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Krissy Missy
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Default New Year's Resolutions (Non-Weight Related)

I wasn't going to do any resolutions this year, but then I came up with one today:

I will read more books, my goal being at least one book per month!

I truly love to read, but since becoming a mom I haven't really set time aside to read and end up zoning out in front of the tv when I'm exhausted. I received a kindle gift card for Christmas and have already used it to purchase 3 ebooks, and I'm halfway through one already - I just couldn't put it down!

What are your non-weight related resolutions? Did you even decide to make any resolutions this year?
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That's a great one! My main non-weight loss resolution is to get a long-term job in my field.
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My non-weight related goal is to be better with my money! I spend a lot on food (lunch during the work day mostly), and I should start packing a lunch. This might help my weight (I hope it does), but mostly I need to do it for my wallet.
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We moved right before the holidays, so I have resolved to get everything unpacked & make this house a home!
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Mine is to stop dragging my feet and really buckle down properly to my German lessons!
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Same here with packing a lunch for work! I need to be smarter with my money this year. Also I want to try to remember to take my multi vitamin everyday. I'm so bad at that
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I want to take more pictures this year. I have barely any of my fiance and I and we have been together for 5 years.

I also want to get out more. Just because I am uncomfortable with my weight does not mean I can't go out and have fun.
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i only made one new year's goal but it's weight related...or rather, workout related...i havent really thought about any other goals yet but now you've got me thinking...
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-Do better with meal planning/meal prep. It's just me (unless my roommate wants some) so I need to improve in this area so that food doesn't go to waste.
-Be more on top of things homework-wise. Too often I wait until the last minute for homework and that isn't good.

I don't think it's really a 'resolution' but it's something I read about and I'd like to do. Whenever something good happens, I want to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a shoebox (or container of some sort). At the end of the year, I can read through all my notes and read about the good things that happened in 2013!

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Great topic! I feel like I have so many, let's see.....

*Be more positive! I tend to be a bit of a pessimist and let things get to me a little too much, this year I'd like to not sweat the small stuff and look at things from a brighter perspective.

*More confidence! I started nursing school a couple of months ago and the program is pretty intense, that being said, I'm impressed with how well I've done and realize that I don't give myself enough credit. I am capable of success!

*Once I become a nurse, I'd really like to start saving and being more on top of managing my money!

*I also want to let go of negative people in my life who would cheer if I fail and cry if I succeed! Terrible that their are people even like that out there! C'est la vie!

I have many more, as I consider myself a work in progress, but I really am very excited to start this New Year and continue to move forward in life
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My resolution is to not purchase things based on WANTS, only needs. I don't need any more clothes, jewelry or doo-dads, so before I make a purchase, I will ask myself, "want it, or need it.?"
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Finally in control.
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I have a couple of resolutions...

1. Stop cursing. I curse a lot and I know it's unnecessary and it doesn't sound nice but I love it. So I'm really going to try to stop dropping so many F bombs.
2. Find a new job. I've been at my current job for 6 years and I'm ready for a change so I need to get the wheels in motion.
3. Get financially organized. I really want to travel this year but I need to start saving and be better with money.
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Shrinking Angela
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My non-weight related New Year's resolution is to be less afraid of going after what I want and making myself happy.
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My non weight related resolution is also to read more books. I'm aiming for 52, but I'd be happy with 40. I also want to do more crocheting. I love how relaxing it is sitting down watching a movie and keeping my hands busy with the yarn.
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Save More, Spend Less

Conquer my debilitating social anxiety and finally live the life I deserve.
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