trader Joes. Ground turkey, for turkey burgers and meatloaf. no hormones and cheap and the HIGHEST in protein of any meat that I've found that's on the list. they also sell egg whites in the carton for very cheap. veggie selection is good...bok choy, endive, broccoli, cauliflower, zuccini. They have lots of lettuce organic and non-organic. And my favorite lettuce, romaine, for half of what it costs in the grocery stores and its organic. the non organic is even cheaper, I believe. Their eggs are waaaay cheaper as well. instant coffee is cheap, to flavor shakes and pudding shakes. Brussel sprouts come in a bag. Bell peppers, all colors. by one or in packs of three. bags of lemons very cheap. Chai tea, half price. All teas very nice and cheap. All foods I buy are very close to half the price that the grocery store charges, and some are organic with no extra charge. I haven't noticed any sea food there, except for fish. At least at the one by my house, anyway. I've been using some of the WF products I got and am surprised at how good they are. I keep under the "one serving" amount ,since more that a "serving" could mean a carb, and I keep my veggie carb count low so that even if WF adds a carb or two , it won't throw me off. Great BBQ sauce for meat, and awesome salad dressing.
Go TJs ! Good luck to all of us. I LOVE this site. helps so much. I don't post much, but I read it every day. Thank you everyone, for all your posts
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I love TJ's!

Look for their fresh, raw "shaved" brussel sprouts in a bag. I spray with olive oil, shake on salt, black pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper and roast at 350* for 20-25 minutes until they soften then begin to crisp up/blacken.

They are amazing!!!

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Yes! I love Trader Joes too! I'm a Vegetarian, so it's mostly the veggies, I get. I love their choices of lettuces and mixed greens too. And the herbal teas also.
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Bumping this up to see if anyone has any new TJ favorites. It took me forever to get out of there today with husband and daughter in tow!

I was looking at their aioli- all zero's except for 1 fat gram (in 2 teaspoons)
I had 1/2 teaspoon and was waiting for the IP police to be knocking at my door!
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I usually prefer WholeFoods to trader joe's but after reading this thread maybe i need to take a trip over and re check out TJ
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My regular TJs purchases in phase 1:
fresh veggie section -- chopped kale, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, leeks, green onion, spinach, romaine, butter lettuce, celery, zucchini, yellow squash, lemons, limes, mini heirloom tomatoes, green beans, garlic, shallots, broccolini, asparagus, bok choy, shredded cabbage, cauliflower, bell peppers, cucumbers, Arugula

cooked meats -- sliced roasted chicken or Just Plain Chicken (pre-cooked, nothing added), fat free ham

mild salsa
Omega 3 eggs
liquid egg whites
hard cooked peeled eggs
ground turkey
chicken breasts
organic chicken broth
olive oil
rice vinegar
canned green chilis
21 Seasoning Salute - great seasoning blend for scrambled eggs or veggies

frozen section -- broccoli, turkey burgers, herbs (cilantro, basil.) Not a big fan of their fish. I find Costco offers better quality frozen fish and shrimp.
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