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Default How Much Strength Training Are You Doing?

On average, how much strength training do you do each week?

How long are your strength training sessions, and how often do you do them each week?

Also, what type of exercises do you do, or do you follow some sort of video (like The Firm)?
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I'm doing between 3 - 4 hours a week of strength training with weights. I take a class Monday and Wednesday and on Fridays I will throw in a dvd such as Chalean Extreme or Cathe Friedrich's Slow and Heavy. Depending on how I am feeling on Sundays I will sometimes do a lighter strength-training video on Youtube.
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I'm just starting out with strength training. I'm trying to do six 30-minute sessions each week, so 3 hours in total. I do an "upper body" session (arms, shoulders, chest), a "lower body" session (mainly legs), and a "middle body" session (core, glutes, back). I repeat those three sessions twice each week, for six sessions in all, and I then have a rest day.

I designed my own program using a few books I have, plus with advice from my son. He's a personal trainer, but he lives too far away to actually train me on a regular basis.
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I lift free weights 3x week and I follow the program in New Rules of Lifting Supercharged
Each session including warm up & cool down = ~1:20
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I do an hour of Pilates five days a week, plus 20 minutes of weight lifting and TRX during a low-impact cardio class three days a week. In the cardio class, the weights and TRX are all about upper body work, and the lower body work is a variety of squats. I look forward to resting on the weekends!

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Doing a lot less now in the summer, a d going to cardio classes more. It's a switch up I do every year (I'm a teacher).

Normally I have 3 weight training sessions a week (HEAVY weights, 200lbs squats and the like). Usually 30-45 min whole body stuff. In the summer I drop it down to 2 sessions.

You don't really need to go crazy! A few times a week gives your body a chance to rest and rebuild

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I do in average 30 min per day 6 times a week. I mostly do strength training, but switch it up every 2 weeks. I go through any of Jillian Michaels' DVDs. Her style just fits me and I can hit every area of my body.
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I am a Jazzercise addict. So 4 to 5 times a week--1 hour classes--typically dance/aerobics for the first 40 minutes--then weights-balls and bands for the final 20 minutes. Lots of routine switches on the weights so you can't overdue one certain muscle.
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I do heavier strength training 4 days a week. I split it up into a front/back cycle. Mondays and Thursdays are front (biceps, anterior delts, chest, core, and quads). Tuesdays and Fridays are back (triceps, rear delts, lats, glutes, hamstrings, and calves; I also do a little core still on this day). Wednesdays and the weekends are rest (from strength training; I still try to be active).

I want to say I do roughly an hour of strength training each day? I do certain muscles 2-3 times per day, and other ones only once. It depends on what I am trying to achieve. Like I'll probably do my glutes and hamstrings at least 3 times (deadlifts, hack squats, and some bodyweight squat or lunge) because I am really working on my legs and butt. But I'll only do biceps once because those are already pretty awesome and I don't have any real goals for them.
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I do strength training three times a week, usually 30-40 minutes at a time. I just started so I have to build up to longer and more often.
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2-3 sessions/week. Bench press, overhead press, split squats with dumbbells, lat pull downs, calf raises, dips, tricep pulldowns, DB flies, face pulls. Were I not recovering from sciatic pain I'd be doing squats, deadlifts and rows, too.
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I worked my way into strength training gradually. And I mean "gradually." Like, years back, when I was 257 pounds, I was watching "The Biggest Loser" doing curls during the commercial breaks with neon green rubber-covered 4-lb dumbbells that I bought in TJ Maxx.

Fast forward to now, and I do somewhere between three and four hours a week.

Strength training, unlike hopping on a cardio machine, took a lot of research and self-direction and ingenuity on my part. At first, I was doing routines based on notes that I took after repeated viewings of some P90X videos that I viewed on a probably illegal Chinese website. I also read Stumptuous and New Rules of Lifting for Women which resulted in modifying those routines. Then I took a circuit training class at my gym once a week and actually got some coaching. Recently I also paid for some personal training sessions, which I wish I'd done to begin with -- but they were a reward to myself after a really good year at work & a promotion that gave me some more spending money.

I do what others here do, except I am extremely careful with lunges or anything that requires balance because I have a compromised sense of balance, a side effect of having gone mostly deaf in my left ear. Modifications really help. The way to get through training, which I learned early, when I was very unfit & unwieldy, was not to be too proud or stupid to ask for help at the gym, to focus on correct form, to modify and compromise till I could do what I really, really wanted to do. I think one lesson for me from strength training has been patience with myself.

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None at all I just hate it, what can I say.
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Originally Posted by genesiser View Post
I don't do any strength training but do the insanity workout 6 days a week. People ask if I lift weights because of how I look now, but I guess there is plenty of str training in the insanity routine.
My brother does the same and looks as if he lifts weights. Strength training isn't only weightlifting though. Body weight exercises can be really powerful and effective.

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I just learned about the insanity workout.....tempting, not sure I have the endurance for all that jumping around for what is it.....40 mins a day? I do a lot of that during aquafit.....intense running, uppercuts, resistance work and it's more fun if you love the pool. Muscle focused aquafit could be an alternative for a strength exercise.
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