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Question How much would you spend....

on a pair of jeans?

When you hit the point where you need new jeans or hit your goal and go on a shopping spree (thats what i want to do). How much would you spend on a real good pair of jeans? I still have about 15lbs to go but, I'm browsing the internet and all I see for a real good pair of jeans is gonna cost me no less than $100???

You thoughts
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I would not spend more than $30 on a pair of jeans.

Running shoes on the other hand.......

I think my last pair of Nikes were close to $150. Eeeep!
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When I get to goal, my reward is a pair of fancy jeans. Generally, though, I wouldn't pay more than $30 either.
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It depends on your finances. I would spend whatever you can afford.
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$30 would be about my max as well - I'm cheap when it comes to jeans because to me they all look the same and, in my experience, they all last about the same amount of time.

Now shirts and shoes on the other hand?
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$30.00 would be my max but I agree with Shytowngirl, Whatever price range is good for you is best.
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I get really GREAT jeans at Dots
for less than $20! It depends
which kind you get, though. Last
time I went shopping I got clearance
dress pants for $10 per pair of jeans.
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oh boy, i'm embarrassed to admit this, but when i get somewhere near goal, i'm going to buckle and if they are 100 200 or whatever, i'm spending it DOH and no, i dont have the money really, but i'll budget for it!
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if they looked good enough I'd spend almost anything.
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I don't spend much on jeans most 30, because even though they are cheap those suckers still last a long *** time. I've had jeans from when I paid 10 dollars for that STILL are attached, no rips nothing that fit (or not fit me) lol.

Now shoes, depends but when it comes to boots, I'll spend over 100 if I find a really good pair that I absolutely love. Unfortunetly with debt to pay off, I don't endulge myself too much in anything...
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i would easily drop $100 on a GOOD pair of jeans if i had to! if you're feelin good, you're lookin good!
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I was born this way hey!
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$60 is my limit on jeans.
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Height: 5'4


I think when I hit my goal, I'm gonna splurge and get like 3 pair of silvers.
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Just keep breathing!
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Yeah, my favorite jeans were upwards of 80 dollars, and they made me FEEL amazing. I got them from The Buckle.

And they only fit for that summer. And now they're in my closet waiting to be loved again.... The denim is so soft, but strong. The color is rich and lively. And the back pockets made my butt look GOOD
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I'd have to say $30 would be my max too. But then again I am a klutz and a cat lover. Every darn piece of clothing I own gets kneaded by kitty paws so I get little pulled threads/holes. And I <3 them so I let them do it-lol
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