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krampus - congrats on your maintenance month!

JossFit - you are so busy! Congrats on taking your rest day, even if it meant you wound up at the gym anyway. Good luck on your test! I'm sure you'll see a whoosh at your weigh in.

TurboMammoth - Good luck at your race!

crazygurl61 - I bet a lot of that is water weight. If you've been active and are dehydrated (esp after a plane) you're going to hold on to it. You'll likely see a drop soon. Good luck - hiking sounds like fun!


Seems like work is either feast or famine. I was crazy busy working 11-12 hr days early in the week and today is light. Hard to stay motivated on a Friday. This weekend it's going to be somewhere between 100-110. Yikes! We have a few things planned but I'm afraid the heat will keep us indoors a lot, which stinks. I'm just hoping the humidity stays down or else it's going to be really miserable.

Up to 132.9 this am - I expected a jump given that some of it was water weight but super excited to see I just barely kept it at 132. Can't wait to start a new goal/challenge for July! Side note: I tried on an old bikini and I'm just not comfortable enough to rock one yet. Not sure when I will be - maybe another 5 lbs?
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Hey all, I haven't really posted in awhile, but just wanted to say hi and give a quick update - I "put on" 1.75 lbs to be exact, but I don't think that I ever ate an excess of 4000 cals or whatever it takes - I think its that for 1 month I've been seeing consistent losses and I wonder if my deficit is causing some sort of water retention? I hear that it can. Anyways, I've been watching some diet shows like supersize vs super skinny on youtube and I think I have to stop - diet shows make me upset. Even though I watch what I eat, I don't surveillance camera watch what I eat and then I feel guilty/paranoid about what I eat lol. I'm just going to try and chill, tell myself that the last 5 lbs are HARD and to expect slow losses and just try to cut a little back on the bloat inducing foods I've been eating (normally I never drink coke, but these past 2 days I've had diet coke - could that and not pooing for a few days be the cause of the bloat? I don't weigh myself that often anymore, so idk how I fluctuate day by day anymore). I just think that as I am getting close to goal, I get so excited about the idea of getting there, its getting harder and harder not to be impatient - since I used to be able to lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks...
I'm not gonna change my ticker yet because I don't think its fat gain...
EDIT-I just wanted to update that I just overate. Idk why I did this. maybe its due to frusteration and just being bored. I'm not mad at myself - tomorrow is another day and I know that with long term things - some days I will have better days than others.

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Man, I'm glad that work week is over... After work yesterday I went and got Botox! My forehead is a bit tender today but they said that my big old worry line should soften up a bit, and I'll see results in a few days. I was a little nervous about it, but the doctor managed to convince me that I would still have use of all my facial expressions... haha. I was worried about that!

Anyway, this morning was weigh-in day. I didn't have *quite* the drop that I was hoping for, but it was better than nothing... 117 lbs, so down .8 this week. Considering that at my size that's actually pretty good, and that this week was crazy stressful and I managed NOT to stress eat I will consider it a success!

I'm still up a wee bit from where I want to be so I don't think that I will be treating myself to any 4th of July BBQ goodies this week (I have 3 of them to go to!) but that's okay. I'll just press on and look forward to my wedding vacation. 3 weeks from today I'll be getting married!


Pixellate - I can totally relate to where you are. It does get harder as you get lighter and have less to lose and that's usually when I find myself overeating (or on the rare occasion, having an all-out binge). Some folks say they overeat out of boredom or stress, and while that's definitely true for me as far as why I WANT to, what actually makes me pull the trigger and give in is if I am close to, at, or under goal.
When I have weight that I am working on losing I'm pretty dang focused, but if I don't have that far to go or am right where I want to be, there is the "what's the big harm? I can undo any damage... I passed my goal... etc." reasoning that kicks in.
Really, I have learned that for me, it's okay! If I am at my goal or really close, why CAN'T I eat a big meal or two and treat myself? Its a journey for life, and I'm not going to spend the rest of my life in fear of deviating from some arbitrary number, especially when I can easily jump right back into my healthy habits and take it off again.

Maybe that's just me, but that's how I'm coming to see it; I don't have to feel guilty if I go off plan - it's NORMAL to overeat sometimes. ****, we have entire holidays basically devoted to food and it's okay to eat an extra 7000 calories on those days, even encouraged!

LOL, sorry, sort of going off in a weird direction there, but you know what I'm saying.

Dottie - Bikinis are hard! I don't think it matters WHAT my body looks like (and I will admit, I'm pretty happy with it most days) being in a bikini is uncomfortable. You aren't hiding ANYTHING! It's not just size and shape, but you've got to think about stretch marks, stubble, etc... it's a rare woman that really feels at home rocking a bikini. I say, "fake it til you make it"... as long as you are having fun it doesn't matter! You may be no happier or more comfortable in that thing 5 pounds from now. Keep shooting for it, and enjoy the journey, but when the time comes to go out and have fun, get in that suit and let your attitude rock it. After all, it's YOU, not your body that people want to hang out with.

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Hi everyone...thanks for your encouragement!

I was 136 this morning so I am excited that I am beginning to see a drop. I have decided to make my July goal 132 and hope to keep it that way!

I only lost .6 in June but I am trying to stay positive since I was gone and busy much of the month. Looking forward to a new months and a new start!

Today we are going gambling at the casinos and to a show plus dinner. Exciting!!!
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First half-marathon done in 2hr19min43sec... a big 10 minutes faster that I was hoping for when I started training!!

More updates later! Hope you're all having a great weekend!
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Originally Posted by TurboMammoth View Post
First half-marathon done in 2hr19min43sec... a big 10 minutes faster that I was hoping for when I started training!!

More updates later! Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Yay! Thats so awesome!!


I made a July chat thread...
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