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Oh wow, I kind of stole your name! I guess we're on the same wave length.....amazing post, by the way!!!
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Can you give me details on what kinds of veggies you ate?

I feel like I lean towards the high carb vegetables and need to incorporate more green and lower carb types.
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Phenomenal job! You look wonderful.
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You are truly an inspiration! Great job!!
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Congrats on your weight loss! You look amazing!
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WOW! that is amazing! makes me really excited for whats to come for me! you look great ande ven better that you feel great!
thanks for sharing this! and congratulations on your work and dedication. im so happy it worked out so good for you!
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Congratulations! What an accomplishment!
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Thumbs up wow

Originally Posted by Sunshine87 View Post
Hello, I am a 25 year-old gal who has been overweight since the age of 15. I tried to lose weight over and over again-losing 15-30lbs to only gain it all back again. I felt bad about myself because I knew who I was and who I wanted to be but could never seem to get there. I was my own worst enemy. In spring of 2012 my sister-in-law took big steps to lose 25lbs. She did it with intensity and I was impressed as I had always tried a more gentle approach because deep down inside I did not think I could be successful. Watching her lose the weight inspired me so I signed up with a personal trainer. I truly did not know what kind of results I would get but I knew that if I was going to pay for a trainer I was going to commit 100%. The first day of my lifestyle change was Easter 2012. I sat there with my new choice of foods (lots of protein, veggies, and complex carbs) and knew that I had enough of the greasy foods, chocolate bunnies, and candy for a lifetime. Taking that leap on Easter gave me the momentum I needed. I just followed the plan-working out with Jason one day per week and doing 5 days of cardio (it is not that much money when you consider how many times per week you eat out or spend on extra food that is making you overweight).
It took me 5 months to hit my goal of 140lbs and then continued to lose a little more as my metabolism was running so high the weight loss wouldn’t stop. And then I decided to stay at my current weight range of 133-137lbs which took a total of 6 months. That’s 64 lbs in 6 months. At my highest (2011) I was 222lbs which is a total of 89lbs lost.

It is important to note that I did not deprive myself as my diet consists of very delicious healthy food with lots of veggies, egg whites, and spinach salads. Most of my food is prepared and I really enjoy it. Food is fuel for the body so I don’t mess around with “diet foods” that are processed and/or lack nutrition. It is not just about the calories rather what food does for your body.

I have taken up weightlifting as I love the intensity. I worked to maintain the muscle mass during my weight loss (because it is natural to lose fat and muscle during weight loss) and now I am building more muscle.

It is not a number on a scale or the number of calories I consume that has changed my life but a lifestyle that I love. I do not want to be skinny but rather I want my inner strength to be reflected on the outside.

I know that what I did is not for everyone and I don’t expect that it would work for everyone. Different strokes for different folks. It is through the weight loss support community that I arrived here so thank you.
Seriously I needed to read this. I am at 223 and 24 years old. I want to get exactly how you are. I am going to try the ZUMBA exhilarate program everyday for as long as I can. I will also work on a meal plan.
Your story really shows me that I can change too. I really want to say Thank you for the reboot I needed to go on
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live ur life
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Inspirational. Congrats! You look so happy am so happy you made it!
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How inspiring! Congrats!
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Well done!

Thank you for sharing yourself and your story here with us.

Best wishes on your continued journey!
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Wow you're an real inspiration...I'm aiming to lose a similar amount in a similar timeframe You look amazing!
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I love reading through all the great success stories, how you made it work for you and seeing the before/after photos.

Very inspired, thank you.
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you're really amazing
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This is just the inspiration I needed to read today! Congratulations, and enjoy all your hard work!
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