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I feel guilty if I buy anything at Target as I am a Walmart shopper tried and true! Haha! It IS funny, but yet it is the same thing!

We all do what we "have" to do...and guilt is not part of that picture. Your loyalty lies with your family, not an IP coach, who is simply an employee at a clinic that charges way too much for what they do and have.

Fire them...and don't even look back.
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Originally Posted by jessicaolsonx4 View Post
Thanks for all †he adivse. I would love to go in and get weighed and measured but even with buying all the product from them I have to pay $10 for the weigh in so I will have my mother inlaw measure me and so on. That is $40 a month which could go towards a gym membership. Also I can go to the weight loss nurse at my clinic and it is covered by my insurance, so I may do that. I need to grow some balls and face the music. Writing her a letter is a great idea ;-) Thank you!
You pay $10 for a Weigh In!!! That is ridiculous! Definitely don't feel any guilt, you are not doing anything wrong by putting your family before a business that is obviously looking to $0.05 and $0.10 you.

Put that $40 in your family's budget, you don't need to exercise on Phase 1 of IP (it is particularly not recommended the first few weeks) so don't even worry about a gym membership.

I am sure it is scary to step off on your own, but write your letter, set up your measurement "accountability" person, and come back on the forum often! We all want you to succeed, we are all going through the same thing, between everyone here we have gone through all the struggles and experiences to help you work through any obstacles!
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Pay for WIs??? I don't think so! Other than that, this thread really hit home for me. I've been gradually switching over to alternatives, buying less & less product at WIs. I really like my clinic & coach, but when I told them about losing my 2nd job a few weeks ago and the stress on my budget, I was asked if I want to phase off. That was their only suggestion. So I'm going to have to 'grow a pair' too, and have the alternative discussion with them next week.

Good luck to you Jessica! This forum is awesome and you will find all the help and support you need here.
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I had a very similar situation, actually. I thought I could afford IP, but things changed, and my loss was not as quick as they promised. I have another friend on IP and we do our own weigh-ins and measurements every week. It's a lot easier, I think, on my own. Do what is best for you. You have the support of this group behind you!!! You can do it.
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Thank you everyone for the wonderful encouragement and support! It means so much to me.
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