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Default Chest exercises

Give me some tips of chest exercises, tired of doing benchpress and incline bench.
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For their implementation, you will need dumbbells of optimal weight and discs. Pick up the weight of the weights so that the last reps in the approach are difficult - but do not overload yourself, especially if you are just getting acquainted with fitness.

You can replace professional equipment with improvised means: for example, water bottles or bags filled with something. At home, this life hack is especially useful.
Dumbbell bench press on a horizontal bench

Starting position: lying on a bench, the pelvis, shoulder blades and back of the head fit snugly against the surface, the back is straight, the body is even.

Number of repetitions: 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions.
Slowly raise the dumbbells straight up. At the same time, the arms are extended, but not twisted at the elbows, the wrists are straight. Gently lower your arms, bending them at the elbows, hold the dumbbells horizontally. As a rule, the shoulders are lowered so that they form an angle of 180 degrees, however, experienced athletes can increase it by moving their arms slightly behind their backs.

Wiring dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench

Starting position: lying on a bench with dumbbells in hand, shoulders stabilized.

Number of repetitions: 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.
Slowly lower your arms to the sides until your forearms are parallel to the floor. The elbows should be slightly bent. To achieve the maximum stretch of the pectoral muscles, move the chest slightly up, in opposition to the arms. Then return to the starting position.

Additionally, you can reduce the target muscles at the top point - so the effect of the exercise will be greater. In this case, the movement should not turn into a bench press. You should lower your arms gently, and when returning to the starting position, concentrate only on the muscles of the chest.
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