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That was excellent, really puts things into perspective.
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I really needed that after the weekend that I have had. I am still going to get on the scale tomorrow morning anyway. Face the music and then move on.
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needs constant reminding
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Tinamae, thanks for bringing it to the top again. I gave it a first time read and I'm sure to be coming back for more
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I have learned that weight loss is all about living and not dieting. That is why I call it a Live-it. I no longer try to cut back on everything, I just try to make the weight loss happen by over all better choices and exercise 4 times a week for an hour. Then when I slip up, it is not a huge deal. I just get back to living the next day.
Overall, I have lost 42 pounds in one year and have no deprivation in my diet.
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"For some people, an occasional slip engenders an all out binge...followed by guilt, self-recrimination, a sense of powerlessness, and a feeling of "What's the use?"

I can relate ... i ask myself "whats the use" right before or right after my binges.

Thanks for sharing
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Default re

I tend to have this "all or nothing" attitude which has contributed to my fluctuating weight issues
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thank goodness I read this! I have been months on the what the H#(( kick and eating (and drinking ) to excess. I have decided to start again and get back to healthy eating and excercising. I came back here and this is the first post I read! Now I am inspired!
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When I first started, I would get these crazy cravings and I would struggle and when I would slip...I would be depressed for days and use it as an reason to quit altogether. One day I realized that if I kept quitting I would never reach my goals. I had a slip the other day, but I realized that I'm human and moved on for my next meals and exercising. But this time, my weight loss didnt stop. By the next morning, I had lost another 3 lbs.
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Fantastic article! Thanks for posting it!
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thanks for this, its a nice pick me up. I have been off plan most of the last week, and did pick up a pound.
I am charged up to get back on plan tomorrow, (actually I stayed on plan today, so I already started) and have been working toward this philosophy since I started coming to 3FC.
But reading this just brings it home, helps me to renew for the coming week.
Thanks aphil
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Freedom in living
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Thanks for sharing this article. I am glad it is stickied. I wonder what other amazing advise is around here from past years that we have missed! I could probably search for hours. But getting exercise in would probably be a wiser choice! lol
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TY great article.
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nice and interesting article.i have asked my friends too to read it.
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Default funny article

oh !this article make me thought about my childhood,it's so funny .how can you do that ,you are really great person
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great article
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