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Old 05-28-2012, 11:27 AM   #1
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Default shy about running

I know it sounds dumb. Especially when I say it outloud but, I am really afraid people will laugh at me when I run. I have no idea why I feel that way.

I am 5'5, 170 pounds and a DD. I am worried that people will stop and stare. I have this image that people will point at me and laugh. I normally really could careless what people think of me but, for some reason I can not get past this image.

I really just want to be stronger and plus my daily battle with the hips and belly area lol.

Hopefully someone else out there has had this problem and can help me out a little. Ok, thanks for reading
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I run out in the country so I don't have to deal with this much. We don't get many people out here and when they drive by I have to stop anyway or my dogs are tempted to chase.

But I imagine when I move closer to town, trying to make that happen by end of summer, I will be more self conscience. I hope I will be a better runner by then tho and maybe that will help.

Do you listen to music? I would try to concentrate on the music and the run itself.
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I don't have the problem of feeling like people are staring, but another problem that prevents me from running. I have a chronic back injury that is aggravated by the pounding that is part of running. I had a personal fitness trainer advise me a few years ago that walking is as much exercise as running and far less hard on joints, back, etc.

I have been power walking since then. When I started, I bought CDs from Kathy Smith. There are three beginning walks on those CDs (2 - 30 minute walks and 1- 60 minute walk) that start with a warm-up, cycle through a cardio work-out, and end with a cool down. I have been sick for the past year, so haven't been able to work-out at all. However, my dr. has recently advised that I am able to excercise now - in fact told me that it is now my full time job to lose weight and get in shape. I dug out the CDs about three weeks ago and am using them to get into shape. I have also started to take my dogs and they are enjoying the time to walk around the neighbourhood.

This may be an alternative to feeling like people are criticising your running.

Good luck.
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A good sports bra will help with the feeling like being large-breasted will cause people to stare. I wear one by moving comfort and my breasts are completely immobile and also pressed very flat to my chest.

I am 230 lbs and 5'9 and so far I've been running for a year and only hassled once. And the guys who hassled me were clearly overgrown frat boys. It didn't make me self-conscious, just made me think they were jerks.

There are a lot of runners in my neighborhood. And sometimes I see someone who has terrible form, who is barely shuffling along. And I don't want to laugh at them, I think "Good for you! You're doing it, even though it is hard."

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I used to have the fear. I was scared to run on the track by my house. We live on an army base and I was so scared and intimidated by the guys and girls running. I finally just put in my headphones and focused on my run. The fear that I was being stared at disapeared. I think the headphones really help and if you're still self conscious, maybe a hat and sunglasses? That was suggested to me once. Hope that helps.

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My advice- strap those breastisis down, get you a good soundtrack, and make sure your form is the best it can be. And when I run, I run for fat people everywhere. And the more you do it, the less you will care about what other people think- I promise. Just enjoy your progress. There is something liberating to me about gasping for air on the final minute, pouring sweat and feeling like my feet are not going to go anymore. It doesn't matter how slow you are, just KEEP RUNNING. And it's not for everyone. If you truly don't enjoy it, you don't have to do it. But if you are too afraid to get started, you will never know.
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I started running at 230lbs. I HATE running inside on my treadmill so other than once or twice due to really bad weather, I always run outside. I live in an apartment complex that backs up to a large housing development...both are full of people and it's where I have always run. This has always been my thinking - running is a huge accomplishment. There is a lot of the population that cannot run because of physical limitations and many who choose not to because it's too difficult. There are days when I am super slow, and days where I have to walk more than I care to, but I am still out there accomplishing a difficult goal. If people want to stare, or make rude comments/catcalls, that's their issues not mine. These are the same people who would have no problem making rude comments about people being overweight. They are shallow and pathetic enough to find something in everyone to make fun of, at least I'm out doing something productive and empowering.

It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not.
James Gordon

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Training for life!
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You mention that you are a dd be sure and get a really good sports bra it will make your run SO much better[I wear Juneo by Moving Comfort,and the RUN is about you not them the more you do it the more you will realize it and those layers of self conciousness{sp} will peel away.And you will enjoy the freedom of running.
Here we go again
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Get fitted for a Freya Active bra (you can go to a Nordstorms) they won't move.
Run in sunglasses during the day, great for pretending no one can see you.
It's about commitment, not motivation.
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Think about this. How many times have you looked out your window and noticed someone running? Have you ever thought "ha ha what a weirdo?" Or "what a fat cow... why bother?" No? Well... most people don't notice these runners. Most don't think twice. And also... most people who do see runners and do think about it, it's either "good for them" or "I need to work out more..." or "Jesus, too hot to run today!"
The people that do think anything negative shouldn't even matter.

