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Originally Posted by TurboMammoth View Post
jossfit : you are getting married next month?? woaaaaaah! are you moving in with you fiance or he is?
Actually he and I live in different states right now, and we're both in the military so for now, nobody is going anywhere. I'll be getting out and moving in with him (well, we'll be getting a new place) in about a year, so for now it's just more long-distance.

My apologies for my absence the past few days. I've been lurking, but not posting. Honestly when I'm low on motivation this site can sometimes have the opposite effect that I would like; I know everyone here is so supportive and if I see that I might think "these ladies don't judge, and if I go eat my weight in chocolate I can tell them and they'll just encourage me to get back on track... which I will anyway... so I should go get a Blizzard..." LOL

I am so burned out and have just wanted to be a lazy fat fat fatty pants these past couple of days. I desparately need a mini-vacation to recharge my willpower and my workouts! The good news is that is coming this weekend, but the bad news is that it's so hard to hold it together until then! I'm not trying to do anything other than NOT fall into a vat of ice cream, let alone make any improvements in the gym. I already failed on that once this week.

Friday can't come soon enough!

I also had my alterations and fitting appointment for my wedding dress yesterday, and I was so disappointed! The dress fit me great when I got it, but now... not so much. I've lost a few more pounds (about 5 or so) but I've added a lot more size to my back and shoulders. Now I feel so unfeminine in the dress because it's a halter and shows off so much of my back and shoulders. That's why I loved it, and now, ugh! It didn't help that it was now too big in the waist and hips, so it fell like a sack. A big sparkly sack with linebacker shoulders... that's how I felt.

I just hope that the seamstresses can fix it! I was so bummed though; it just made me feel like I work so hard to stay in shape and then I end up being unhappy with how I look in my dress because of it. Isn't that ironic?

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Crazygurl~ GOOD LUCK in the interview!!! I'm in very much the same job search/application/interview boat. What kind of work are you doing now?

TheManekiNeko ~ Welcome back. Agree w. Dorian that sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and assess the damage. It's (almost) never as bad as you think it is.

Dreamer ~ Oooooh! How exciting about your friend and getting to visit her in France!!! You're a sweetheart for making her a sign and everything. Hopefully you can be good motivation for each other.

Krampus ~ You didn't do to badly at all for nighttime eating! You've got the right mind-set, too. Hope you and the bf make up soon.

DottieMae ~ (((((hugs))))) Just hang in there. "Weird weight" is frustrating at the best of times. Stay on track and eventually things will even out.

Turbo ~ Enjoy your time with the BF!

Dorian ~ Good for you for pushing to make your cal allottment. Who are you on fitnesspal? I'm Focused5. Would love to friend!!!

(((((Jossfit)))))) From personal experience, the person judging you the harshest is you! Sending you big hugs and a reminder to be kind and understanding to yourself. Be patient with yourself and give yourself credit just for showing up.

Was up a pound this morning, despite walking close to 7.5 miles throughout the day. I ate a ton of crap, though, and there's really no compensating for that. Am doing better today. Weirdly, today I'm eating Muenster cheese and blueberries. Whatever works.

I've started writing out my goals in the present tense each morning ("I weigh 135." "I make $XX,XXX per year.") and it might sound weird/hokey, but I feel like it'll keep me on track. Am applying to jobs like a fiend, too... Going to make a change. Like it says in my siggy: I know I CAN do it... the question is WILL I?

Heck, yes!!!

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Thanks everyone,

I finally worked up the courage to step on the scales this morning. 129lbs, so not as bad as it could have been, but I had hardly eaten anything the day before so was a very very empty stomach. Anyway onwards and downwards.

Good luck to everyone else
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I got harangued into eating breakfast today the instant I arrived at the conference, so I just had bacon and eggs and LOTS of coffee. For lunch I scaled back and insisted on eating my packed food, which was just a Greek yogurt and an orange. Now I'm about to chow a Luna bar and run outside. BF and I are cooking kale and fish for dinner. Success!

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Dorian5 Your reply made me laugh! I could only imagine the dog barking at you. I wonder what my cat would do if she had been sleeping on my bed at the time.

Alexistrophic I like your idea of writing in the present! Very encouraging.

TheManekiNeko Well done! And that is the attitude you need to keep.

krampus Nothing worse than being forced into a meal you don't really want to have, is there?

