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Thanks guys! I got started making bracelets--nothing as fancy as yours Gale02 Just glass beads, metal, etc. I'm actually relaxed by it. I've spent about $60 in the last couple days getting wire, beads, a handy 3 in 1 tool, more wire, clasps, etc. I've made about 10 bracelets so far. I just wish I knew someone in my area that made them. I'm using crimp beads to put on clasps, and I heard there's something called a double crimping tool, but no one at the craft stores can tell me about it.
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I'm addicted to crafting, so you could say my crafting hobby is collecting hobbies.

I crochet (also left handed, but my left handed grandma and mom started teaching me when I was 4), but have had a harder time learning to knit. I've read that you should hold the how to book pictures up to a mirror, and that helped a bit, but I could never purl without dropping stitches. I just learned recently that I was even doing the knit stitch "wrong," as instead of turning my work, I worked left to right for one row and then right to left for the next (I'm apparently an ambidextrous knitter). I also recently found out that there are ways to knit with a crochet hook (and even a yahoo group about it), so I'm learning. I'm also ordering a left handed knitting book from (great source for cheap hobby books, especially if you use the used function).

I do collect craft books and craft supplies and it fills an entire room of a very small 2 bedroom apartment. Keeping it organized is a hobby in itself.

I'd recommend starting at the library and brousing the craft section. You'll find an amazing assortment. I've done scrapbooking, bookmaking, crochet, knitting, needlepoint, cross-stitch, tapestry crochet, tunisian or afghan crochet, origami, sewing (doll clothes to pillows to clothing), polymer clay, potato and sponge printing (like making your own gift wrap or even fabric), rughooking, "found object" (from junk) jewelry and crafting, greeting cards, rag rug making (crochet or braided), basket making (crocheting with unusual materials like plastic tubing and wire), beading.

The possibilities are endless. I especially love "mixed media" projects, so I can mix different techniques that I've learned.
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This is so odd that this thread got started this past weekend. I just started looking into making jewelry myself. I was intrigued by a girl in one of my summer classes and she had lots of funky jewelry and she mentioned she made them herself since some of the other girls were asking her where she had gotten some of her jewelry. I bought some things myself as well to help try to get me started. I also found out that there are classes you can take too online or even at a bead store and etc so I'm going to look into that as well.
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Try origami!)
It is really fascinating!) I like)
Here good advice how to make Origami Shark

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Or maybe you will like Quilling fish )))
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Try lego, but be warned it is sooooo addicting! is offline   Reply With Quote
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I really want to try making soap, bath bombs etc. It seems like an easy process and still very creative and engaging. Maybe you'll find it interesting too
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I try myself in computer graphic, drawing in photoshop and illustration. Cool experience
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I play music myself, It seems to never run out of ways to entertain and can be calming.
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My only hobby is reading and video games.

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I know you mentioned photo collages. I really like photography. It can be expensive to pick up if you're buying a new DSLR, but it's a lot of fun. You get to be creative and you can do it any environment. You could take photos indoors of various things you collect or go on a walk with your camera and see what kinds of photos your adventure produces. If you take some nice photos you can print and frame them as gifts for wall decorations.
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I think, everybody has a hobby. The thing is that all of us have free time and a place to relax. Even a couple of minutes. As well as doing it with the help of hobby.
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You can make candles yourself. I find this quite interesting. It actually brought me to life when I was struggling with daily routine. So, try and let us know what have you chosen.
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Smile 50 lbs lost, more to go!



1. Just Start

This advice is pretty the oldest advice on the planet, and like old things we often get tired of hearing it.

Still there’s a reason we’ve all heard it a million times. It can really work wonders.

You don’t always have to reason with your emotions and rationalize why you need to do something. You can deal with those negative feelings later on, at the right time. Instead, try setting aside all of the negative emotions and simply START. Chances are by the time you GET STARTED you’ll feel a whole lot better and the negative feelings wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore.
I wish you good luck!!!

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