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Default What's in your purse..

This morning as I rummaged around in my purse for a piece of gum I realized that we ladies keep some pretty strange stuff in there. I thought it might be fun to share some of the strange contents:

Here's a few of mine:

- a banana
- an In Living Color magnet that says "Hated It" (I know some of you remember that show, hehe.. it's acutally a gag gift for my sister that I meant to mail months ago)
- a wine cork
- a whistle (no idea)
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Just a few things ...

Abreva - ugh, in use right now.

Spout thingie to put on my bottle of olive oil - my sister gave it to me last time I was at her house.

Leftover napkins from Corner Bakery.

A couple checks to deposit.

A ruler.
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- a hair brush
- 5 lighters (who the heck needs FIVE lighters?)
- cigarettes
- 2 packs of gum
- key chain with keys
- wallet
- my eyeglass case with a cloth to clean my glasses
- lipgloss

that is all.

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- My WW calculator & food tracker.
- 2 Pens.
- A small notebook.
- Wallet w/all my wallety things in it.
- A metal tin with all my change.
- A pouch that carries a small mirror, tweezers, bandaids, eyeglasses cleansing cloth, bc pills, tissues, and of course, a couple of pads. (Just in case)
- Keys.
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- checkbook
- wallet
- moleskine
- wired phone headset
- bluetooth headset
- keys
- 2 pens
- 1 earring
- lipstick
- lip gloss
- tin with aspirin and other meds
- plastic package cutter
- 3 receipts
- snack baggie with sliced apple
- handful of loose change at the very bottom

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Oh geez...

6 lipglosses
1 chapstick
2 bottles of lotion
1 bottle instant sanitizer
Instant sanitizer lid (floating around on its own)
Small orange
Body Splash
Loose packets of Splenda, running wild
Nail file
Loose change
A Christmas ornament?
Hair clip
Back-up meds for BF
Pay check stubs
WW booklet

...and a partridge in a pear tree!
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S/C/G: Goal 150 ~ 21lbs down

Height: 5'6"


Petunia - lol, I have the loose splenda packets too!
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Hmmm....lets see

A crazy huge ring of keys
My beat up wallet
2 check books
Swiss Army Knife
2 receipts from Kohl's and one from Nordstrom
1 Zone Perfect Bar -- Dark Chocolate Flavor
2 Hot Wheels Cars
4 Transformers Stickers
3 Batman Fruit Roll-ups...three little boys perhaps?
1 Vanilla Spice Shimmer Lip Balm from Bath and Body Works
Brown-Black Maybelline Eyeliner
2 Clinique Concealers -- freakin' dark circles...bane of my existence
1 Christmas Card
1 Unpaid Verizon Wireless Bill
Bare Minerals Powder
A Book about the history of Islam -- light reading from my father
A light dusting of crumbs at the bottom?...and a $1.97 in loose change

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Leatherman Micra clipped to a belt sized caribener
Two Mary Kay zipper bags with powder, three lip gloss, three burts bees with tint
Three receipts
Trader Joe's green tea mints
Eyeglasses and case
Three earrings, none from the same pair
Small metal tin from Denmark with assorted asprin, Pepto, Immodium, Alleve
Tampons (have to be prepared! )
some loose change
snack baggie of almonds
granola bar - low fat
two packs of Sponge Bob fruit treats
Personal cell phone, work Blackberry
8 pens, 2 sharpies
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Well I downgraded to my smallish VB wallety purse, so not as much as usual. Tee-hee.

a 20 spot
a ring, wore it the other day, took it off and put it in there.
2 or 3 splenda packets (a common happening around here- huh)
keys w/key fob and my big Moosey keychain
chapstick and a lipbalm or is it gloss? I forget what one is accompanying the chapstick
Store cards
GC for B&BW and Sephora's, I *think* my Vitamin World one is in there too?
Debit cards and such
Cell phone

That my deary's is a lot to fit in this tiny ole thing... imagine how those poor keys feel being crammed in there. LOL!

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makeup (several items in a little pouch)
mini lint brush
Tide stick
lip gloss
usb thumb drive
cell phone
reading glasses
business card holder
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Height: 5"4


Eucerin Cream
gym locker lock
loose change
shopping list
random bits of paper
rubber bands.
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One day at a time
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Don't know about strange but rather some of the usual things...

Eye glass case
Sun glasses
Eyeglass cleaning cloth
About 3 different lipsticks
2 lip glosses
aleve & tylenol
little bag with bandaids, pads, hair pick, rubber band, tweezers, toothpicks, tampons lol
Christmas list so no one will see or find it
peppermints & gum
About 3 or 4 pens (thought I had a lot until last night at WW..this girl pulled out about 20, yikes)

Good thing I carry a back pack purse!

I think that is about it, like it's not enough
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Height: 5'8


lip balm
lip gloss
toy train
spare vitamins in case I forget to take them (1 daily, 1 b-complex, 1 zinc, 1 defend and resist)
kleenex pack
hand sanitizer
cuticle cream
hand lotion
small tin with tums and tylenol
2 batman band-aids
3 pens
loose change
3 christmas lists
sunglass case/sunglasses
fruit snacks

This is my everyday bag - not huge by any means

I also have a clutch I use frequently - in it is:
duplicate drivers license
burts bees lip shine
check blanks

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My checkbook wallet
My debit card, cash, etc wallet
USB mouse for my computer
Cell phone
Random pieces of Orbit Cinnamon gum
Receipts from all places
Red Scarf
Scientific Calculator
Pencil pouch with pens and pencils
Couple of tubes of lipstick
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