************************************************** ****
I'm getting frustrated girls! I've been on a stricter diet 1,200 calories since the 1st. I've been sticking to it, bar two days I believe when I went over by 5 one day and 92 today. Also since the 1st, I've done some kind of workout/exercise each day. Long but short walks, 4 mile brisk walks, skipping, weights and jumping jacks have what I'm been doing. And I've yet to lose anything! During the week I read 141 on the scales but then it crept back up to 142. The 141 could have just been a misreading with my eyes, I guess. The lines on the scales are extremely close together. I was thinking of investing in one that would say 142.2 or something like that instead to get a more accurate reading.

Not going to lie, I thought it would be easier, but it is proving to be more hard than I thought it would ever be. I've set a goal of 138lbs by the end of June that I would like to achieve. I'm beginning to feel like the calorie counting I'm doing is discouraging. It has sort of become overwhelming counting everything I'm eating and I'm always thinking in my head if I'm offered something in someone's house I can't take it because there will be too many calories or I'll be going over my daily allowance in something. I feel like it's taking over my life rather than it being just part of it. With exercising, I'm genuinely getting a good kick out of doing it! I don't feel like it's something I have to do, it's something I've started enjoying now. I've said a couple of times in this chat thread that I'm gutted about possibly not getting out for my brisk walk I would like to be doing 6 times a week which is true! Whereas the dieting is where I'm struggling.

I'm having a lunch (usually a sandwich) and dinner each day and my snacks are apples and oranges (this week anyway) but I have had some chocolate and crisps over the week but they are all still under my calorie count! I'm drinking about 1.5litres of water but I do know I could drink another bottle or two a day also. I've cut out fizzy drinks! Think the last one I had was well over a week and a half ago. Some of the days I would have a small glass of orange juice or maybe a cup of tea with semi skimmed milk if I wake up early enough for breakfast time. I'm also finding myself still hungry! It's fine after lunch because I can hold off until dinner but then if I get hungry after dinner, I'm so tempted to go make a sandwich or toast or something which will totally bump up my calorie count. Luckily, I have been able not give into temptation but I don't know if that will last.

I know I have been doing this for under a week only, so maybe I shouldn't be showing results right away. How did you guys do in your first week or two of your journey? Did you see results immediately? Was it a couple of weeks before you did? Also, is there anything else I can do or an doing wrong? I'm really thinking of looking into something else other than calorie counting. I don't think it's working for me.

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Hi Everyone!

Dreamer- When I first started back up in March, it took a few weeks to see any movement and I didn't cheat. Once I got the ball rolling it has been decently consistent since then. One thing my Dr. told me was to stay away from Diet Coke and be careful with the sparkling water...they apparently change you PH level making you bloat/it harder to lose weight. That helped me.

Krampus Great job adjusting your plan and still doing very well. I love how I feel when my day starts off with a food I didn't expect and I don't slip back into old habbits like I would have before. It shows you are on the right track. Enjoy dinner with the bf!

The Mane- Great job checking in! I can't WAIT until I am in the 120's. I know it is hard to step on the scale after a hiatus- thats why I daily weigh now, otherwise I slip up and become afraid. Looks like its not as bad as you thought!

Jossfit I was loosing weight for my 2009 wedding and had a similar experience. I freaked out at the 2nd dress fitting but all ended up well and my dress looked great. I knew I was too hard on myself and I think you'll see the same thing. You look awesome!

Alex Thanks! Right now I am in the music and education field- but teach science/music/ and PE at elementary level plus a church choir and private music lessons. I'd like to have a full time job in one area so I am not spread so thin. Lets see how that ends up...

Dorian I am enjoying your posts and they are motivating me! SO glad you are here.

Dottie I feel your pain. From April to the first week of May I pretty much lived @ 139 and I couldn't really shake it. Then I move down and I am having the same issue with 134.8...just keep staying on plan and don't worry too much.

Turbo Enjoy your BF time...yay!!!!


Ok guys, some of you were wondering what I ate yesterday, and It was orange chicken and chow mein/fried rice. I know, not so healthy, however I did plan it in to my tracker and I had my husband only get the portion of each I was going to eat that night, so there was no room to overeat. I am proud of him also, because he got a bunch of veggies and really healthy entrees which he is tracking calories on. He is down 5 lbs since Friday! Anyway, I got to enjoy my meal and not feel guilty. It's more calories than I am used to eating in the evening but worth it. I was even under 125 cals!