Honestly, I had this same problem. I would get my stuff for the gym (I have HUGE boobs too so I would wear a tank with a built in bra plus a sports bra), I would make myself feel and look human. Get to the gym, ipod ready, water bottle ice cold and full, plenty of time in my day to do this... and then chicken out by the time I walked into the locker room. "These people think I'm fat!" "Everyone will make fun of me." "I don't belong here." "These people are all in shape... no one wants to see me!" etc etc To top it off, I have a half functional lung so even in shape I breathe like someone out of shape for small things, and I turn BRIGHT red genetically at the slightest change in body temperature. So.. that made me even more self conscience.

How I overcame this was a LOT of practice of walking into that locker room then walking out. Beating myself up with "why do that?" No one really cares... and getting home feeling guilty. Finally one day... I got the courage, got on the treadmill, started the C25K and realized no one noticed me. No one cared. The one person who did notice me just said "hello" and asked if I was new to the area. They were friendly and that was it. I beat myself up for chickening out so many times and then I just started going and said "what ever"

It's so hard to get over the emotional psych out. But one day, just do it (Yay nike) and then you realize... it's not that big a deal. It's kind of like roller coasters, you're terrified to try one, once you do, you want to go on everyone in the park.
I've decided to leave 3FC, In the crowd of so many, those of us with no success that have the audacity to feel bad about our incredibly slow and almost stagnate weight loss, are merely a nuisance to those that are successful. I hope everyone else finds the support they need.
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S/C/G: 180/180/140

Height: 5'5


Thanks you guys for all the suggestions. I really appreciate it. I went for a walk last night to map out where I want to start running.

I have my hat,sunglasses, ipod and I am ready for my incognito running lol. I think I am going to try for at least an hour run today in a couple of hours. I decided last night that if I can jump out of an airplane then I think I can run down the street for an hour for my first run lol then I am going to look at couple of different suggestions I received here about a good sports bra. I am hoping as a I lose weight these puppies will go down in size but, I was a DD before I gained weight so I am not sure if they will get smaller but, I would love to be a c cup, that would be such a dream for me.

I figured if people make comments to me I am just going to keep running and flip them the bird as I am passing them lol

Today was my weigh in and I am 171, it has been a struggle to get out of the 170's. So, I am hoping with running it will get me out of the 170's.

Thank you so much to everyone for the support!! I appreciate it
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I know EXACTLY how you feel! Honestly, when I started running I would cross the street if I saw people, ONLY run under the cover of darkness [aka at night haha], wear a baseball hat to cover my face and a tank top under my t-shirt...all because I was afraid people would yell stuff out at me - aaaaaand then I started running more & I said SCREW IT.

Seriously - if someone is going to be sitting around or driving in a car yelling sh*t out at you...they are seriously DISTURBED AND you are the one working out - what are they doing?? NOTHING. I know it sucks if someone did yell something [someone once screamed at me when I was walking my dogs & I was mortified] but truthfully, it's not worth sacrificing your workouts. They don't know you, you'll never see them again!

Plus, truthfully MOST people don't even think about or care if you are running. I look at people running purely to see how they run, if they have a better stride or whatever, and then I promptly forget about it...and I'm actually looking b/c I am a runner. Most people could care even less! Get a good bra [or TWO] and good luck!

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I don't have the boob problem but I do get really self conscious about my stomach flopping and my thighs shaking while I run. I wear as much compression wear as I can to keep the jiggles at bay.
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Height: 5'5


I was very self-conscious the first 10 minutes. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I live in the city so, escaping people is not going to happen and it is summer so if I go to the park..people are going to be there no matter what..so I just mapped out where I wanted to run around my neighborhood.

Before I worked out and I would see people running, I would think to myself dang I wish I could run like them. And, I did it and I was proud of myself.

Funny thing though, I went to go pay my rent and I have been living here for 2 years, while I was in the office after my run and they were bringing in an eliptical bike and i was like " whoa do you guys have a gym?" and the apartment complex manager said yes, i could not believe it. I never knew we had a gym and never even saw any equipment before today haha so im going to ride the bike for 30 minutes later today. I just thought that was a funny story.
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I so feel you!!! Had the same problem when I started running that's why I was training at night

And then I realize that I have way more energy in the morning I had to work hard to ignore all the people around me... And now I run with my son in the stroller and it may be crazy but I kind of feel that the stroller is hiding me a bit so for some reason I'm wayyyy more comfortable now! I'm still pretty self conscious but I remind myself that it can only get better...

Tell me how you incognito run went!!

Running for one hour??? You can do that??!?! I just reached 25min 2 days ago....I'm so far behind!
Next Weight Goal: 190lb - 180lb - 170lb - 160lb - 150lb - 140lb - 130lb

** Proudly the fat away!!! **
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