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Smile What is your favorite 50-60 calorie snack?


SOURCE yogurt 50 cals/container
Unsweetened Applesauce 51 cals/container
Candy Cane 50 cals/cane
Graham Wafers 2 at 30 cals each = 60 cals

I need some more ideas....HELP?

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I like the white cheddar rice cakes,and I'm pretty sure those at least are within 50 to 60 calories each.
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- fat and sugar free fudge pops. 45 calories each. Obvious - and maybe already on your list, somewhere - but so very good.

- sugar-free chai mix w/1/2 cup whipped skim milk, served cold or hot. I have a milk frother that whips skim milk to almost stiff peaks, especially if the milk is very cold, so I'll reserve just a bit of cold milk to make the froth if I'm heating up my chai. I just found the sugar-free chai mix (on sale!) at my local chain grocery.

- 1 fresh fig. I can only find them locally at one neighborhood market that carries a good bit of "exotic" foodstuffs, but fresh figs are absolutely di.vine. in season. Sweet and so-so good, and around 50 calories.

- jicama slices. They taste like crisp, sweet dirt to me; it's an odd flavor - not necessarily great and really individual - but I find them addicting and interesting.

- thin sliced radishes dipped in salt. Not so great if you have blood pressure/other sodium issues, but an awesome occasional snack. I love the bite and crispness.

- reasonable portion of cucumber slices topped with scallions and yogurt-cheese dip. (Strain plain low-fat or fat-free yogurt in a cheesecloth through a strainer suspended over a bowl overnight and use in place of mayonnaise and sour cream in any dip recipe, or mix something up yourself. I like chopped cucumbers, dill, garlic & lemon juice, ranch, onion or vegetable soup/dip mix, or olives, cumin and lime juice, or even a nice salsa. Top cucumber slices w/a small dollop of your yogurt dip, and top that with a bit of scallion - green or white, depending on how much bite you prefer - like little canapés. If I have grape tomatos I might add 1/2 grape tomato to each little canapé.)

- fresh spinach topped w/olives and hearts of palm or artichoke hearts.

- 2 or 3 stuffed mushrooms. Cut/twist off the stems of small white mushrooms, criminis, or any other variety of small mushroom you prefer. Chop up the stems and whatever you scoop from inside the cap, and sautée them in olive-oil spray in a non-stick skillet with an equal amount of chopped onions. Add a clove or two of chopped garlic when the mushrooms have wilted, and continue to sautée for another minute or two, but don't let the garlic burn. Add a small amount of bulgar wheat that has been soaked in boiling water for five minutes to mixture, along with chopped parsley and/or cilantro and whatever seasonings you like. Lemon, oregano, basil; cinnamon and basil; cumin, coriander and lime; rosemary, anything you like, to taste. Add a very small amount of bread crumbs (whole grain if possible) to bind. (The bulgar reduces the volume of breadcrumbs necessary to create a nice robust stuffing, so you can be sparing.) Stuff the mushroom shells (add a few crumbs of bleu cheese, feta cheese, or parmesan or romano to each mushroom if you like and if it fits with your seasoning scheme. It's a bit fussy and a good bit of cooking work for a small reward, but it's a nice reward. You can keep the stuffed but not-yet baked mushrooms in the fridge for a few days and just have a couple each day. Bake them off in at 350 for 5 to 10 minutes to cook the shells and to get the stuffing nice and crispy.

- small cocktail served in a martini or highball glass. Essentially, any sort of calorie-free mixer you like with 1/2 jigger of spirits. It's not quite a killer Cosmopolitan and it isn't something to have every day, but it's a nice, festive treat on occasion if you like cocktail hour. 1/2 jigger of ordinary 80-proof spirits will be 50 calories. Some ideas for pseudo-diet-martini things: club soda and a sugar-free flavored syrup (usually found in coffee aisle) to taste w/your fav spirit; a really nice sugar-free soda, like Jones' Soda Co. sugar-free cream soda w/your fav spirit and a twist of lemon, lime, or orange; diet cranberry soda w/vodka, etc. Highball idea: brew a good strong black tea, flavor with grated ginger, a twist of lemon or lime juice, and a hint of cinnamon and chill. Serve w/ 1/2 jigger of vodka (your favorite) and sweeten with sugar-free simple syrup (1 part sugar substitute to 2 parts water, shake until dissolved) to taste. Not so much an "I'm hungry"-snack as it is an occasional treat.
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My favorites lately (I don't snack much, only on my days that I have class all day) are either

1/2 serving triscuits or
1 regular Laughing Cow or
2 light Laughing Cows.

Those help to get me through hunger pangs.
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laughing cow?
what is it? lol

small apple
home made soup
small fruit salad / or smothie
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Toffees. Ok, they are totally unhealthy, but if you get a bag that is a little old & so the candy has dried out & takes some chewing - then I can be happy with just one.
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4-5 pretzels (depending on the make) could be a good snack. 50-60 cals.
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6 medium strawberries and two teaspoons of sugar ~ 55 calories.
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turkey "wrap" low fat turkey slice (some of mine are 35 cals) wrapped in a lettuce leaf, slice of tomato, and a dab of mustard. Maybe around 50-60 cals or so.
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2 1/2 cups of sugarfree strawberry-raspberry jello (not really 2 1/2 cups) but anything less than that would be er....less than 50 calories.
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My new favorite: Sugar Free Jello pudding cups - the kind that are already made.

Only 60 calories and single serving sizes unlike the kind in the box.
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A single serving of the sugarfree jello in the box is 10 calories. (1/2 cup)
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Jello pudding or regular jello? The regular SF fruity jello in the individual ready-made serving sizes is 10 calories but I doubt the pudding in the box is only 10 calories.

As a matter of fact, I actually have a box of SF FF vanilla in the cabinet and 1 serving = 70 calories when combined with FF milk.

So the individual serving containers of pudding are 10 calories less and it's not tempting to eat more than a serving size. I guess it depends on how disciplined you are.
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