I am finishing up at work right now and getting ready to head over to teach a violin lesson. Then I have the end of year party for my church choir. My husband and I are going to have Chipotle for dinner tonight since we will both be too tired to cook, but we planned it out in our trackers at like 7am hah!

I have one more week of work after this week, well unless I get the summer job, so I will have to do some shuffling with summer plans- deciding which conferences to go to etc...I am looking forward to getting that interview tomorrow over with!!!

I have two accomplishments- I am proud I resisted candy for a class project all day and that tonight I will NOT eat junk at the choir party. Otherwise no Chipotle!!!!

Hope everyone has a great OP day!
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Dreamer2012-I wouldn't worry about it, and just keep doing what you are doing. Usually the big losses in the first week are water weight ones, and either your cal deficit is causing you to retain water weight or you weren't holding much water weight in the first place. I stayed the same for 1 month but kept doing what I was doing and the scale began to budge. My rule of thumb is to stick with a plan for at least a few weeks before trying something new.
krampus-I am bouncing between 118-120 right now, totally vanity pound land - I keep on having to remind myself that I will no longer have 10 lb/month losses anymore, but its so hard to be patient sometimes! haha your breakfast sounds like a Paleo dream! =)
Manekineno-129 lbs is not bad at all!
crazygurl61-orange chicken is the BEST!! I grew up with Chinese food-both the homecoming and takeout and I still love the takeout. Good for you for being at a cal deficit-its hard to resist eating a ton of takeout
turbomammoth-mmm pasta! that'll fuel your runs!
jossfit-I'm sure that when you get used to the way your (even more fit!) body looks in the dress and the seamstress fixes it up you will look fantastic! with an even tinier waist! I love wedding stuff, i hope you post a pic!
dorian5-I really only pay attention to cals-nutrients and cals stress me out too much! Sugar to me is sugar-even if the fruit has its health benefits-but I would only worry if you are very sugar sensitive-like its causing you to crash or something. If you are losing weight and you feel fine, and you are eating the protein , fiber and carbs you need along with the fruit, I don't see a problem.
alexistrophic-ohhh that sounds like an interesting idea-writing out goals like that. I'll try doing that too.
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. My husband has to work every night this week so dinner has been a challenge but I'm moving on through it. I went running today and that was hard (it was a hilly area) but I was proud when I was done. Didn't go too far but I have to start somewhere, right?

Dreamer2012 - I lost weight the first week, but then I think I stalled a bit, then has a big whoosh. If things don't budge in a week or so more you may want to reexamine your calorie count. I know a lot of people who eat 1200/1300 calories, but if you're also doing exercise you're pushing yourself essentially below that. There's talk of being under 1200 as putting your body into starvation mode - essentially telling your body to slow your metabolism and store extra fat. However that number is just a baseline/estimate. Everyone is different. I currently eat at about 1500-1600/day - my weight loss has not been even/consistent though - you can check it out by looking at my daily weigh in links in my footer. Anyway, just something to think about. Good luck and keep on it. you'll see the scale budge soon.

crazygurl61 - Thanks - things had been moving along fairly steadily for me, so seeing things stall has been depressing. I think I did know it was coming though - at least slowing down. I had a big month in May. Too funny that you put your calories down early in the day. I do the same thing. I usually know what dinner is, and what I might eat for lunch. That helps me plan my snacks & breakfast accordingly. I actually wish I could put calories in the night before because i have so much more brain power at night and not in the morning when I'm groggy!

JossFit - the seamstress will make it look better for sure. When I ordered my dress it was a size 14 (I wasn't that large - they ordered it so they would have room for my bust!) so it was literally hanging everywhere else. Two fittings later and it was perfect as I'm sure yours will be. You will look beautiful once the dress is nipped and tucked and hugging your waist.

Here's to tomorrow everyone!
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Crazygurl - good luck on the interview!

ManekiNeko - I can relate to that feeling. The problem is, the longer you wait, the more likely you'll see a bigger number on the scale.

TurboMammoth - congratulations on the scale number! I've gone down a bit myself, it's certainly a good feeling.

