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Red face Lurkers - why do you lurk?

... Just curious, that's all

I'm sure I can't be the only lurker around 3FC, considering the number of thread views vs actual thread replies.

So lurkers, why do you lurk? I'll go first: I lurk because most of the time, I don't know what to say or add to the discussion that hasn't already been covered by other members. This is my first real and serious attempt at dieting where I haven't just given up after a couple of weeks and I suppose I am still learning what works best for me. I most of the time have nothing to say, because I am constantly learning new things from all of you! I read through so many of your threads here everyday and with each post I learn something new and understand myself and my own journey, as well as of course gain an insight into your own experiences on this path. I am very grateful for everyone on 3FC. This is where I go for more willpower!

And I suppose I also lurk because I am a pretty shy person in real life too
Over to you!
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Come on Spring!
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Hi. I'm not a lurker (as you can tell by my post count) but know we have lots of non-registered folks who come in to read but not post. Sometimes we have three times as many visitors as registered users online at one time. That's why the view count is so much higher than the post count.
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I'm not a lurker but before I joined I read alot of post to see if it was worth joining. It was! I love these people their my inspiration and strength when mine fail. Hope to "read"you around alot more
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I lurked for a long time before I joined, now I don't shut up in my posts.

I was very nervous to join and share things about my weight and how it impacted my life. It was like I was admitting to the world that there was a huge problem (pun intended).

I have written this a few times in posts but it deserves to be repeated especially in a post like this one. 3FC changed my life and probably honestly contributed to saving it after my weight caused me severe serious health problems. Without the motivation and support I received here, whether celebrating good things or being nervous or sad about other things, the ladies (and men) here jumped right in to be the strength I need.

It's really sad to admit but I get more helpful and thoughtful support here than I do from some people in my family. That makes me want to cry, happy tears for my 3FC friends and sad tears for my family.

If this isn't a reason to have lurkers participate, I don't know what is. This site seriously did change my life; my plan is to try and pay it all forward.

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ending 7+ years of yoyo
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I don't post very often mostly because I don't really fit in anywhere My diet plan is constantly evolving, somewhere between South Beach Diet (primarily) with calorie-counting, low-carb and a bit of Ideal Protein alternatives thrown in.

I don't have much weight to lose, but when I used to participate actively in the Featherweights forum, it made me insane comparing myself to people who were my height and weighed 20-25 lbs less than I did. It just made me obsess about my weight rather than my habits ... though I have to say if I can get my head on straight, there are some chicks there working hard to lose the last few and maintain, and they are great inspiration.

I have never really partaken in a "chat" thread ... for stuff that is not diet or exercise related, I feel guilty already enough about not staying in touch with my real-life friends. But it seems nice, like people actually get to know each other a bit through these chats.

When I did Couch to 5K, I participated in a thread about that. I did a false-start of the New Rules of Lifting for Women program, so I was posting in a thread about that for a while... great group there, but so many of them had gotten to a really low weight and then built up muscle and told me I probably wouldn't lose any more if I started lifting heavy, so I decided to hold off on that. Fast-forward to that "holding off" being like a year now.

I probably should hang out with Chicks in Control more, because I think I have "dieted" myself into a low-level eating disorder .

But the biggest reason I don't post much is that I feel like an absolute disaster at this whole dieting process!! I have all these ideas, I want to be healthy and not focus on a scale number, I want to be active and strong, I want to eat a variety of whole foods, primarily vegan/vegetarian, and not constantly be a slave to the "white carbs." I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading and planning and then hardly ever follow through with my good intentions. There are all these amazing success stories on this site, but I'd imagine the less successful, like me, are reluctant to post when we aren't doing well, as it might just come across as whining. Especially in my case, since I have been trying to "lose a few" (well, a minimum of 15 lbs from my max) for FIVE YEARS now. (and yes, I do need to lose some fat - the extra pounds are mostly in my belly - it is approaching the "danger number" of 35 inches, and my overall body fat is rather high for my weight)

That said, I do participate most in recipe threads and meal-planning threads (usually South Beach Diet), and I try to offer congratulations to some of the amazing goal transformations that people post here. Actually, that's how I first found 3fc, through a "before and after".

A big shout out of to all those who are consistently posting information and experiences. You are helping far more people than you probably imagine! I for one have learned an extraordinary amount here.

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I don't consider myself too much of a lurker, but there are many times that I just don't have anything else to add. I agree with what someone else said, but there just isn't a "like" button.

I love the chat threads, too, but then I feel like if I don't say something personal to each person posting, that I'm not being friendly. That gets overwhelming to me because I get tired of being on the computer.

That's it.
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Ok.....I admit to being a lurker LOL. My new goal is to post at least once a week. I just restarted IP after being off a year. Day 3 and doing great - already in ketosis
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I admit, I'm mostly a lurker I do it because I find more motivation from reading rather than contributing and as you said, often anything I would have said has already been covered by other members. 3FC really is great reading material
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i'm a lurker! i guess i'm kind of a private person and don't feel i have that much to say; but i do believe that lurking has been enormously helpful to my losing weight, 60 lbs so far, i may be at goal, but not sure yet. i have learned so much from reading everyone else's posts. in my head, i refer to something i've learned here every single day.
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I'll admit I lurk sometimes--OK most of the time. I just don't really have that much to say, but I enjoy reading what others are thinking. I, too, wish 3FC had a "like" button! And I can relate to the person who doesn't have time to respond personally to everyone in chat threads. I dropped out of a perfectly lovely thread when it grew too big because I just couldn't keep up anymore. I'm not sure what the official etiquette is, but I just felt too guilty writing about what I was up to and/or not responding to everyone.
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I'm not a lurker, but I do lurk on some of the chat threads. I was active in a few, but like many of you mentioned, they can be very active and I'd feel bad not keeping up responding to each person. I keep up with reading the threads but don't participate and will just PM people if I want to respond just them, usually.
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One day at a time
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I lurk because the majority of the time no one responds to posts, lol and was in a couple of "groups" if you will and they kind of fell apart...everyone went their own direction so now I just aimlessly lurk, lol. Plus, now I am so busy just not a lot of time to come to 3fc, not as much as before and as I would like.
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I lurk sometimes...mostly because I am on my phone or tablet and typing is a pain. I only get online with my laptop about once a week now.
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As you can tell by my post count, I just recently joined. I lurked for quite a while. I lurk for the same reason as others - I really don't have anything to add.

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I lurked for a long time because I was terrified that I wouldn't be accepted into the community :C Or that someone wouldn't like me. Or that I'd be laughed at.
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