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Default Exercises for abs that really work?


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Shorelines - hmm ... is your goal strengthening and building your ab muscles? Or is it getting rid of the 'glob of fat' that's on your stomach? Ab exercises will strengthen your ab muscles but can't do anything about the fat layer that's on top of the muscle. Unfortunately, we can't crunch away fat! And that goes for every other area of our bodies - much as we'd like to, we can't spot reduce. So - for example - inner and outer thigh exercises are great for building big/strong thigh muscles, but aren't going to do much to get rid of the fat on top of the muscle.

The only way to get rid of the fat that's on top of your abs (or any other part of your body) is through good old diet and exercise that creates a calorie deficit. That way your body is forced to burn the fat that's on your stomach as fuel.

So even though ab exercises are an important part of an overall exercise program, by themselves they can't get rid of belly fat. Ab exercises will get you ... the world's strongest abs. A balanced diet and exercise program will get rid of the fat.
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Default Burn baby, burn!!

Cardio to burn off the fat and a good ab routine to firm up the muscles below! I use the DVD "I Want That Body" for toning and jogging for cardio. "I Want That Body" is a great DVD that is comprised of six 15 minute workouts - 2 for abs, 2 for arms & 2 for buns/legs. I swear by that DVD! So, if you can burn off the fat with diet and cardio while strengthening your muscles with resistance training, you'll be golden!
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I am in the same place as you don't know how to get rid of stomach fat the rest of me is pretty small.I have a girlfriend that has the ab lounge and it really works she has lost alot of her stomach using it.
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Diet for the flab as for my fave ab exercises go to beachbody.com and "slim in 6" you dont have to order the whole program but there is a video called "slim in 6 pack" it is awesome! also pilates is excellent I have "Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates" every move you do in pilates requires your "core" to assist you so no matter what you are doing you are working your abs. I have also heard great things about "callenetics" do a search for it and find out more if your curious. I am waiting on my callenetics videos to arrive, I am very confident its effective because of the reviews!
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