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Default I didn't see an intro board, so I'll post mine here....

Hi everyone, I'm Melani. 'm 35 and live in Michigan with my 7yo dd. I also have a dd who will be 16 next month, who lives nearby with her dad. My Dh is in the Army National Guard, and is currently deployed in Maryland. I'm joining because, although I had begun working out and eating right and have lost 50 pounds, since July 4th I haven't worked out, and I've been lax with my eating habits. The past few weeks I see myself creeping back into my compulsive overeating habits. I have gained 10 pounds at least, and I was still big to begin with (5'7", 240lbs.), so I want to nip this in the bud before it spins out of control. No more denial here!
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Hi Melani, and welcome to 3FC! Congratulations on the 50lb loss! I can see where you would be a little concerned with the 10lb gain, it can really sneak back up on you. You're doing the right thing by taking action now. Are you following a particular plan?

good luck
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Default :)


Great avatar with the kitten!! Stick with 3FC.... this is a fantastic community!!
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Angry Hello Melani, I'm Dee!

I am also from Michigan (Southern part), and I'm married with a teenaged daughter.

I think you'll like it here, and you'll meet some very friendly people, who will offer you all the support, help and advice you'll need to help lose that pesky weight!

Unfortunately, I knew nothing about this website when I first started the Atkin's diet a few years ago; and I sure could have used everyones help at the time! I've now reached my weight goal, so I don't come in here too often (but, I still "lurk" a lot!) *grin*

Anyway, enjoy yourself in here, and I hope you make many new friends! Hope to talk to you again one day soon.

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Thanks for the welcomes.

Dee - congratulations on reaching your goal weight.

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Kanola - I got the pic here. I could spend hours at that site.

Suzanne - no special plan. Just resuming working out and trying to make healthy choices.

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