Dorian5 - I always thought in terms of calories for weight loss, so I would imagine the sugar count isn't -that- important. Besides, I've read that fruit is healthy Perhaps I shouldn't post this on a diet support forum, but to be honest, I've bad times where I've lost and maintained almost 8 lbs eating typically unhealthy foods (burgers, microwave dinners, chocolate bars) by just keeping the calories under a certain level. You must be on a good way, since you're incorporating food like fruit and yogurt. Respect!!!

I've done well these last few days - exercise daily, within 1500 calories. The exception was yesterday when I indulged with my girlfriend in cake, movie, and Mcdonalds. To be specific, I ate:

Breakfast - 2 slices of toast, 2 slices of thinly sliced French cheese
Lunch - Groestl (=German potato/meet dish, 650 cals) and grilled egg plant
Snack - Huge slice of London cheesecake (heavier than NY cheesecake, I swear)
Beer - one bottle
Dinner at McD's - 10 chicken nuggets (shared the 20 box with my friend), half a box of large fries
Dessert - ice cream at home.

Horrendous. Sigh.
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crazygurl You must be so proud of your husband and his losses! I hope he keeps it up. That is brilliant.

DottieMae It definitely is a start! And the chances are you will be able to improve how far you go with some time. Well done on being able to do it. I seem to struggle with running and jogging. I can't keep it up for more than a couple of minutes! I'm hoping the fitter I become, the more I will be able to running and jogging.

Erdnussbutter Please don't put yourself down! Look at how you have done. You have done excellent. It's safe to say we will all have our bad days when we just indulge in foods we shouldn't but tomorrow is another day.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words! I'm going to try stick it out until the end of June and then reexamine my plan if it's not working for me.

My friend is home today so I think I'll be going off plan today though. I don't know if I'll get out for my walk and I think we are going to the pub for a drink - although I probably won't drink anything alcoholic. So excited to see her. Her plane lands around 12pm and it's 10:45am now so she should be back home about 1pm and I'll see her around 2ish. Obviously want to give her some time with her parents!
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Goodness, this place sure has blown up! Glad to see everyone posting and on track!

I jumped on the scale today and weighed 129.4lbs, yay! I weighed today just in case I don't need to use the bathroom tomorrow morning before I weigh in (that is a phobia of mine, that I can't go on weigh-in day and it will make me weigh more, lmao. Ridiculous.) Anyway, excited to be back on the wagon and seeing losses. I like losing weight better than maintaining, it's easier!

I think the boyfriend is already totally over the lose-weight-together thing, which makes me sad cause I was excited to have a partner in it, but it's not going to affect my weight loss. It started with some snacking, then lots of beer each night, then the past 2 days he hasn't walked with me. Oh well, it's his choice. At least I know he's getting healthy dinners!


JossFit - I KNOW you're going to be a beautiful bride. I'm so sorry to hear about your frustrations lately, and I hope that you can relax and de-stress soon. I definitely thought you avatar was someone else that had your goal body (a lot of people do that for their avatar) -- but then I saw your links and read your story and realized it was YOU! Holy wow, you're MY goal body! You look amazing, and I know you can get back on track soon. Hang in there.

Alexistrophic - Yay, fitness pal friend! Sounds like you got right back in the saddle after your poor-eating day, and that's awesome. I really like you mantra, I might start having to do that in the morning too.

TheManekiNeko - I'm PROUD of you for stepping on the scale! I know it's not easy, but now you have a starting point. You've got this, you know what to do!

krampus - Wildly impressed on your eating yesterday, way to tap into that will power. Especially with free candy lying around. You definitely sound like you're in the zone. YUM, love kale!

Dreamer2012 - Take a day off the exercise and relax. Any time I exercise to the point of being sore, I don't see a loss the next day. Because you tear your muscles and they retain water to heal, they are swollen and you will weigh more. In fact I usually see a GAIN the day after a good workout. This may be what's happening with you. Plus your body deserves a break! Keep sticking to your diet, I bet you'll get a big woosh soon. I'm sorry it's frustrating, and I can relate, but you know you're doing the right thing! Hang in there!

crazygurl61 - YUM, your chinese food and chipotle sound SO good! Sounds like both you and your husband are doing great! Nice work on resisting candy!!

pixelllate - Thanks for the words of wisdom. I haven't felt any adverse effects from eating too much sugar (natural or otherwise) and I am seeing a loss... but I guess I'll know what to do if I start having crashes or seeing a stall.

