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What is particularly encouraging about this article is how it acknowledges that it's not a case of "if" you fall off the wagon, it's a case of "when". That is something that may just help people pick themselves back up and dust themselves off if it does ever happen.
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Love this! Thanks for posting, OP.
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I hear you.
just today, I couldn't walk but 3.5 miles due to PMS
and want to eat more all day long...
started a week ago.
very very difficult to deal with this PMS thing...
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Downloading 10% complete
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*raises hand*

I'm doing IE, so technically, there's no wagon to fall off of, but this past week, just... Ugh. I've been having some problems (TMI!) and I know I need to see the doc and get it sorted, as it's screwing up my appetite which I've spent so long learning how to listen to. Also had a virus on top of this, so as impatient as I am I guess I just need to accept it's a slow week, see the doctor, get out walking every day again (it's making me too cranky not going out).

I guess that although I've broken the guilt cycle, which is great, I needed a reminder that I can't be all about losing weight, all the time. Life gets in the way, and I must find a way to work round the obstacles.

Thankyou :-)
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Default Great story!

I to fall of the 'wagon' too often. The only thing is that it takes me months to regain control. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to try to lose weight...
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APHIL - Thanks a lot.
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Exclamation quotes about diet

“The cardiologist’s diet: If it tastes good, spit it out.”
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this weekend was a chute. tomorrow i start climbing the ladder again.
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I actually necessary that after the weekend that we experienced. I am nonetheless getting around the size tomorrow morning anyway. Deal with the music after which proceed.
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What a great article. One of the biggest challenges in any life change or goal you need to reach is learning to have grace for yourself when you "slip up". Perhaps instead of seeing it as a slip up accept upfront that we always have moments where we are not going to live "perfectly" and plan to accept, love and move on when we have moments where we just indulge. If we accept times we take one step back with grace then we are quicker to move on.
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Thank you so much for this wonderful article! I can totally relate!
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Thanks aphil!

Great story. Something I've been working on in more areas than just food.

In the past several months I finally realized that same thing about life. If I'm in school & get a "D" on a paper, do I quit school? If I plant a garden & everything dies, do I give up gardening? If I plan an outing & my car breaks down, do I never plan outings again? You get the picture! That's what I realized. When I slip in other areas of my life, I DO pick myself up, dust myself off, & get back on the horse. So why not with my diet & exercise? It's really been working for me. I don't beat myself up anymore & give up like I did for so many years!

I remembered when a few years ago I took swing dance lessons & in the beginning it was tough, but I didn't give up & I finally learned how to dance. Same with piano lessons. After a few months I was playing pieces of music! These are things I've "always" wanted to do. I was patient with myself & told myself "if you stick with it you will learn". I had to be my own encouraging parent! I think somewhere in my past I thought things should come easy. I wanted it all "now" but didn't want to work for it!

Thanks again for the great story!
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I love your suggestion in #2. It made me crack up!
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Great article! Just what I needed to hear! Thanks!!
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Thanks for posting this.

The first sentence in this article was something that I didn't figure out until my late twenties. I thought that people who succeeded at something, dieting, studying, learning something, any one that reached a high standard in their field were people with amazing discipline who never lapsed or fell off the wagon or have weak days. Amazing really. It took me that long to realize that everyone has dodgy periods of failing at stuff and the only difference between succeeding at something and failing isn't lapsing, it's how you handle the lapse. I wish I'd read this when I was much younger.
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