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Default Black widow

Tonight I was opening my back door to bring my dogs in and I saw a black spider run in my house in the corner of my eye. I was pretty sure that is was a black widow when I saw it. I ran upstairs to grab my broom but, when I got back I could not find the dang thing. I carefully looked around a little bit then I gave up. I was freaking out that have have a black widow loose in my house somewhere with my 18 month old sleeping upstairs. But just my luck about 10 min later I saw her crawling up the door. I got my broom and whacked it. I killed it and checked for the red hourglass and sure enough it was a black widow. I need to get a bug guy out here soon!!!! I was wondering what seems to be the average rate for a spray?
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we have black widows here all the time. They hang out in the corners of the house and are usually outside. You can find them by finding their unorganized web/it looks like an old disheveled web, and are impossible to miss. In the summer, we can find 5 or so new ones outside every week. I wouldn't bother getting a buy guy out because they have to be sprayed directly. They are non aggressive and tend to hide, especially during the day, so I don't usually worry too much even though I have dogs and small kids. I'm very careful not to stick my hand in storage and to keep clothes and piles off the floor both inside and outside. We kill them by smashing them quickly with a shoe, so it's not as bad for them

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I really hate black widows, but we do get the big hairy brown ones...I mean really big...thankfully not brown recluse though...well not that I know of
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For most spiders, we are ok with having them around the house as they eat things like mosquitoes. For black widows, when we see them, we relocate them to some trees behind our house. I'd say definitely watch where you put your hands, especially in things like wood piles but otherwise, I wouldn't worry about them.
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I agree with leaving them be. From what I've read about black widows is that they aren't agressive spiders and only attack if feel threatened. My roommate and I saw one at his storage unit on the door, and she just sat there not bothering anybody. We quickly got what we needed and slowly closed the door. She might still be there, but as long as she wasn't bothering me, I wasn't going to bother her!
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One day my labrador and I were coming up the stairs when we saw a huge spider on the wall. "Get it!!!" yells I. Labrador grabbed the spider. We came upstairs and I was telling her what a good dog she was and she deserved a doggy cookie when she spit the spider out on the floor and it skuttled away under my chair!!!!
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