DottieMae - Nice work on your run! YES, any amount of exercise is something to be proud of!! Keep it up!! Good luck with dinner this week, you've got this.

Erdnussbutter - Did you ever hear about that professor who lost weight eating twinkies? Sometimes when I worry about the sugar in my fruit I just think of that guy, and then I feel better. Your indulge day sounds WONDERFUL and I think that some days it's totally fine to just relax your eating -- after all, life isn't always going to be spinach salads and white fish, ya know? Back on the wagon!

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I've been struggling for the last month. I've basically stopped losing weight (and inches)... My calorie intake is between 1200-1500 depending on the day and I'm sure the problem is that I'm pretty sedentary during the week and just not burning enough. I think I've reached a weight where I'm not going to lose at that calorie range anymore without more activity. I have a really hard time committing to an exercise routine day in and day out so I was thinking about buying a bodymedia fit or bodybugg, just to give me some visual feedback on my daily activity. I found a thread for that, but it hasn't been active in a while. Do any of you have experience with one?

Sorry for the lack of personals this morning! I did read them all.

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Last night we got too hungry at the supermarket so we went to Boston Market instead :P I did run for a solid 50 minutes before that and after my run I hopped on the scale and it said 126.0!!!!!! This morning I was back up to 127.0, down 1.0 from yesterday. Cooking extravaganza tonight with friends followed by beer and karaoke!

tonimaroni It's so frustrating when you can't eat any less without feeling terrible. I hope you see a breakthrough soon!

Dorian5 My bf stopped going to the gym with me, it's a little disappointing but totally not a dealbreaker. Congrats on the 120s!!! I share your poop fear too. I also dry my hair if it's wet O_O

Dreamer Have a great time with your friend! As far as progress goes, sometimes one day on plan = 3 lb overnight loss, and other times it takes a couple weeks before I notice anything. Hard to tell but I know I gain and lose water weight very quickly.

Erdnussbutter What is the difference between London and NY cheesecake? That sounds decadent and awesome.

DottieMae Running any distance is more work than not running at all! It's a good start for sure.

pixellate Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!! Vanity pound land is the best. You must look amazing.

crazygurl61 Indeed it is reassuring to know I don't "have" to have an entire day of eating food I don't want to eat. So cool you're a violin teacher - my fav thing to play (besides Metallica covers) is the Schindler's List theme song. SO schmoltzy and sad.
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My Goodness, I need to get caught up!

Krampus - I love your posts... you and I are a lot alike, and you are such a good, positive example that when you're a Feather Maintainer you CAN have your cake and fit in your skinny jeans too.

Alexistropic - Thank you for the kind words. You're right, I am my own worst critic! I just think the shock of how the dress looks on me now is what got me. When I bought it I was about 5 pounds heavier which is not much at all, but the composition of my body has changed a lot. I'm much more muscular in my upper back and arms and since the dress is a halter it put so much emphasis there. I also had my hair pulled into a bun, so that contributed. For the actual wedding I'll be wearing it 1/2 up so it will have a much softer look overall.

Dreamer - Oooh, I'm sorry to see you're getting frustrated... hang in there! I agree that your calories might be a tad low. Sometimes just bumping them up a tiny bit can offset some of those hormonal issues that might be preventing you from losing. Remember, slow is best; you can gradually drop calories until you find a sweet spot. If you start too low, you really have nowhere to do in terms of adjusting. Calorie counting isn't for everyone, but it really is a very simple and effective way of managing your weight. The trick isn't the counting though, it's finding your ideal number... and that takes time. Hang in there!

Crazygurl - Awesome job planning for those "naughty" foods! So many people (myself included to be honest) just write a lot of those things off as "off limits" the majority of the time, when you clearly CAN have them and still meet your goals.

Pixellate - The wedding isn't until 21 July, but I will definitely share a picture or two when I get back! Thanks for the encouragement!

Dottiemae - I think the alarming part for me was that it had fit pretty darn well previously, but looked REALLY different this time around. I hope you're right and that the seamstress will sort it all out. If not, there will still be time for an emergency tuck if needed!

