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trying my best!
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Default what am i doing wrong?

I am female, 20 years old, 170 pounds, and wanting to lose atleast 40+ pounds.
I need help figuring out what kind of diet to do, I am so new to this and have no idea what I am doing, For almost 2 months now, I have been eating low carb, low calorie, sugar-free, fat-free, low fat...Is it okay to do that?? I think not, because I haven't lost anything yet. I eat alot of protien though and only drink water, sometimes lite OJ (maybe 2 cups a month, if that)
I exercise everyday, switching from pilates to general exercise with weights, and I go to the gym twice a week I do the threadmill for 20-25 minutes, and also I go for a 2 mile brisk walk every sunday. How come I'm not losing any weight??

I have no idea what I am doing wrong... any suggestions??
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You sound like me when i decided this time last year to improve my fitness. I was also 170 pounds and on my 5'6 frame it wasnt i suppose hugely overweight, but the weight wasnt my main problem. I just wanted to get back the fitness level i'd let slip. Oh yes, I'm 21 lol.

I didnt/dont follow any specific plan. I just downsized my portions, changed my eating habits to mostly low-fat and started counting calories. I came down to about 1200 a day and started up with just walking at first. Then as my fitness improved moved to jogging and running and joined the gym where i started weight training for strength and toning. I've lost quite steadily at a rate of about 2kgs or about 4.5 pounds a month and I reached my goal in may this year (which was actually 135 pounds) My body kept losing however and has since leveled off at the current 125 which i've been maintaining.

My "diet" included fruits and veges for the majority, I cut out a lot of bread and nearly all pasta and rice (but still had the odd sense completely depriving myself) and had protein in the form of meat about 4 times a week. I have a LOT of dairy, mostly low-fat yoghurts and skim milk, i added things like beans and nuts, and generally just expanded out my field of variety. I suddenly discovered how GOOD a lot of veges and things actually tasted. I've never taken supplements or used meal replacements or protein shakes or any of that stuff.

I guess the bottom line is it did take awhile, and that weight loss of 2kgs a month is averaged out, some months it was less, others more, the first couple (as you've discovered) I didnt lose much at all BUT, my clothes fit looser

So just be patient, do some reading, find out what you think will suit your lifestyle/needs best and adapt it to yourself.

Livi (feel free to say hello if you want )
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Rather than trying to eat a lot of process diet products-all the fat free, low carb stuff-try to eat more healthfully by eating naturally healthy foods. Fresh fruit instead of Fat Free Pringles.

At your weight, age, and activity level-try to aim for about 1500 calories a day. Don't worry about counting carbs and all that. In my opinion-it is not the carbs that matter so much-more what KIND of carbs you are eating. You can eat carbs as long as your calories are limited-just try to make sure that they are healthful ones-fruit, veggies, whole wheat bread-not junky low carb candy bars and stuff like that. Space your calories out through the day-don't save them all for one or two big meals. Eat three small meals and a snack or two. Try to eat clean-lean chicken or fish, fruits, veggies, skim dairy...and keep diet "treats" to a minimum-because they are just that-treats-not meant to be an everyday or every meal part of your diet.

Don't weight yourself every day-only once a week-the same time and day each week. A healthy loss is only about 1/2 pound a week-a pound at the most-so you don't want to discourage yourself by weighing too often.
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Some great advice. Keep coming here for support - it's great. Watch the size of your portions. Eat a variety of food. Take the world "diet" out of your vocabulary. A diet has a beginning and an ending - when we go back to eating all the stuff we didn't while we were on our "diet" - and the weight comes back with a vengence. Instead, think of this as learning a new way of eating for life - and for that baby of yours who you won't want to ever have weight problems.
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first things first.....what a beautiful family you have!

All of the above advice is right on......and if you follow the lower calorie, more exercise, smaller portion advice, you will lose the weight you desire. It will probably come off more slowly than you would like......but good things are always worth the wait.
Just a the event that you, in all honesty, follow your diet and exercise regiment and still can't lost those pounds.....maybe a trip to the doctor is in order. He may be able to help with advice and, at the same time, test for any medical condition that could be hampering your weight loss.
Good luck, dear.....we are all cheering for you!
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hI, Just eat what you want and watch the portions and allow so many calories a day. go for it.. drink the water and exercise. then get off the sugar. take it slow. but oh my you will not believe the results and how you feel without it and white flour products. take it slow.. it does work after about 3 days.. then accomplish one thing each time after you succeed on one. this is what i did. now i am on the atkins. its a great plan for me.. i love when i eat fruit i gain. so i found out the foods low in carbs. this helps me. so many instead of watching calories watch the carbs. you will be surprised. alot of sites online to give you amts. then watch labels. hey just find something that works for you and go for it.. good luck. LaDean
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You really need to do what works for you though-experiment. No matter what type of plan that you do-the calories need to be watched overall. It doesn't matter if you eat all protein, or all carbs, or all fat or no fat-if the calories are in excess-you will not lose.

For me-low carbing does not work at all. I watch refined carbs and sugar-but I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I tried low carbing once-and it gave me headaches and I could barely think. For me what works best is not watching carbs in general-but watching what TYPES of carbs. Good carbs-like choosing whole grain bread over white bread, and eating whole grain cereal like Kashi over processed cereals, fruits and vegetables over any sugary refined junk like cookies or crackers. Different types of beans and legumes are a fabulous source of good carbohydrates-and they are full of fiber and protein.

I have lost over 45 pounds and still going...and eat carbs. I just am choosy about which ones I eat-no junky processed stuff for me. I eat a lot of protein-but in forms of lean chicken and fish, soy, and egg whites-not fatty meats or processed "high protein/low carb" stuff. I am a firm believer that eating "clean" and minimally processed is best-because no matter if it is low fat, or low sugar, or low carb-if it is too processed than it is not good for the body. I try to eat things that are as close to their natural form as possible.

It all comes down to calories and exercise-and finding the variation or plan that works for you personally-as we are all different. But-in all cases, slow and steady is the way to go.
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I agree with Aphil,

Eat lots of healthy fresh fruits and veggies, not only are these great for you, they are filling. Don't let anyone ever tell you fruit is bad

Bottom line to any diet is Calories. Keep them at a healthy number, exercise and drink plenty of H2O.

A good way to keep track of your calories is by using (its fun too).

Good Luck and have fun on your journey.

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I have a couple of tips that might help you, on top of all the good advice you've already recieved ...
#1 - I have a bunch of little snacks figured out that are about a hundred calories and I eat them all day long. An apple, a peach, an egg, an ounce of part skim mozzarella ...
#2 - At a yard sale, I bought custard cups, they hold about a half cup. I use them for kashi, cottage cheese, oatmeal, yogurt, brown rice, ground chicken, blueberries, raspberries ...
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