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Default bread/tortilla options?

hey everyone...I am starting my weight loss journey probably for the 10th time ha...anyway my downfall is bread.. i have tried to cut it out but that just leaves me feeling so hungry today i had some oatmeal for breakfast and then itallian sausage with veggies cut up from the grill.. really yu mmy but im starving.. i want to try making some sort of egg beater omlet then have toast/engl8ish muffin/put it in a
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My favorite is the Santa Fe wheat tortilla wrap from Sam's club. Not sure where else you'd get it, though.
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Thinslim Foods makes some really great bread products (I'm addicted to their cinnamon bagels). You can google them...I've not seen them locally, so they may have to be ordered online. I also will use Joseph's pita bread or La Tortillas (which I can find locally). Good luck!
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I've cut bread. Oats too.

Go really big on the protein and you will not miss it. I eat a lot of fish and eggs. Really big on the protein.

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Originally Posted by IanG View Post
I've cut bread. Oats too.

Go really big on the protein and you will not miss it. I eat a lot of fish and eggs. Really big on the protein.
This.I haven't totally cut bread but it's more of a cheat now. Protein and fat for breakfast keeps me going! Instead of egg beats, I would honestly just use REAL eggs. A few of them!

But I will say, as far as carbs go, potatoes fill me up for a long time. And brown rice. I've tried the low calorie and low carb tortillas and they just don't fill me up, so I can't honestly recommend any of them.
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I like corn tortillas. They are smaller but add a lot of satisfaction. 2 corn tortillas is just 100 calories. Sometimes I have 1, sometimes 2.
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I don't eat bread regularly and have gone cut it completely out several times in my life. However, there are lower calorie choices:

Ole Wellness high fiber/low carb tortillas
La Tortilla Factory high fiber/low carb tortillas
Mission extra thin corn tortillas
Bagel thins
Thomas' high fiber light English muffins
Arnold's rounds
Pepperidge Farms Deli flats
Flatout light
Nature's own light bread
Joseph's reduced carb flaxseed pita
Sara Lee delightful hamburger or hot dog buns

Basically I look for 80-110 calories (for 2 bread slices or one of the above bread products) with high fiber and low fat.
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I just bought Flatout Original Light wraps and really like them . My store didn't have alot of varieties but I see from their website they do have many products. Also a small company that is doing good for their community!. The ones I bought are whole wheat and 90 calories. I do love to eat with my hands
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I don't eat much actual bread also most of the bread really is very heavily processed. When I eat bread I eat Ezekial Bread (about once every week or two). For tortillas, I like the LaTortilla whole wheat low carb ones.
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I got myself a bread machine and make my own. So it doesn't have any of the rubbish a lot of commercial breads have, especially diet breads. I usually make a mix of wholewheat and brown, and almost always make it sourdough, which is both tastier and much more satisfying. I have one one slice for breakfast where before I had two. You can put in all sorts of healthy ingredients, such as barley flour (good for making wholewheat bread less craggy and amazing for blood sugar stability), oats (various things I can't remember offhand!), walnuts (essential fatty acids) and so forth. You seriously cannot compare it in terms of taste, how filling it is, or how healthy it is. The snag is that I made an awful lot of bread at first! Which at least meant that I figured out how to get the recipes right, that takes a bit of tinkering to begin with. I don't know if it's better or worse if you tend to binge on bread: it means that you have to wait hours before you get your bread, instead of just being able to go to the shop and get some, but then if you have the ingredients in, you can make bread any time.

Anyway, assuming you're not that likely to do this, though if you have a bread machine gathering dust I reckon it's worth a try, look at wholegrain breads, stay away from white or "diet" breads or anything with lots of weird ingredients, and try sourdough. I'm not sure what commercial sourdough is like, mine doesn't involve much faff and thankfully isn't too sour, but it's definitely worth a try.
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