Erdnussbutter - Don't be too hard on yourself! Was that the ideal diet for the day? Maybe not... but you could have done so much worse! You didn't fly off and eat the ENTIRE cheesecake or have 12 beers, end up hungover, and go out for IHOP the next morning to soak up the grease! I think that's what us Feathers have to really remember - not every day will be great but we're mostly at the "maintenance" phase and can get away with that sort of thing a bit more. As long as you get back on track the next day or next meal there's no harm done... and what's more important, you had FUN with your friend. I say, good for you!

Dorian - Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm flattered, really. I totally feel the same about the weigh-ins, so I have a little trick (for you too Krampus!). I drink a cup of Laci LeBeau's Dieter's Tea before I go to bed when I know I'm going to weigh in the next day. (You can find it just about anywhere) It's a very gentle laxative, and makes it easier for me to have a BM in the morning before I weigh in. It's not like it FORCES anything, but once I get up and start moving around I ususally get the urge to go.
I feel like that makes my weigh-ins a little more accurate, since I know I'm always checking on an empty stomach.


Speaking of weighing in; I checked last Saturday (that's my weekly check day) and was at 116.2 lbs, which was perfect... my "happy range" is 116-118 lbs, and I'm just working on maintaining that for the time being. I have no desire to weigh any less, and no desire to add more muscle right now (Hello wedding dress issues! )
But... the stresses keep piling up and I'm not sleeping well. Any of you who know my posts know that a sleep-deprived JossFit is a HUNGRY JossFit, so I haven't been as good with my diet as I usually am. Sunday I ate WAAAY too much (Ice cream, some Fried chicken strips with potato wedges and ranch dressing, oreos... It wasn't like I had some out of control binge, but I didn't care about eating OP that day.) On Tuesday and Wednesday I ate pretty well, but had more calories that I would have liked because I just couldn't get my hunger under control, so I didn't have high hopes for the scale this morning.

Normally I would have waited until Saturday, but this weekend I'll be out of town for a wedding and won't be checking again until next weekend (at which time I totally expect to be up a little bit). Anyway, I weighed in at 116.6 lbs... up .4 lbs. Not bad at all! Still way within my happy range and really, such a small increase I don't even consider it a gain. Sweet.

So... next weekend I'm sure I'll be up a bit, but I've been doing this maintenance thing long enough now to know that a week or two back OP and I'll be right back where I want to be.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I'll be gone Friday through Monday at my best friend's wedding! I get to see my fiance, get my hair done at the spa, and have a great time eating delicious treats and RELAXING! I sooo need it!

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Dorian : that is sad that your boy is already over the diet thing (that was long lol!) My boyfriend threatened me so many times! Congrats on the portion control of the chocolat... that is a huge accomplishment!!!!

JossFit : I'm sure the alterations people will do all they can to make you feel like the most incredible bride ever! *hugs* I get you about how stressful it probably is, though. Hope you spa treatment will releive you a bit from all your stress.

Alexis : I love the fact of writing your goal in the present tense. Living in the present, right!!!

TheManeKineko : 129 is a nice weigh in to start! (like 130 would probably have felt tougher, in a weird way) good luck to you

krampus : wow! you saw 126! that is so awesome! have fun at the karaoke!! Sing a killing 1980's song for us on the top of your lungs! :P

Dreamer : *hugs* yeah, sometimes all of this seems tough. But don't give up. Going back in will just get tougher and tougher with times swinging by.

crazygurl : my god, your hubby is killing it! keep up the good work on portion control

DottieMae : good job on the hilly run! the feeling of the accomplishment after a run when you wanted to quit so many time is the best, isn't it?

Erdnuss : Your horrendous day isn't THAT bad, you'll probably just feel the water weight from the salt for a couple of days.. don't beat you up, you are doing good!

Dreamer : have fun with you friends! there is nothing wrong indulging a bit for special occasions

tonimaroni : sometimes the body fall in some kind of comfortable weight and it doesn't seem to want to move an inch. keeping up tracking will get you out of there eventually.. just hold on in here *hug*


*note so self : don't leave the forum for 24 hours, this thing is BUZZING!*

hey! still at 134.6 lbs this morning, but I'm feeling awesome today. I pooped this morning after my weigh in, my jeans are feeling a bit lose, I had a killer salad for lunch with feta, pine nuts for protein, lean turkey breast and home made raspberries dressing and I'm going for a 10k run after work.

I love skinny days
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