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Sizing has definitely changed through out the years. When I was a teen (many many years ago) I found a really cute pair of jeans shorts that had belonged to my mom before she had given birth to me. Yes, she hangs on to things for years. They were a size 14 and she had weighed 120lbs. when she wore them. As a teen I was 130 and a size 14. I could get them on, get them to zip but just couldn't manage the button. I have never been able to get into them. I am now much, much heavier and my pant size says 14...I seriously doubt it is accurate. Actually, who am I kidding. I know it isn't accurate. It's not different then the portion sizes at restaurants today. The small sodas at fast food restaurants today used to be medium/large back in the 80's. I don't know why manufacturers do such things. I can't imagine they are fooling many people.
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If you have a big butt like me, its even worse. I can fit into a size six American Eagle which fits fine around my waste but too tight around my butt. Its pure evil. It changes between companies too.
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Brands definitely vary. I wear between a size 7 and 9 most of the time. I have found some brands I fit as small as a 5...it just depends.
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Originally Posted by banananutmuffin View Post
Is it just me, or are clothing manufacturers just plain evil?
Old Navy size 4 jeans fall off of me, but size 2 squeeze me so tight I can't breathe. Other brands in size 4 are often too tight, too.

It's frustrating...
I had this exact problem yesterday. I went jeans shopping because I need a pair of "cheap" transition jeans, all my current pairs are too big. My go-to jeans for years have been Old Navy bootcut, but 6s are too big and the 4s are too tight. Levi 6s are a little tight. I tried on several different brands at Macy's, Dillard's and JCPenny's, but nothing fit. I finally gave up and went to Target - I bought a pair of Merona jeans, size 2. Seriously?
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The other day, I tried on a normal size 8 corset. It didn't fit me, yet by some miracle the size 6 "petite" fit me? P E T I T E !!!!! Very very, weird.
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