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Default W/I tomorrow. Now that should be frightening!

OK, I will start with the pluses about my day.

1) I took some "before" pix of myself today and wasn't overly scared by what I saw.

2) I was down at the Harbourfront today and instead of joining my DH and DS in eating a hotdog and fries, I found a place where I ordered a portobello veggie crepe with salad. YUMMY!

3) I did not eat ice cream after dropping off my DD back at her place at 11 PM tonight. You see, I was all alone and no one would have seen me!

Now, for the slip ups. 2 slices of birthday cake and a glass of red wine. Only 4 glasses of water today. Man, I feel bloated from that cake and wine! It really ruins my goal of feeling light in a big way! Ah well, off to bed I go. Tomorrow is another day.
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Originally Posted by kaw View Post
Sunday evening, and I'm looking back over my exercise notes. I've gone to the gym 31 of the last 35 days. On the four I missed, I rollerbladed with my kid, went for a hike, went scootering in the park, and played beach baseball.

Over those 35 days, I averaged 1160 calories per day.

<vent> So why won't the scale from **** budge?!?! </vent>

OK, I feel better.

Maybe you aren't eating enough for the level of exercise that you are doing. 1160 calories per day seems low if you are also exercising every day. For one of the plateaus that I went through, this seemed to be the problem because I got the scale to move again by adding 100 calories to my diet.
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mmm carolyn, your portobello crepe sounds really yummy!

Kaw - in the gym 31/35 days!!! I'm sorry that you haven't gotten the results you're looking for, but let me tell you, am I ever impressed!!! Perhaps you have been gaining muscle and losing fat?

Although I haven't been too pleased with my food intake for the past week or so, I did go down a bit to 141.8. I'm now lower than I have been in the last...well, almost two years. I'm pretty happy about that. Today, I'm going to get back on the food wagon, and hopefully by next monday I'll be down another pound (although I'm going camping on the weekend...could be scary food wise, but I think I'm in charge of planning the menu (there's 10 people coming) so I'm trying to plan healthy meals).
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I am beat tired I have a friend come over every night this week. She leaves here about 2-3. We go for walk a couple times around the park, so about 45 mins. A few nights we out for a drive. I don't know how some people my age are still always partying. My baby turned 3 yesterbay so now all my kids are "big" kids *sniffles*.
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