Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Originally Posted by pixie3208 View Post
Have a bike and want to ride but I live in such a crappy area.
I really want to get a stationary bike. I keep checking salvation army for one that cheep but no luck.
My nephew is a major bike rider. He used to run but hurt his knee. He enter's both street and mountain bike enduro's and he works out on a spinning bike. New--they're about $275.00. You might want to check E-bay or Craig's list too for a good deal.

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Biking is my favorite outdoor exercise by far - can't get enough.
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Bicycling is my major form of exercise as well. I try to ride 12-14 miles every other day. Since the weather has been nice here in Northern CA (we need rain) I have no down days. I am going to start taking my bike to work a couple of times per week and ride at lunch. I work in downtown Sacramento and can jump on the American River bike trail for a change of scenery. You can't beat a good hour bike ride to add some muscle and burn over 500 calories.
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More food, less me!
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I absolutely love biking! We have trails in our area that are converted from closed down railroad tracks here in Western PA, and it's fantastic, my friend and I were going on 17-23 mile rides anywhere from three to five times a week! It totally shows in the thighs if you're like me and boycott bikes with gears! (Hey having one gear and pedal breaks tones like a mofo, and there's less to mechanically fail, jumping gears, stretched brake cables, plegh. Not on my bike! )
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I don't really like riding a bike that much, except when fit, but i do love going on bike tours around the world. I've done five now and every time i lose a ton of weight. Unfortunately it usually piles back on after i come home.

I've got a current goal to join a saturday morning bike ride of 40km. Its early though and that's why i haven't gotten started yet. But i'm keeping it in my sites.
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This isn't the greatest time of year to bike because of cold weather and icy streets but I am thinking about getting my bike tuned up and going out for a spin when spring comes. It's a great exercise!

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I love going out on my bike when the weather is better, it's a great excuse to go out with DH as well and explore new areas of the city and find new pubs to have a drink at that we would never come across otherwise.

I have to say that I loved doing it on my basic bike, but I really enjoy it now that I've upgraded to a slightly better bike, with disc brakes and better suspension.

In the winter, when it's colder, I tend to use my exercise bike indoors so I can keep up my fitness levels for when spring finally comes again.
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I use my bike for conveniant transport through the city and see exercise I get from it as a pleasant side effect. But because I use it so much, it never crosses my mind to ride a bike just for the sake of it or to get on the stationary one.
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I am so keen. Might get a bike for my birthday. ! :-D
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