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Default Needing some advice/encouragment- sick after exercising

Hi all, I'm new here!

I started exercising a month ago. It has been hard to find exercise I enjoy, but I recently discovered a kick boxing class and I love it! Problem is, I did 2 classes and came down with a horrible cold so had to stop for a few weeks until I got better. I went again to a class last week, and now I have another horrible cold!

I'm really discouraged that I'm wanting to get healthy and move (my doctor has prescribed me exercise!) but every time I do, I get sick. It's like 2 steps forward and 10 steps back, as I have to take multiple day off work. I am a teacher and work in a very stressful and germ filled environment. I remember years ago when I was doing some strength workouts, the same thing. I'd exercise, be sore then a few days later I'd have a nasty cold. It's also discouraging because I am changing employment in a few months and looking towards the trades, but I'll need a certain level of fitness to survive, and it doesn't seem like I'm going to get there and be able to consider a trade.

Is this coincidence or is it connected to working out? Anyone been through this and have some tips on getting past this and making progress?

Thanks all, have a great day!

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