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Eliana ~ I am just today seeing this post (I should have paid more attention to your signature line ). Congratulations on making it a year on plan! I knew you could do it. You are truly an inspiration! My one year passed on February 25 and, unfortunately, I didn't manage to stay on plan for that whole year - I made it almost 9 months before losing focus. I have faltered, a lot, over the past 4 months and gained back close to 20 lbs. I am back on track and have lost 8 of those 20 and am finally done beating myself up for the lost time. "One year from now, you'll be glad you started today" was also my favorite quote found on 3FC and have it taped to my computer monitor. Although I know I could be further along in my weight loss journey, I am still glad I started when I did and am still proud of the progress I have made. Someday I hope to be an inspiration and help to others on 3FC, just like you and so many others have been to me.

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Your story is so inspiring thanks for sharing it!
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Love the updated pic- you're glowing, you look healthy and happy. Great dress choice!
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[QUOTE=Eliana;3560398]"A year from now you'll be glad you started today."

I found 3FC about three weeks into this. On my first day I read the amazing quote in someone's signature, "A year from now you'll be glad you started today." I knew right then that I wanted one day to write THIS post. I knew then what I had to do. I made a commitment then and there that I would remain on plan for one year without giving up no matter what. That was the most powerful moment for me! Suddenly the scale lost all its power. It didn't matter if I gained two pounds after a really hard workout. I couldn't give up. So I'd stalled for a month. It didn't matter. I'd made a commitment. I was not going to give up.

Hey there, I just read your post, and I'm not going to lie, it made me tear up a bit. I found this site...wow, almost a year ago, and, here I am, the same size I was when I found it back then. I keep telling myself, I just need to do it. I know it's not all going to happen at once and, maybe that's my problem, I'm all about instant gratification. I want to see the change immediately. But, that quote...a year from now you'll be glad you started today...if, I had started when I first found the site...I think I'd be a lot happier than I am now. I think....aside from looking at myself in the mirror as I type this and noting the horrible resemblence to Jabba the Hut....you just gave me some much needed motivation...so, thank you. And, as a side note...I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot...any recommendations for working out that's not going to kill my foot? Thanks again. Jessie
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NurseJessie Well, I understand your feelings but I too have also allowed yet another year to pass and I was the same weight, if not a few pounds more. I paniced last June and realized that yet another birthday was coming up shortly and here I hadn't "done anything" about my weight. Well, I had an inspired 6 weeks where I was able to lose 25 lbs. I gained back a couple here and there and I resumed my weight lose efforts about 6 weeks ago, which by the way "sucked" BIG TIME! However, I do have that resolve now that no matter how difficult it will be to chip off the rest of this extra weight I will do it no matter how long it takes. I may be the last one on this site and told to turn out the lights when I am done but I will be here until this gets done!

As for instant gratification, that is a struggle that will not go away in one day, one diet or one lifetime....you will have times when you sail through it and other times you will motion sickness from the boat rocking so hard. Expect that it will be with you just like your eye color or whatever is quinesstentially "you". You will find your own way through, just allow yourself the journey to be taken.

If you would like additional help you can come and join us on "Beck Diet Solution" here on 3FC. That helps give you the tools to work with your weight lose plan.

As for plantar fascitis, which I used to have, a podiatrist and some orthotics helped me. So, did getting really supportive shoes even if they weren't exactly "fashionable". It does go away but you have to treat the underlying problem: our extra weight puts a lot of stress on our lower body especially our feet. For me, it was worth the efforts and relearning I had to do so I could have "happy feet".
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Yeah, NurseJessie, like pamatga, I would invest in really good shoes. For past five years I have owned two pairs of shoes. One was a $200 pair of every day tennis shoes with $250 inserts. The other was a pair of $200 casual/dressy shoes that the previously mentioned inserts fit into. Now my feet have narrowed to the point those shoes no longer fit and I have just starting building my shoe wardrobe again. But I buy high quality, well fitting shoes now, which for me means I have to special order them. But it's so worth it!

The doctors recommend stretching, and I remember mine warning me not to over stretch. It was good advice I should have listened to! It's very easy to over stretch so go about it lightly, not to the point of pain. It feels great just to sit and roll a tennis ball under your feet. Ice at night, heat in the morning.

This may be coincidence, I'm not sure, but I swear the elliptical took care of mine for me. It could have been that I strengthened the calf muscle. I wore a soft night shoe that stretches the foot for a long time, but nothing worked until I hopped on that elliptical.
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Congratulations! You look beautiful!! And you're right, never give up!
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I'm new to this board, and WOW your post inspired me ! I'm starting out at about the same weight and I want to get down to 150. I have tried half-heartedly many many times to lose weight but this time is different !
Thanks for your story it is so inspiring !
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What an awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing it. This really gives me the motivation not to give up. Even if I haven't lost 120lbs and reach my goal weight in a year, I know that I will be a better (and healthier) me then when I started.
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SiLly MuCh?
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That is the most wonderful, beautiful, inspirational story I ever heard. You look fabulous but even more than that, you sound fabulous! I am going to read this every time I feel like throwing in the towel. Much ♥ to you!
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Wow! I'm so happy for you! I actually cried reading the very first post! Like you I've struggled with different diets, fitness programs...always giving up! My 2011 New Years Resolution is to diet all year long! My goal is also 1200 calories/day.
You look amazing! Way to go to you AND to your cousin (-in-law)! I am inspired and motivated by your achievement!
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You guys are so sweet! I'm happy to be here to encourage and hopefully to inspire in the same way I have been encouraged and inspired by so many around here!
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a work in progress :)
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Congratulations! You look great! Thank you for the inspiration, I'm just getting started today and thank you for such a fantastic goal! It takes some of the pressure off of specific numbers and just gives a goal to stick with it, how can you go wrong if you follow that? Thanks again!
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Wow that was a great post. You just made me open my eyes and realized that what you have done in the past about giving up was my problem as well. I over work myself about losing weight so when I could not take it anymore I give up. When the pounds come creeping back in, I lose all hope and think I will never be skinny ever. I lived with that thought for many many years after so many weight loss attempt that failed. Now if there is ever a time when I feel like giving up, I will think about this post and pull through because I know sooner than later, I will reach my goal by not giving up.
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