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Default Advice needed..

I have started dieting again boxing day.
I am eating a lot of healthy foods and drinking lots of water. Good right well maybe not.

I have border line high blood pressure. Every since i started this diet its gotten higher and higher so much im back on my meds.

I went from 1.5 liters diet pepsi and candy and almost 1 big bag of chips daily no no pop no candy no chips at all.

I know i need to eat more calories im 382 pounds and i think since boxing day maybe 1400-1500 a day and i pee maybe 12 times a day.

I read that increasing water or liquids and taking out sodium at the same time can cause your bp to rise and electrolytes to be off.

Could this maybe my problem, with the 1400 calories a day maybe 1000mg sodium not nothing processed and no chips.

Thanks for any and all help..
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Have a chat with your physician about the blood pressure. Wouldn't hurt to discuss your fat loss plan with a doctor as well, so they can help monitor and ensure you're doing things safely.

I think you could comfortably aim for 2,000kcal/day for now, and consider dropping more later if you stop losing fat. This is one of those time where a stepped approach (ie. Minimum effective dose) is better - cut back your calories in increments, rather than aiming too low too soon.

As long as your calories are coming from healthy sources (ie. Good quality proteins, lots of fruit & veg, whole grains, unsweetened dairy products, some healthy fats like avocado & olive oil, etc.) you'll be making good progress!

Congrats on cutting out the candy/chips/soda, that's a really hard step.
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