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Default Need help starting out, seems like nothing is working.

I'm a 19 year old girl and my goal weight is around 115. However, I cannot seem to budge my weight. I go on the elliptical about 20 min, 4-6 days a week. I am consuming about 1200-1300 calories. Maybe I'm consuming too little. Would upping my calories to around 1500 help? I eat all whole grains. I just can't find the right numbers to start a plan.

I'm 5'2, 141.8 - 143
I mostly gain weight arund my stomache, butt and thighs if that helps. Not sure what body type I am.
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You stated you eat all whole grains. Some of the new weight loss programs suggest not doing that because they are loaded with carbohydrates--and actually attribute to weight gain.

How could grains lead to weight gain?

To eat more whole grains, you have to take something else out of the diet.

When people are encouraged to eat more whole grains, they’re really only getting part of the story. Much of the promotion of whole grains is a bit exaggerated from what research actually shows. Studies show a couple things about whole grain consumption:

A higher consumption of whole grain foods can be healthier when they replace processed carbohydrate foods.
Studies do not show that higher amounts of whole grains compared to higher intakes of vegetables and protein are better for weight management.
Processed carbohydrates, such as sugar, refined grains, fruit juice and white bread are carbohydrates the body breaks down quickly, and which elevate blood sugar levels quickly. Some whole grains have less effect on blood sugar because they take longer to break down, but they still contain a high percentage of carbohydrate. This is where much of the confusion lies. We’re told to eat more whole grains. We’re not told to stop eating processed junk food and replace it with whole grain foods.

So, replacing processed carbohydrates with whole grains might have some health benefits, such as avoiding higher blood sugar and insulin levels, helping people feel full longer and providing some fiber. This isn’t what is marketed, though. We’re told to eat more whole grains, which can lead to more total calories consumed. It’s also more likely people will overeat these foods because they think they’re eating something healthy.

Many foods that contain whole grains are still just processed junk food.

How is it that kids who eat more whole grains are more likely to be overweight? Next time you’re grocery shopping, pay attention to the packaging. Most of today’s processed foods, like cereal, granola bars, crackers, chips, pasta and other kid-targeted foods bear label claims such as, “contains whole grains” or “high in whole grains.” These foods are still highly processed. They just have some whole grains added to them.

The kids in the study who were gaining weight were eating higher amounts of whole grains, but that doesn’t mean they were eating whole foods. In fact, one of the cereal companies you’ll find in the store feature the label claim “America’s #1 Source of Whole Grains for Breakfast.” It’s just not the same as eating whole food whole grains like quinoa, bulgur, and other real-food whole grains.

Whole grain foods are usually high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fat.

Almost all the calories in whole grains come from carbohydrate. Even though they may be better than sugar or other processed carbohydrates, they’re still very high in carbohydrates. Those misled into the idea that whole grains are health food may neglect the fact that vegetables, protein, nuts, seeds and oils are actually far better for weight management and have been shown in many studies to result in better weight loss than higher-carbohydrate diets.

If the study referenced here showed eating higher amounts of whole grains was associated with lower body weights, it would be all over the news. This study flies in the face of what many food advertisements claim, so it probably won’t be promoted much. Nevertheless, those who are serious about combating the obesity epidemic in kids or in adults should take it seriously.

The study showed associations, not causation, but is aligned with many other studies that show lower total carbohydrate consumption is better for health and weight management.

I remember back in the 80's we were to all cut back on red meat and eggs because it was the cause of high cholesterol----and so we went to food that was high in carbohydrates--containing little fat and no protein--and that we would end up a healthier nation. So we eliminated a lot of the protein in our diets--loaded up on the carbs and got fat.

So I would add some hard boiled eggs--lean meat and fresh vegi's and fruit to your diet--and eliminate a lot of the whole grains you're eating and I think you will get the scale to go in the right direction.

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