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Cool Hungry Girl Cookbook

Bought it yesterday and I love it!!! The recipes look really good. There are a few things that I am wondering about. The pasta she suggests is different, made of yam and tofu I think. So I am wondering how that will taste. But other that that I am totally willing to give everything else a shot. Her recipe for margaritas looks really good, I'll be trying that one Friday after work! Has anyone else made any of her recipes? I would love your thoughts on them.
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I have the book as well and I love that it covers a little bit of everything - on some of her pasta stuff I have used whole wheat or spaghetti squash
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I'll be using ww pasta as well.

I tried the onion rings--very good.

and the PB fudge--not so good (in the back of my mind I didn't think it would be, but the picture was just so tempting).

There's so much more I want to try though.
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I haven't bought the book yet - but I hear that it's great! I look forward to buying it soon!
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I think when it comes to the cakes and cookies you have to prepare yourself that it will not taste exactly like normal. I mean when you mix pumkin puree and cake mix it's not exactly gunna taste like the brownies we all know and love. It is gunna taste different, still sweet, just no the same
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I bought it a few days ago and am excited to try it out. It all looks good and If you go on their website it gives all the WW point values for the dishes so you don't have to take time to calculate them all.
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I got it as a gift and I love it. The onion rings are a favorite.
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Out of curiosity, I'm a vegetarian are there many recipes i can use? and does it have nutritional info?
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Spoz - you can go to her website and find many of the recipes there - just search for some of the ones mentioned above and there are tons -

Good Luck!
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I don't have the cookbook, but it sounds interesting.

HOWEVER, I have tried that pasta you are talking about. I thought it was GROSS!!! I eat tofu, I even could say I like tofu. I but the premarinated baked tofu and use it in chili, or stir fry. But this stuff had a fishy smell and was rubbery. Maybe, just MAYBE if you made a strong oniony, garlicy sauce and let it sit on the "soy pasta" over night, it would take on the flavor of your sauce. But that would still do nothig for the texture. I couldn't eat it.
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Default Brownies with pumpkin puree

Made them for my DH and he likes them. I haven't tasted them because not on my plan, but they are cut in little miniscule pieces and will last a long, long time. You need to keep them refrigerated. Take a look at a cookbook called Lickety-Split and The Most Decadent Diet Ever. I love all three of them along with the Hungry Girl cookbook, so far.

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Default Any Hungry Girls?

I searched for this newsletter in the forums, I bet there's a lot of Hungry Girl followers already out there!

I have found success in changing my eating habits by cooking at home. A few substitutions here and there make a big difference. A huge boost to my recipe library has been this newsletter. They've got cookbooks and free daily recipes, and they are good at what they do = Make healthy eating a pleasure!

I'm a newbie and can't post links yet, but just google hungry girl newsletter! You will be glad you did!
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I am! I am! I LOVE HG's stuff... I have gotten SO many ideas from her!! What's your favorite?
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HG is one of my fave sites! I also loved Disgruntled Housewife, but that one is now defunked.
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I get the daily newsletter in my e-mail. I highly recommend it!
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